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What causes mould

What is Mould?

On the face of it, mould looks like a kind of furry, colourful, chalky substance. But it’s actually a living organism – and, interestingly – one of the first species…

back health

5 Ways Bean Bag Chairs Support Better Back Health

Are you concerned about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle? Did you know that almost half of Australians have preventable medical conditions? The Institute of Health and Welfare studied Australian’s back health….

sitting vs standing

The Fascinating Ergonomics Of Standing VS Sitting

Until recently, nobody questioned the virtues of working at a desk all day long. So long as you were in a comfortable ergonomic chair as you tapped away on your…

is your mattress making you sick

Is Your Mattress Making You Sick?

Most of us have a cordial relationship with our mattresses. We’re grateful that they provide support for our bodies at night, giving us a good night’s sleep. For the most…

are bean bags healthy

Are Bean Bags Healthy?

As an item of furniture that is an affordable piece of luxury seating, a bean bag is a way to help you relax and unwind but it could also be…

best chairs for all day sitting

What are the Best Chairs For Sitting All Day?

No matter what your lifestyle, chances are you spend a decent chunk of your day sitting down. Whether you’re studying, working, running a home or simply relaxing, you’ll probably spend…

are bean bags good for your back

Are Bean Bags Good For Your Back?

Everybody likes to sit in the most comfortable way possible. Very often, our posture will differ depending on where we sit and what we are doing. We instinctively move our…

home office ergonomics

Home Office Ergonomics: Creating a Comfortable Healthy Work Space

Working from home can be a wonderful thing. Not only can you stay at home with the family, but you don’t have to endure that ugly commute either. But it’s…

vinyl bean bags cancer

Vinyl Bean Bags & Memory Foam Linked to Cancer

Researchers and government agencies warn that vinyl bean bags cause various forms of cancer. Memory foam is also known to cause cancer. These products must carry warning labels when sold…

are beanbags toxic

Are Bean Bags Toxic? – Everything You Need To Know

Since bean bags became famous in the 1960s and 1970s, they have been the subject of much debate. Much of which is regarding the health and safety of those who…

are beanbags carcinogenic

How Do I Know if Bean Bag Filling is Carcinogenic?

Bean bags and bean bag chairs have been medically proven to be ergonomically superior to most other types of furniture. The average person can avoid or relieve several health problems…

remove mould from outdoor furniture

How to Remove Mould from Fabric

Just as on bathroom caulk, mould can grow on fabrics. Moreover, it can appear on practically any material when it gets damp or lacks ventilation. You can find it on…