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Bean Bags R Us Australia Blog

What Is Antimicrobial Treatment?

At Bean Bags R Us, the satisfaction of our customers is the most important aspect of our business. ¬†We strive to go above and beyond the competition when it comes to the quality of our products and the health and safety of each of our customers. Continue reading about  What Is Antimicrobial Treatment?

How to Decorate a Ski Lodge

Australian ski resorts have enjoyed record snowfalls due to an arctic vortex that recently affected the area. It’s a great time to hit the slopes yourself or take advantage of the country’s many business opportunities related to skiing. Continue reading about  How to Decorate a Ski Lodge

Are Bean Bags Toxic?

Since beanbags became famous in the 1960s and 1970s, they have been the subject of much debate regarding the health and safety of those who own or use them. However, most beanbags made today, and certainly those sold by reputable merchants, are just as safe as any other type of furniture you would put in your living room, recreation area or outdoor patio. Continue reading about  Are Bean Bags Toxic?

Channel Seven at Brisbane’s Paniyiri Greek Festival

This year Paniyiri celebrated its 39th year in Brisbane. The event was held in Musgrave Park, Brisbane on Saturday May 23 and Sunday May 24, 2015. The street adjacent to Brisbane’s Greek Club was closed to traffic, allowing more room for visitors. Paniyiri is Queensland’s largest cultural festival. Continue reading about  Channel Seven at Brisbane’s Paniyiri Greek Festival

Why Do Bean Bags Go Flat?

Many people new to bean bags are shocked to discover that their chairs have gone flat have extended periods of regular use. What was once a fluffy, round and comfortable chair has become a flat disc about half the size. However, this is a universal phenomenon experienced by all bean bags filled with traditional polystyrene beads. Continue reading about  Why Do Bean Bags Go Flat?

How to Clean Microsuede Furniture

Although nylon and polyester bean bags are the most popular types, many people are now saying that the comfort and feel of a Microsuede bean bag chair make it incomparable to any other. Because nylon and polyester have glossy sheens, it is not difficult to understand how to clean these fabrics. Continue reading about  How to Clean Microsuede Furniture