8 Benefits of a Waterproof Dog Bed

13 September 2020

waterproof dog bed

When shopping for the best bed for your pup, every pet parent will only want the best products on the market. But, many aspects to consider can make a choice a little more challenging than you had planned it to be. Indeed, size, colour, and budget are all critical factors to keep in mind, as well as the best material for your needs. That is where a waterproof dog bed, with all its benefits, can be the best choice for any pet parent! Whether your older pooch had an "accident" or your energetic puppy has just come back from a swim, a waterproof dog bed can be odour-less, easy-to-clean, hygienic, and perfect for any environment. Find out all the benefits of this choice below!

Waterproof Dog Beds: Materials and Features

Before diving into the many benefits of a waterproof dog bed, let's have a look at what these are. Essentially, there are two types of waterproof dog beds. Some boast a waterproof lining that wraps around the outer surface of the bed. This is ideal for preventing liquids such as urine or water dripping from a wet dog from penetrating the bed's interior filling. Indeed, while the outside cover can be easy to wash, it is not the same if urine has soaked the bed's filling! The other option is to have a waterproof base. This won't necessarily stop the bed from becoming soaked but will protect the floor underneath from damages. You might also be able to enjoy both options combined in a single dog bed, which makes it water and weatherproof. This is the best dog bedding choice if you are planning to move it between outdoors and indoors.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant Dog Beds

This is among the most confusing aspects of buying a dog bed that you can trust in high-moisture or wet environments. Indeed, there are significant differences between waterproof and water-resistant dog beds - and it is essential to know them before committing to a purchase. Waterproof dog beds are those that, thanks to their lining, will prevent any liquid such as water and urine from penetrating the bed's filling. Oppositely, water-resistant - or water-repellant - materials are those that can help you limit the damage of small quantities of water. Simply put, waterproof beds can withstand water penetration to most degrees, while water-resistant ones won't offer any protection if the bed is subjected to rain, water, or urine. Shop wisely!

Why You Should Choose Waterproof Beds for Your Dog

If your dog loves to play outdoors, you are likely to have a wet dog around the house at least once during his lifetime! And. Even if your dog is an indoor creature, accidents can happen, especially in older dogs or puppies. At the same time, a dog bed can be quite expensive, and many dog parents might end up spending a little fortune on them! Therefore, the last thing any owner will want is to see the bed ruined within days. Waterproof dog beds are durable, highly hygienic, and made with dog-proof materials that will allow you to keep the bed with you for years to come. Check out all the benefits below!

Waterproof Dog Beds Are More Hygienic

Since bacteria, water, moisture, and urine will have a harder time penetrating through the outer lining, you can be sure that the bed's filling will stay clean and hygienic for longer. Cleaning a dirty or stained waterproof lining is also incredibly easy. You will only need to use a hose or throw it in the washing machine. When your dog comes back from playtime in the rain or at the beach, you won't need to think about the damage this can cause to the bed. Indeed, no water will reach the bed's filling, and you can get rid of any superficial stain with a wipe. If the waterproof lining becomes ruined beyond repair, it is also easy to replace, and you can do so by just buying a new cover - rather than the whole bed. It is also worth keeping in mind that waterproof dog bed linings use synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylics, or nylon, hypoallergenic and hygienic. These fabrics work towards protecting your dog's health. Find out how to clean dog urine from couch cushions.

Waterproof Dog Beds Are Odour Resistant

Have you ever looked at your pooch returning from a walk in the rain and got ready to have the whole house smelling like a wet dog? While there is doubt about the fact that such an odour is not one of the most pleasurable, it is only a little price to pay for the joy of having your dog around. At the same time, if it lingers on your dog beds for days, this might become a much bigger inconvenience for any household. So, you might consider odour-resistant bedding that can help you manage such an issue without much effort on your part. And waterproof dog beds are among the best solutions out there! Wet-dog smell comes from stagnating water, old moisture, and urine - to an extent. When these become mixed with dog hair and fabric's fibres, you get that pungent odour! Since no liquids will be penetrating the bed's outer lining, you won't need to deal with wet-dog smell for long. Moreover, syntenic fibres won't get soaked or loose parts that can mix with such moisture. Most importantly, if you need to clean the bed to avoid the odour remaining on surfaces, you can do so by just wiping the bed down.

They utilise Durable and Dog-Proof Materials.

