Beans on Fleek: 10 Popular Trends in Cute Bean Bag Chairs

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Cute bean bag chairs are a staple of most people’s childhoods. They’re comfy and fun and are a great place to sit while playing video games or reading a good book. Most people outgrow them after a while, though, which is sad since these cute bean bag chairs could help adults with benefits to spinal health and reducing fatigue.

If you’re planning an event or running a learning facility, you might not have considered bean bags as a good place for your professionals or students to sit, but you should. There are a lot of different kinds of bean bags, and they have many benefits.

Here, we’re going to tell you about the different kinds of bean bag chairs and how they can be used to make your event a more comfortable and exciting experience for everyone.

1. Kid’s Bean Bag Chairs

They’re a classic for a reason: cute bean bag chairs for little ones never go out of style. You likely have some great memories of being a kid and kicking back in a bean bag by yourself or with friends. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of sinking into beads and fabric to bring you back to a simpler time.

Kid’s bean bag chairs tend to be small and less expensive, which is suitable for whoever’s buying. If you’re someone who wants to get bean bags for a classroom or a group of little ones, these cute bean bag chairs for kids might be perfect for your needs.

2. Comfort for Better Learning!

In fact, in school settings, bean bag chairs can lead to better learning for kids. Traditional desk chairs in classrooms aren’t very comfortable, especially for long periods, which leads to irritated and fidgeting kids who want to leave. Cute bean bag chairs, though, make kids more relaxed by supporting their backs.

This makes kids more able to focus on learning than trying to get comfortable. If a kid won’t sit still- and a lot of kids won’t- it’s a sign that the chair that they’re in isn’t comfortable. When you use cosy bean bag chairs, the children are more likely to want to do activities like reading and worksheets while sitting still.

More and more school classrooms for young children have been starting to use bean bags, and this has shown them a lot of learning benefits. It’s proven that special needs students are learning more and scoring higher than peers. So think about that when you put together a classroom!

3. Comfort at University

Of course, children aren’t the only ones who use cute bean bag chairs a lot. Many uni flats also could benefit from the use of bean bags in their facilities. Bean bags are awesome because they fit into all kinds of dorm decor themes!

If a student has a vision in mind for what their dorm room should look like, a bean bag will always be a great addition. Plus, many students bring them in themselves anyway, so if you are in charge of a uni dorm, why not provide one of these instead of uncomfortable furniture?

Uni students who have bean bag chairs in their flat, like children, will see success in their studies. They will be more willing and able to sit for long periods revising for their courses and preparing for lectures.

Also, when uni students have bean bag chairs, they will be better able to relax during leisure time. This is important as uni is a stressful and challenging time for most young adults, and it will benefit both their mental and physical health. Being cosy also helps to fight off insomnia and help students sleep better, so that’s a plus!

4. Large Bean Bag Chairs

For uni students, graduates, and other adults alike, large bean bag chairs are a huge trend right now in the furniture market. These are not only comfortable, but they are also a more affordable option for people who are tight on money. If you’re a business thinking about selling merchandise to adults, consider these large bean bag chairs as a potential product.

These large bean bag chairs can be made of a lot of different materials to give them a lot of unique textures and feelings. There are many factors to consider in thinking about what one to purchase, like the temperature of the room and how well the fabrics will absorb heat.

You also need to think about your audience. Will they like to feel the beans inside the bag? Or would they rather have a bean bag that’s smooth and stuffed with cotton? There have been lots of people who have asked the same questions, so do your research online.

5. Cosy Sprawling Room

One of the reasons that these adult bean bags are a leading trend in furniture is that they give a person a lot of sprawling room for added comfort. This will let people stretch out and make them want to stay in their bean bag for a more extended length of time.

A lot of people have actually been opting to get these big bean bags as an alternative to buying pricey couches or love seats. This is much more economical and will give you more money to invest in other expenses. They also have a very grand feel to them. While these bean bags are less expensive, you’re sure to feel like a king or queen when you sprawl out in one.

They also can adjust to the shape of your back, providing benefits to your spine and bone strength. This can help to stave off physical issues like scoliosis.

So, before you go out and buy that giant posh couch you’ve been thinking of getting, consider the benefits of a large bean bag chair instead!

6. Full-On Furniture

If you absolutely must have a couch or a piece of furniture that looks like a traditional piece, bean bag chairs have that for you too. Especially if you’re a business looking to spruce up your office space or a resort trying to make your guests feel posh, think about getting bean bags that are shaped like full-on furniture!

You can get these bean bags in a lot of different shapes, from chairs to couches. These give a lot of the benefits of traditional bean bag chairs and the comfort that they provide, all in a traditional shape.

7. Cotton Bean Bags

Of course, when considering what bean bags to buy for your business, guests, or home comfort, the material you choose is going to be a top priority. One of the most trendy options that you can pick to use is the cotton bean bag.

Cotton is a really breathable material that doesn’t get too hot or too cold in environments with different temperatures. This is ideal for all seasons – many other materials get hot in the sun or cold in the winter.

Cotton is also a very inexpensive material to make things out of, so a cotton bean bag is a great option if you want to keep the price down. This can be helpful, especially if you’re buying in bulk. If you want a comfy and soft fabric, think about a cotton bean bag chair.

8. The Great Polyester

Another great alternative to cotton bean bags is polyester ones. Polyester is another fun and trendy fabric that a lot of bean bag chairs are made from, so you’ll have a lot of the same options for polyester bean bags as you would if you choose cotton.

Polyester might be a harder fabric than cotton, but it is a lot more durable, which means that it will last longer without wear and tear. If you think the bean bag is going to be used often, this might be a more economical and practical option so it doesn’t have to be replaced a lot.

Polyester fabric is also immune to water damage and damage from other beverages like coffee or fizzy drinks. This means that if there is a spill – which, naturally, will happen sometimes- it will roll right off! There won’t even be a stain!

9. The Beanless Bag

Another interesting trend going around is the beanless bean bag chair. Basically, this is unique in that it shaped like a regular bean bag chair and moves around similarly but instead is made of inflatable plastic.

This has a lot of benefits, like the fact that it’s more easily transported from place to place if you want to able to use it in multiple locations. Also, if you’re buying them in bulk for your business or dorm, you can save on shipping materials and cost!

10. Beautiful Bags

Now, while cute bean bag chairs have a lot of benefits, you might be worried that you’re going to have to sacrifice an aesthetic or a themed decor for the greater good of comfort and health. But this isn’t the case at all!

The best bean bag chairs come in many shapes, sizes, colours, and fabrics. They have all the options for looking great that other sorts of furniture do. If you are theming our room in a certain colour scheme, there is a bean bag sure to match that scheme!

You can also put various patterns on the fabric to make them look funky and cool.

Get Comfy!

There are so many different bean bag chairs out there that you can buy, it will be hard to choose just one. Luckily, if you do your research on the sizes and materials out there, you’re sure to find a bean bag that meets your needs.

Now that you know all about the biggest trends in bean bag chairs for adults, check out our online store for the greatest prices and variety.

Get ready to get cosy!

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