Where Can I Buy Bean Bag Filling in Australia?

26 September 2016

buy beanbag filling online

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is 'Where can I purchase the bean bag filling?' There are many options available to consumers in Australia. For the majority of people travelling to your nearest department store will be the easiest and most cost-effective solution.

K-Mart Australia

K-Mart has been operating in Australia since 1968 and now has one hundred and ninety-one stores nationally. Owned by Wesfarmers, K-Mart is one of Australia's largest chains of department stores. You can purchase a one hundred litre bag of bean bag filling at K-Mart for $12.00. For a small additional fee, most K-Mart stores offer local delivery; which is an excellent option if you require more filling that can fit in your car. Most sedans will be able to handle two to three bags in the boot and up to four bags in the rear seat. An SUV may be able to carry twelve or thirteen bags. K-Mart uses industry-standard virgin EPS bean bag filling, which is safe and suitable for most bean bags, including pool bean bags. This product is available through their online store, and they offer delivery options ranging from ten dollars to sixteen dollars depending on your location. Because K-Mart can deliver locally, they are also able to provide cheaper transportation options.

Big W

There are one hundred and eighty-six Big W department stores throughout Australia. Owned by Woolworths, Big W offers the filling in one hundred litres ($12.00) and forty-litre bags ($6.50). The smaller bags are an excellent option for small poufs and ottomans, or if you require a small amount of beanbag filling to top up a bean bag that has gone a bit flat. Big W also offers delivery through its online store.

Spotlight Stores

Spotlight stores offer a 500-gram bag of filling for $12.00. Whereas most other retailers sell by volume, Spotlight sells by weight. Knowing the weight, but not the volume often confuses people, and we regularly receive phone calls asking 'how many grams of beans should I buy. The standard 100-litre bags weigh around 1,000 grams (1 kilogram), so 500 grams is less much than 100 litres. We have received many reports from customers who claim they needed to buy twice as many bags, to achieve the same result. When the beans are smaller, they will denser, and therefore heavier. Increased density means; they will use less volume, and therefore you will require more of them. This product is available through their online store with delivery options starting at $7.99 per bag.

Why would I buy Bean Bag Filling Online?

Not everyone owns a car, and not everyone has the time to visit a local department store. If you are purchasing several large bean bags, you may not have a car big enough to fit all the beans, and you may not have the time to make several trips to your local shopping centre. There are also many regional and rural customers who may not have access to a Target, K-Mart or Spotlight store. For some clients, especially businesses and corporations, the convenience of ordering online is worth the additional cost. You may consider buying online to be a better option once you examine the cost of driving to your nearest shopping centre, parking costs, and the time you will need to invest. Pre-filled bean bags are a great option for trade and commercial orders where you may not have the time or manpower for filling bean bags yourself. Please contact us for a quote if you require large quantities of filling or pre-filled bean bags.

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