Finding a dog bed made of dog-proof materials is already hard, and sometimes you have to compromise on quality, comfort, or price. With waterproof beds made of synthetic fabrics and memory foam filling, you will know that the product you have picked will last for many years. Indeed, dog-proof, resistant materials can help you deal with energetic puppies, and they are usually much sturdier than softer fibres. However, in waterproof dog bedding, your pup won't need to compromise on comfort. Indeed, some protected fabrics are already waterproof and odour resistant, but they are soft enough to allow your dog to sleep comfortably. The majority of waterproof dog beds are in polyester, one of the most trustworthy materials for your dog's bedding. However, to increase the comfort level, don't forget to shop for memory foam filling or orthopaedic shapes. Since the lining will keep water, odour, and urine out of the filling, you should not worry about making an investment that will last for only a few months!

They Are Easier to Clean

There is nothing worse for both a pet parent and a dog than a smelly, dirty dog bed. Aside from the inconvenience, unhygienic bedding can attract pests and become a threat to your dog's health. Opting for a waterproof dog bed allows you to keep it clean easily. Indeed, sturdy materials only need little maintenance. You can quickly wash them down with a hose or spot and clean them. The fact that it only takes a few minutes to clean them and restore their look can also be an added incentive to clean them more often! However, before using cleaning chemicals on these materials, it is worth checking the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that you won't compromise the look of the bed's sturdiness.

Waterproof Dog Beds Can Be Used Both Indoor and Outdoor

Just like humans, dogs love to spend time outdoors, filling their lungs with fresh air and running free on grassy fields and beaches. And, as the summer season approaches, keeping them indoors for too long can become a health threat for them! At the same time, moving their bed outdoors might not be possible without the right bedding. Especially if you have opted for softer or more delicate materials, you might not be able to move them outdoors. Indeed, the natural elements - such as rain and sun - can have a severe impact on the health, structure, look, and feel of your dog's bedding. And if you have spent a little fortune on it, this is not the best way to look after your investment! However, with water- and weatherproof beddings, you can create an area for your pet anywhere. Whether you are looking at moving the bed's in your backyard for a few hours or a few days, you can be sure that no water, rain, or urine will affect the product you have bought. Moreover, if you want to take your dog with you on your upcoming camping trip, you can just set it up near your campervan or tent without a problem! No wonder why these are the best choices for pet parents who love travelling.

There Are Many Shapes, Sizes and Colours

If you wish to invest in a waterproof dog bed, you won't need to compromise on size, colour, or feel. Indeed, today, there are so many options on the market that you are guaranteed to find at least one bed that perfectly fits your expectations. The fundamental aspects to consider when shopping for a bed are:

  • Colour - it needs to fit in perfectly with the furniture and colour scheme of your home. A simple design or a classy neutral colour can help you fit the bed anywhere!
  • The materials - you should avoid lining materials that can lose fibres. Puppy-proof materials are best.
  • Size - not all dogs will fit comfortably on any dog bed. You should also measure your dog before completing the purchase and make sure your pet can fit comfortably on it.
  • Padding and filling material - memory foam or bean bag filling is ideal.

You can even get a luxury dog bed that is waterproof, which are particularly suitable for dogs that need a little extra care!

They Are Perfect for Any Dog

No two dog beds can offer the same level of comfort and protection for your pup. And, each dog might have specific requirements that you need to take into consideration. For example, some puppies might struggle with joints or bones problems, while others will need a softer filling to sleep comfortably. Waterproof dog beds are also suitable for dogs dealing with some health conditions such as arthritis or joint and bones problems. Indeed, thanks to the memory foam filling and their ability to limit moisture, waterproof beds can help your pet deal better with the symptoms of these conditions. Whether your dog is dealing with any of the conditions seen above or he suffers from skin conditions and allergies, a waterproof, hypoallergenic bed with memory foam or beans fillings can help your pooch deal with their condition's symptoms.

They Are Accident Proof (Perfect for Older Pooches and Puppies)

Even if your puppy or older dog is correctly trained, accidents can happen. Whatever the reason, it is essential to plan for them. Indeed, if the urine soaks through the lining and reaches the bed's filling, you might need to get it professionally cleaned - or buy a new mattress! If left in the bed's filling, urine can make the bedding - and the whole house - smelly and unhygienic. It is likely for younger puppies and older dogs to incur "accidents", especially if they cannot control their bladder so well! While this might not have much to do with the level of training you supplied, it is worth accounting for such issues. A waterproof product, aside from allowing you to keep the bed and house clean, can help you look after your dog's needs in the best of ways!

Bottom Line

Picking the right dog bed for your pup can be challenging, primarily due to the many products that are on the market today. However, if in doubt, a waterproof mattress that is odour-resistant, hypoallergenic, and made of dog-proof materials can be suitable for any use. Some of the benefits of waterproof dog bedding include the fact that you can move it seamlessly between indoor and outdoor and even take it with you on your next camping trip!

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