9 Boys Room Decor Ideas Your Son is Bound to Love

boys room decorHow on earth do I style my boy’s room in a way that he will love? How do I decorate a boy’s room on a budget? How do I make my son’s room look elegant?

Are these some of the questions that have been nagging your mind of late? If so, relax, we’ve got you!

Raising a child is the most exciting experience. You want them to enjoy every moment of their life. Their room is a significant part of their life’s experience, considering it’s the room they’ll spend most of their life compared with the other rooms in the house.

You need the room to be relaxing, comforting, with a touch of love and if possible, with items that inspire them.

If you’re planning on redecorating your son’s room this year, here are 9 boys room decor ideas you need before you tackle the job.

1. His Ideas

I don’t mean that you should let him have his way and paint the room some kind of zombie apocalypse theme. On the contrary, I mean, you should let him have a chance to be heard.

As you bring up a boy, you need to help build his confidence. To do so, he needs to know that his ideas are valid, and they deserve to be heard, discussed, and if they make sense implemented.

Therefore, invite him for a discussion or ask him what his favourite colours are if he can’t engage in a conversation due to his tender age. Note down his preferences, and if he is old enough, involve him in the redecoration.

This is the most crucial step since all the others rely on this critical step. At the end of the day, you want to redecorate the room in a way he will like and enjoy, so why not engage him?

Even if he can not communicate verbally due to young age or other circumstances, you can still find a way to engage him and find out what his preferences are.

2. Science Inspired

Is your son a lover of science? How about you decorate the room with a science idea that will inspire them to explore more in science. You can have a chalkboard on one of the walls with scientific formulas displayed there.

Additionally, you can get him a map of the globe on the wall.

You can also decide to use his own scientific works that he might have carried out in school or just as a hobby and have it in the room. This will encourage him to do more.

3. Hobby Inspired

Which hobby does your son love? Is he into playing an instrument? For example, the violin, guitar, piano?  If so, then get him pictures, artwork, or model instruments that remind him of his hobby.

Is he a soccer fanatic? If so, you can get a custom made carpet (green in colour) that resembles the soccer field. You can also paint the walls in the colors of his favourite team. You can also get a beanbag that’s shaped like a ball.

Accessorise the room with throw pillows, curtains, and such that remind him of soccer. Also, get a jersey of his favourite team and pin it on the wall in an artistic manner.

4. Star Sky

Have you ever gone camping at night and looked at the milky ways in the sky? How was that experience?

The image of the skies and the stars is relaxing, comforting, and soothing. This might be an excellent idea depending on the age of your son; he might like the idea of sleeping looking at the skies. It can help your young son fall asleep.

The starry ceiling is great, especially if your child finds it hard to sleep at night. It helps to relax their thoughts, calm their nerves, and get them to sleep. Sleep is vital for toddlers and children in general as they grow.

So, this would be a nice trick to make your son’s room look elegant while at the same time helping them to get a good night’s sleep.

So, get a good painter who can help simulate the celestial beauty for your son to enjoy the relaxing view every time he goes to sleep.

Note, painting the ceiling blue isn’t sufficient; you need the ceiling to simulate the clear blue skies at night. So, remember to flick yellow, white, and clear blue specks to look like the stars. Therefore, get an excellent painter (and artist) for the job!

5. Hanging Beds

Allow your boy to enjoy being a boy. Boys love adventure; they love taking risks and feeling like they are on top of things. Not to mention that they also love having fun in whatever they do, whether it is eating or sleeping.

So what about getting him a hanging bed. With that, he will always have fun climbing on and off his bed. It can also create a relaxing rocking effect while they are falling asleep.

This idea may also build his confidence.

Note, hanging beds require enough support from the ceiling. Apart from its weight, the bed also needs to support the weight of the person who will lie in it. As such, it would be wise to get a professional who can do the installation for you to reduce the risk of your boy falling off and getting injured.

6. Cartoon Inspired

Let’s face it: you cannot separate boys from their cartoons. You will have a difficult time trying to achieve that. There are different types of cartoons that excite them.

Some want to feel like heroes who can save the world, just like superman or spiderman. Others love feeling like very competent drivers of big trucks and so on.

Depending on your boy’s cartoon preference, you can decide to get them a wallpaper of their favourite cartoon. For example, you can get them a wallpaper of superman jumping from a building while trying to catch a bad guy.

Alternatively, you can buy them bedding, pillows, and other stuff that have cartoon-inspired graphics.

