The Bean Bag Office Chair: How To Bring This Trend To Your Workplace

19 February 2019

bean bag office chairs

When it comes to succeeding in the corporate game, you are only as strong as your weakest link. But the truth is that around 61 per cent of entry-level employees bun out on the job. The top symptoms experienced by employees today as a cause of this burn out are fatigue, pain, weight gain, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Learn how to accommodate some of these symptoms and improve the workplace experience. You can do so by bringing the bean bag trend into your work environment and implementing office bean bags in creative ways throughout your entire company's workplace.

Why a Bean Bag Office Chair?

The simple answer to this question is, why not? Today's technology is wireless and no longer chained to the desk, so why should the employee be? Not only that but being stationary all day has been proven to be the cause of significant health problems such as obesity and heart disease. As a business owner or HR professional, to you, this translates into missed work days. No doubt, your company wants to perform well. But 87 per cent of CEO's today believes empathy is the cause of their financial performance in the workplace. Not only does empathy at work create improved financial bottom lines, but it also increases productivity at the employee level. To stay competitive with the corporate world today, you need to change with the times. Your décor or environment might need to change with the times as well. Adult bean bag chairs are an excellent way to do just that, and they don't all look like the ones of yesterday. A chair in the style of the Merlin style of bean bag office chair, for example, can be elegantly placed anywhere from a waiting room to an employee's lounge.

Create a Pain-Free Work Space

Being connected to a desk all day can cause pain and strain for many workers. From back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome, working at an office desk non-stop can be hazardous to your employee's health.

Ease Back Pain

For employees with back pain, bean bag office chairs are a comfortable alternative. The American Chiropractic Association says back pain is one of the most common reasons employees miss work. Back pain results in more than 264 million days of work lost in one year for all Americans, which is approximately two work days for every full-time American employee. This further results in 50 billion dollars in health care costs annually. Thus increasing the costs to the company in terms of health care costs, lost productivity with employees that are gone. Adding in lost wages, the costs of back pain cost Americans as much as 100 billion dollars annually.

Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is not any less expensive. The Occupational Health and Safety Board says carpal tunnel syndrome is a significant driver of lost wages, lost work, and disability. It also costs workers' compensation costs as well. These are two of the most common costs for both companies and the health care system. Employees pay for this as well. Most employees don't want to be on disability. Today's office is no longer connected directly to the desk and the electrical outlets attached. With WiFi and cordless devices, employees want to move around more and are walking around more. When they move around more, they will experience less back pain and lower risks of carpal tunnel syndrome. One answer to this is the beanbag office chair. Drop a chair near their station or create a bean bag employee centre and workers can bring their laptop to the bean bag while easing back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Create Wellness Stations

Wellness is becoming the hot buzzword for CEO's or company leaders when it comes to establishing engaged and productive employees. When company leaders activate wellness programs for their workers, they are going to see their productivity, and profits rise. Enhancing healthy weight programs is beneficial to workers, who will gain weight if they stay in a stationary position all day. Career Builder notes that two out of five workers gain weight at work, and 75 per cent of those workers don't have access to a wellness program. A bean bag chair may not be a wellness program, but it could promote wellness in the workplace by preventing weight gain from sedentary work. When you add multiple bean bag chairs for your employees in wellness stations, they feel they are empathised with and appreciated for their hard work. Today's generation also enjoys a more comfortable and relaxed work environment. Décor elements such as a bean bag office chair can help them find a smooth transition between work and home. If your company is hiring more millennials these days, you could find they are more productive and creative when they have a bean bag chair to work in as they lounge and work at the same time. But anyone can use wellness stations. Read these seven ergonomic tips on how to work from a bean bag chair, so that you can improve productivity and wellness within your employees at the same time.

Create Bean Bag Work Stations for Productivity

Not only will bean bag office chairs improve health and wellness in the workplace, but they can also improve productivity. The Internet has changed the way businesses operate today, and that needs to be reflected in the work environment as well. Today's workplace looks different. From standing workstations to robots that telecommute, the standard office chair is quickly becoming a thing of the past. The emphasis in the office today, and in the online work environment, is one of collaboration and cooperation. Better collaboration and cooperation increases when employees are relaxed, and bean bag office chairs can aid in this productivity. Creating productivity centres with a group of bean bag chairs can improve employee morale and energy flows. Today's in-house worker is merely spending more time at the office. Making it more comfortable for them helps everybody to succeed. These centres can not only be productive, but more engaging as well. Studies show that organisations that have engaged employees outperform other companies by 202 per cent. Similar research shows that companies with engaged employees have five times the returns of shareholders throughout five years. Companies such as Google and LEGO have already implemented bean bag workstations or productivity centres to increase employee engagement. The proof is in the pudding there, as they are Blue Chip stocks that yield high returns for shareholders. You may or may not have shareholders, but regardless, engaged and comfortable employees are a win-win for everybody.

The Twenty-First Century Board Room

If employees can create in a state of relaxation, you wind up with more winning products and productivity. Imagine a board room that includes a host of elegant bean bag chairs, and fosters growth and creativity — a board room where attendees feel relaxed enough to contribute that next big idea. You can not only win at work but also attract new clients as well. You can even use custom printed bean bag chairs for your office, or at your next big event. Rent a pool for your next corporate event where you are attracting new business, and use bean bag chairs to promote a sense of relaxation. But custom printed chairs will also be good advertising. Discover the six reasons you should use bean bag office chairs for powerful marketing messages as well. Use bean bag chairs in the lounge rooms or staff rooms, or even in the lunchrooms and cafeteria. Bean bag chairs provide an instant sense of relax, stay here a while, and let's work together. That's how you want your employees and clients to feel. The results are in the bottom line. You'll see the difference.

Boost Morale With Bean Bag Office Chairs

Every company wants to succeed, and that is always their mission number one. But to do that, you need links in every chain that are working at maximum productivity. Angry employees or those suffering from anxiety due to a stressful work environment are not going to help you attain those goals. Nor are employees that are missing work due to back pain, weight-related issues, or carpal tunnel surgery. Even potential candidates will make their mind up about you at first glance, as much as you will about them. One report notes that 83 per cent of potential candidates that have a negative interview environment will look elsewhere for work. Those could be your next best selling employees. Do you have a comfortable work environment that promotes wellness, engagement, and creativity? The best bean bag chair is not just a cozy lump of beans anymore. The latest trends are exciting and innovative, and productive. It's so easy to create a seating solution in your office using bean bag office chairs such as the Big Bob style chair today and begin to see the magic happen overnight.

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