How Can Bean Bags Assist your Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

14 March 2014

bean bags assist post surgical procedures Recovering from major surgery is a long and arduous process. Repairing injured tissues requires a lot of your body's energy and resources. So you'll probably feel tired and weak for at least a few weeks. In most cases, you'll recover at home after a brief hospital stay. So you'll want to be sure your home is optimised for your convenience, safety and comfort during post-surgical rehabilitation. It's possible you will experience pain or discomfort, especially when moving during your post-surgical rehabilitation. Even if you're not entirely immobile, you may be required to stay in one position for extended periods. You may find that your bed doesn't seem as comfortable as it did before your surgery. A simple act of turning over or shifting to a different position may appear to take every ounce of energy you have. And stacking pillows behind you so you can sit upright is a chore.

Use Bean Bags to Optimize Post Surgical Comfort

There's an easy way to improve your quality of life during post-surgical rehabilitation. Instead of struggling with traditional furniture during your recovery, relax in the gentle, airy comfort of a bean bag. Unlike a bed or chair with metal springs, a bean bag can be shaped into the perfect position to avoid placing pressure on aching limbs and sore incision sites. You won't have to fight with hard chair arms that confine your body and limit your movement. If you're uncomfortable, you can readjust the bean bag filling to meet your needs. Large bean bag chairs and lounges are lightweight and easy to move. They allow you to spend time anywhere in your home instead of being restricted to one or two dull rooms. You can even take them outdoors! So as your mobility improves, you can enjoy relaxing on your patio or around your pool in total comfort. Long before you can tolerate sitting in an uncomfortable wood or metal lounger.

Bean Bags R Us Products Make Recovery Easier

At Bean Bags R Us, we're proud to offer the best quality bean bag furniture on the market, and many of our products are perfect for use during post-surgical rehabilitation. Here are a few great examples.

  • Our Malibu Day Bed blends total comfort with modern, casual style. This curvy lounger is perfect for the period right after surgery. It is during this time that you need full-body support and in cases where reclining with your legs raised is most comfortable.
  • The classic styling of the Media Lounge allows your limbs to remain flat. It's an ideal choice when you want to sit closer to the floor.
  • With a raised back, the Bermuda Triangle is perfect for watching television, playing video games or socialising. The pointed design makes it comfortable for your family or caregivers to access your head and neck area or wrap a blanket or towel around you.
  • Our versatile bean bag chairs, such as the Cayman, and the Big Boppa, deliver an iconic look with the gentle comfort you need.
  • If you like to stretch out, or you need an extra-large area so you can sleep comfortably with a partner, check out the Hayman. You can use it as either a chair or a lounge, and it can double as an extra guest bed after you recuperate.

They're Not Just for Convalescence

Another benefit of using a bean bag during recovery is that once your healing is complete, you'll still want to use your furniture. Wheelchairs and foam toppers might end up in a storage shed. But your attractive and stylish bean bag can become a permanent part of your home. We have an excellent selection of colours and styles. So you can choose the perfect look to match your indoor or outdoor decor. We can even personalise your order; at your request, we'll print a logo or image of your choice onto your bean bag.

Quality and Comfort Awaits

Our bean bag furniture is both affordable and built to last. The durable covers are moisture- and fade-resistant. Also, they're easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. And they can stand up to food spills and other accidents. Refilling is easy, and you'll never have to worry about your bean bag losing its form like standard pillows and cushions. Childproof zippers ensure that your bean bag isn't opened accidentally, so spills are unlikely. With minimal care, you can enjoy many years of exceptional performance. To find your ultimate solution for post-surgical comfort, browse our product selection today.

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