You can also decide to bring the outside world inside with pictures of Scooby-Doo chasing the cat from his kernel. Or display the never-ending fights between Tom and his friend (foe) Jerry.

The idea is to get lost in the boy’s cartoon world and try to bring the same to his room to make his nights memorable.

7. Animal Themed Rooms

Does your son enjoy documentaries such as:

Or any other movies and TV shows that talk about nature and animals?

If so, then you have your work cut out for you. You should use nature and animal themes to decorate his room. Some of the ways you can do this include:

Get a carpet that is either green in colour or has a picture of some animals he loves. It could also be a picture of a landscape.

Consider getting a 3D wallpaper of marine life or jungle life and use it to decorate one of the walls. Note, do not use the wallpaper on all the walls as it will be too much and might also not leave you with space to play around with.

You can also get wall hangings or pictures of beautiful landscapes. Either get one enormous picture to mark the focal point of the room or get three medium pictures to be placed strategically on one of the walls.

You can also get stuffed animals. These could be very effective if your son is below ten years or loves stuffed animals. Go out of your way and get one large stuffed animals such as an elephant or a dinosaur. Place it strategically in the room.

Getting planters into the room could also be a very good idea. However, ensure that they are kid-friendly. You don’t want to get cactus into a boy’s room as it could injure him. Other succulents might do just fine.

8. Inspire Them to Win

Either consciously or otherwise, boys like associating themselves with success. When you listen to them, you will hear them talk about how they will conquer the world and subdue it. Many talk about how they will lead and save people!

Among the many careers that you will hear boys wanting many include joining the army and dealing head-on with the bad guys. They also want to become firefighters and ensure that no house will go down because of a fire under their watch. Others will be happy to become presidents and provide leadership to their citizens.

As such, you can encourage them to become whatever they want to become by giving them a feel of that world in their room. Check out these tween bedroom ideas.

For example, you can decide to get him a firetruck bed. As he sleeps on it, he will feel like a firefighter and get encouraged to become one. You can get him a portrait of the president, or of a philanthropist, or any other great leader who has touched the world in one way or the other.

Additionally, in the spirit of winning, you can decorate the room with photos of their favourite athletes while crossing the line. You can put their favourite rally driver maneuvering the track or a portrait of the football team that he dying to join when he is all grown up.

9. Black and White Theme (With Something Extra)

We know black and white are quite basic. But, have you ever considered repainting all your son’s furniture plus the room into black and white?

This could be one of your best decisions ever made as an interior designer *wink*.

Redecorating the room in black and white is great for a few reasons. One, the colours are subtle and creates a cool and relaxed feeling. They create an ambient atmosphere for your son. If your son’s room has active and bright colours, it’s easier to appear messy. You will need to keep it tidy all the time.

However, the main reason why you should consider painting it black and white is that you can then decorate it with stickers and other decorations that suit your son’s obsession of the week.

What do I mean by an obsession of the week?

As your son is growing, their likes and obsessions will keep on shifting. Today they like spiderman, tomorrow they like iron man. Or, today they like soccer tomorrow they like basketball.

As they go through these phases, it’s easy to get stickers that correspond to their likes and stick on the wall without interfering with any theme of the room.

Can you imagine getting a beanbag with the shape and colours of a ball into a room with the theme of a jungle? Hilarious right?

Exactly. But, if the room is black and white, it’s theme can be ‘the different phases of your son’s growth.’

And, each sticker reminds them of something they were obsessed with a few months ago. They all create nostalgia for the child and make the room feel homely since all the accessories and stickers are things they had fallen in love with.

Also, since most boys are messy when the room is ‘relaxed’ even if there are clothes and toys lying all-overs, the room doesn’t seem as messy as it actually is.

Bonus: Patriotic Theme

Patriotism is the love and respect that one has towards their own country. Teaching boys about patriotism will make him a responsible citizen in the future.

Your boy needs to be accountable for his actions as early as possible. Doing so will turn him into a hardworking citizen in the future who would not feel like everything is owed to them.

To inspire your kids to become patriotic citizens, you can decorate their room with a patriotic theme.

You can have the room painted with the colours of your country.

The Perfect Boys Room Decor

If you had plans to decorate your boy’s room this year with the best in boys room decor, now you are sorted. The tips above should guide you on choosing a decor that will resonate well with your boy. You only need to choose one and run with it.

Remember, whatever theme you choose you can always refer to our vast bean bag selection for the perfect choices. Contact us today if you need assistance picking out the right one for your child’s room.

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