Bean Bags for Pregnant Women: Why This Is a Definite Yes

6 November 2018

pregnancy beanbags

When you're pregnant, it can be almost impossible for you to find a comfortable chair. From hardback chairs to luxurious recliners, nothing seems to work! It can force you to choose between either standing or lying down to stay comfy. But there is one great option that you may not have considered. A pregnancy bean bag is a perfect solution for those pregnant women in search of seating. You'll find the comfort you've been looking for in a cosy bean bag chair. Bean bag chairs are especially useful for pregnant women during their third trimester. Once they've had the chance to try them out, they often wonder how they survived before without them. Let's take a closer look at a few of the significant benefits you'll get to enjoy when you invest in a pregnancy bean bag.

Available in Almost Any Shape or Size

One of the first things you'll notice when you start your search for a pregnancy bean bag is that bean bags are available in just about any shape or size that you want. Are you looking for a more traditional bean bag that's round in nature? You can find plenty of options. Or are you hunting for a bean bag chair that features an ample seating area and a big comfortable back? You can track down a pregnancy bean bag that looks like that, too. Regardless of whether you want something that's big, small, or somewhere in between, you'll find it in the form of a bean bag. You can even buy a few different bean bags for an affordable price and give yourself a choice depending on how you're feeling on a particular day.

Conforms to Fit the New Contours of Your Body

As you move along in your pregnancy, the contours of your body are going to change over time. Your stomach is going to grow larger, and that's going to have an impact on almost all of your curves. If you're trying to sit down in a hardback chair regularly, it's not going to offer much in terms of added support during your pregnancy. It's going to stay the same shape and continue to give the same level of support regardless of how your body changes. A pregnancy bean bag will be different in that it will conform to fit your new contours and then conform over and over again throughout your pregnancy. From your first trimester straight through to the birth of your baby, your bean bag will be there every step of the way to support you.

Eliminates Pain in Your Back, Neck, and Feet

Going through a pregnancy can be a very painful process for many women. Their lower backs ache. Their necks get stiff. And their feet swell up. It can also be challenging for pregnant women to find any relief. Even when they're sitting down on a chair, they still feel many of the aches and pains that accompany pregnancy. A pregnancy bean bag can provide them with some well-deserved comfort and relief during their tough times. Any time a pregnant woman starts to feel too achy to go on, she can sit down on her bean bag chair and allow all her pains to melt away.

Encourages You to Get Your Rest

Getting enough rest is essential for pregnant women. Women who are carrying a child are often said to be "sleeping for two." So it's recommended for them to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night and as much rest as they can during the day. In many cases, pregnant women may not opt to fall asleep when they're sitting down on a pregnancy bean bag. But they can get some much-needed rest at any time of the day. The extra rest will be great for the baby. It'll also be great for mom as she strives to conserve as much energy as she can daily.

Gives You the Chance to Sit Wherever You Want

Arguably the best part about utilising a pregnancy bean bag is that you can bring it anywhere you want. You can throw it down in your living room and use it there. But you can also throw it in the car and take it almost anywhere without a problem. Additionally, you can move it around within your own home with minimal effort on your part. If you're pregnant, you shouldn't necessarily try to lift a bean bag to move it. But you can get just about anyone, including a child, to take your bean bag chair and put it in any room you want.

Allows You to Bond With Your Baby

As you inch your way closer to birth, it becomes more and more vital for you to bond with your baby. You can do this by:

  • Reading books to your baby
  • Singing to your baby
  • Playing music for your baby
  • Gently rubbing your belly to let your baby know you're there
  • Talking to your baby and telling the baby how much you love it
  • And more!

You can do these things while you're sitting on any chair. But you and your baby will get the most out of it when you're both relaxed. Your pregnancy bean bag will relax you and allow you to bond with your baby for as long as you want.

Purchase a Pregnancy Bean Bag Today

If you've tried to sit down in other chairs during your pregnancy and found them to be entirely too uncomfortable, a pregnancy bean bag is an answer to your prayers. You can purchase one today without spending a fortune and start to see the benefits of it right away. Before long, you'll be spending almost all your time sitting on your pink bean bag and reaping the rewards that come along with doing it. Check out our blog to hear about some of the other ways people can benefit from utilising our bean bag chairs.

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