What is the Best Bean Bag for Marine Use?

marine bean bags
If you own a party boat or luxury motor yacht or are planning to rent one for a special event, you’ll need to consider seating arrangements. Standard loungers and chairs are always available, but the idea behind a luxurious excursion is the pleasure. You and your fellow passengers should enjoy the ultimate in comfort instead of tolerating seating that hurts your back or does not let you fully relax. For your next adventure on the open seas, impress your guests with a quality marine bean bag.

Marine Bean Bags for Extra Guests

If you have invested in a boat or yacht, you will want to be sure you have plenty of comfortable, practical seating options for extra guests.

Bean bag chairs and loungers can fit virtually anywhere on your boat. They are lightweight, take up little space and are also easy to store when not in use. You and your guests can use them for sunbathing, fishing, socialising, or just enjoying the sights and sound of open water.

Standard outdoor furniture is awkward, and users often find themselves shifting positions to be comfortable. Our outdoor bean bags have no hard edges or cold metal parts; they’re designed to provide comfort that rivals your living room couch or recliner.

Never Ruin Your Luxury Decor with Inferior Products

Unfortunately, a boat’s attractive built-in seating is usually limited. Do not make the mistake of placing cheap, mass-produced seating on your vessel. Cheap furniture is ugly, and it will ruin the upscale ambience of your party boat.

Even more expensive options have definite disadvantages. Resin products are unstable and difficult to clean — metal furniture rusts. Wood furniture is bulky and cumbersome, and it requires frequent maintenance.

Our water friendly bean bag products are nearly maintenance-free; they withstand the elements and keep their good looks for life. Our products are available in a wide variety of lively colours to match your vessel’s decor.

Perfect for Marine Environments

Our marine bean bags are designed to endure the extreme weather of the open seas.

Our products made from durable, hard-wearing 1680D polyester and Solution Dyed Acrylic, are resistant to water, stains and fading.  (Pictured: Portsea Pool Bean Bags)

Most soft, comfortable seats are ruined when they encounter water.

If our marine bean bags get wet, you drain them and let them dry.

They are also easy to clean; wipe them with a damp cloth and soapy water.

Smoother Rides on Rough Water

Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not always have your comfort and convenience in mind. Rough waters and the wind can topple chairs or send them sliding across the deck.

Not only are these conditions inconvenient for people who are seated, but they are also tough on tired muscles and bad backs. They can even present a safety hazard or cause injuries. Higher boat speeds can also affect comfort and safety.

When sitting in a bean bag chair, you are less likely to slip; the extra cushioning absorbs the impact of turbulence, which means you are less likely to experience back and neck pain later.

The Ultimate in Quality

For the best quality bean bags on the market, check out our outdoor product lineup. Our range of seating options includes loungers, chairs, large cushions, and even pool floats.

Choose from many styles and colours to create the perfect environment for your next party on the water. You can even have select products screen-printed to display your company logo or personal designs.

You deserve the ultimate in quality and performance. Once you’ve experienced an outdoor bean bag in Australia, you’ll say goodbye to traditional loungers and chairs forever.

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