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Bean Bag Filling is available in a variety of types and sizes. Here we provide a number of interesting articles on EPS beanbag filling.

big bean bag chairs

Running Low on Beans? How to Refill Big Bean Bag Chairs

You love your bean bag chair so much that you sit in it every day. Bean bag chairs are fantastic! They provide great seating for lots of situations. If you use your…
DIY beanbag fillers

What alternative bean bag fillers are there?

You may not be surprised to know that the first bean bags were simple sacks, filled with; you guessed it, beans! Though it took thousands of seeds to fill one…
bean bag filling tips

How to Fill a Bean Bag in less than 5 Minutes

Filling your bean bag does not have to take hours, here we discuss the easiest way to fill your new bean bag cover with a minimum amount of fuss and…
beanbag filling

What Is the Best Filling for My Bean Bags?

Bean bags and bean bag furniture are not only comfortable and ergonomic but also fun, exciting and affordable. However, there is more to bean bags than the uniquely designed and…
recycle beanbag filling

How to Recycle Bean Bag Filling

One of the perceived drawbacks to bean bags and bean bag furniture that is held by many modern-day consumers is that the filling used for them is not recyclable. However,…

Where Can I Buy Bean Bag Filling in Australia?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is ‘Where can I purchase the bean bag filling?’ There are many options available to consumers in Australia.
why do bean bags go flat

Why Do Bean Bags Go Flat and How To Prevent It?

Many people new to bean bags are shocked to discover that their chairs have gone flat have extended periods of regular use. What was once a fluffy, round and comfortable…
beanbag filling eco friendly

Is Bean Bag Filling Really Environmentally Friendly?

A question often asked about bean bags, is whether the filling is safe and eco-friendly. More and more people are concerned about how their purchases are affecting the environment, and…
are beanbags carcinogenic

How Do I Know if Bean Bag Filling is Carcinogenic?

Bean bags and bean bag chairs have been medically proven to be ergonomically superior to most other types of furniture. The average person can avoid or relieve several health problems…
virgin bean bag filler

Is Recycled Bean Bag Filling Good for My Bean Bag?

To get the most from your bean bags and bean bag furniture, you will periodically need to replace the filling. After several years, even the highest-quality product will begin to…
beanbag filling made

How is Beanbag Filling Made?

Beanbag chairs offer people a uniquely comfortable place to relax due to the unique material that manufacturers use to fill them. Most beanbag producers fill the furniture item with a…