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gaming beanbags

The Top 8 Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming

Studies have shown that almost 70 per cent of Australians plays video games regularly. They’ve also revealed that the average person spends nearly 90 minutes every single day parked in front…
lounge decor

Superb Study Breaks: Ideas for Student Lounge Decor with Bean Bag Chairs

There are more than 1 million students currently enrolled in colleges and universities in Australia. There are also more than 200 million students enrolled in colleges in other parts of the…
bean bag chairs

Beans on Fleek: 10 Popular Trends in Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are a staple of most people’s childhoods. They’re comfy and fun, and are a great place to sit while playing video games or reading a good book….
office decor

Complement Bean Bag Chairs: 10 Other Ways to Give Your Office Decor a Startup Feel

For some, workplace anxiety is almost too much to bear. Going to sleep and fearing to return to work the next day is one of the worst feelings to encounter….
denim bean bag chair

Casual Cool: Why You’ll Love a Denim Bean Bag Chair

Are you on the hunt for new seating options for your home or office? Want to find chairs that you can move around with ease? You might be surprised to…
bean bag office chairs

The Bean Bag Office Chair: How To Bring This Trend To Your Workplace

When it comes to succeeding in the corporate game, you are only as strong as your weakest link. But the truth is that around 61 per cent of entry-level employees bun out…
lambswool beanbags

Luxury Beans: Why You’ll Love a Lambswool Bean Bag Chair

If you have thousands of dollars worth of furniture sitting in your living room right now, the idea of plopping down a bean bag chair in the middle of all…
ergonomic tips

How to Work From a Bean Bag Chair: 7 Ergonomic Tips

 Where were you in 1969? You might have been protesting a war.  You might have been celebrating equal pay for women. Maybe you weren’t even born. Most likely you weren’t…
beanbag safety tips

Safety First: 9 Bean Bag Chair Safety Tips to Follow

Today’s bean bag chairs were the result of work by three Italian designers in 1969. The designers, Gatti, Paolini, and Teodora worked for Zanotta Design. They wanted to create seating that appealed…
pregnancy beanbags

Bean Bags for Pregnant Women: Why This Is a Definite Yes

When you’re pregnant, it can be almost impossible for you to find a comfortable chair. From hardback chairs to luxurious recliners, nothing seems to work! It can force you to…
giant bean bag chair

Feeling Exhausted? Why a Giant Bean Bag Chair Is All You Need

Take a moment and imagine this scene: You’ve just walked in your front door after an impossibly long day at work. You’re tired and stressed, and you want this day…
bag chairs

Understanding the Different Types of Bean Bag Chairs

Did you know that the bean bag chair was created in 1969 in an effort to appeal to the flower power generation? From that point on, it became a cultural…
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Bean Bag Buying Tips: How to Determine the Quality of a Bean Bag Chair

What do you think of when you think of a bean bag chair? You probably think of that fun place you might have played video games or taken a nap…
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9 Awesome Bean Bag Chair Facts Everyone Should Know

Did you know that what you have in your living room or house tells a lot about you as a person? Why not impress people and create a comfortable fun…
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Ultimate Fabric Guide: How to Create a Comfortable Bean Bag Chair

Since their creation, bean bag chairs have been a favourite among kids, teens, college students, and others looking for a comfy, yet an unconventional, place to take a seat. Originally…