Complement Bean Bag Chairs: 10 Other Ways to Give Your Office Decor a Startup Feel

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For some, workplace anxiety is almost too much to bear. Going to sleep and fearing to return to work the next day is one of the worst feelings to encounter. Maybe it’s a stress-inducing boss, an enormous workload, or just an uncomfortable office space. Whatever it is, no one deserves it. One of the best ways to reduce stress in the workplace and increase morale is updating your office decor and giving it a startup feel. It’ll leave people feeling more comfortable and excited to work in a fresh space. Trust us; updated decor goes beyond just a few new chairs.

Below are ten different ways you can change or update your office decor to give it a startup feel. If you keep reading and follow these easy ways, to fill your employees with gratitude.

1. Don’t Enforce Desks

Much of the time, forcing people to use desks can cause many to feel isolated and rigid. It separates people from working together, and the uncomfortable chairs that often create back issues.

When updating your office decor, provide options other than desks people may use if they wish. Providing more opportunities can include anything from large bean bags to community work tables. You can even offer standing desks for those who are tired of sitting.

Getting rid of some desks will encourage better workflow and increased collaboration. It’ll also allow people to relax, resulting in a more explicit mentality and productivity.

2. Embrace Natural Light

One of the quickest ways to kill someone’s mood is blocking off windows and turning on every artificial light. While dreary days do happen and result in less sun, embrace the sunlight all you can.

Natural light can affect emotions and work productivity. The warm sun and light leave people feeling more joyful and eager to get to work. No one enjoys being cold and dull.

To encourage people to sit by the windows, arrange some office bean bag chairs and rugs beside large windows, creating a space for people to work on their laptop or a site for quick moments of relaxation throughout the day.

3. Go Green

A sure thing to include in fresh office design are tons of plants! Plants instantly boost moods and place a smile on people’s faces. Plus, they come in all sorts of varieties to help the office go green.

People can purchase small plants or succulents for their desk. Plants provide plenty of oxygen, so you’re coworkers and employees will be breathing easy.

On communal tables and working nooks by windows, place some larger potted plants around. Plants give the office a more relaxed feeling. You can even hang ferns in the corners around the room.

4. Promote Organization

An efficient organisational system keeps the office free of clutter and mess. Messy desks and office spaces can cloud thinking and increase anxiety. Organising the office space can seem daunting, but it’s easy!

Place large cube shelving units around the office for files, books, and other office-related materials. Using neutral colours such as soft greys and whites keep things looking fresh. Individuals can even use storage bins in their personal space.

If you live in a colder climate and people often use business coats, set up rolling clothing racks by all entrances with provided hangers. Encourage everyone to hang up their jacket before they get to work. Simple things like this make a big difference.

5. Choose Your Colors Wisely

Little things such as colours can profoundly affect your workplace. All walls and office decor should have a consistent colour theme that fits your space and needs.

If you are a sleek, modern technology company, try keeping things slick with black and white. You can include marble accents and pops of colours with green plants. Aesthetic matters in the workplace.

If you are somewhere with lots of hustle, bustle, and bursting energy, try lots of bright colours. You can paint the walls a cool mustard yellow and decorate with red bean bag chairs or abstract paintings.

People will start snoozing if the office is just a dull mix of murky greys and clouded off-whites. Add some excitement to the room with a fresh colour palette.

6. Always Celebrate

Improve office decor and office morale with celebration black chalkboards. They add a new look to the walls and allow for regular updates.

If someone hits their goal, makes a big sale, or does something special, have them write what they did on the board. Doing this gives them a sense of pride, increases community, and pushes people to try harder.

To take it a step further, set up weekly meetings around this board with some comfy bean bag lounges. Go over the victories and write some goals for the future. It’ll get everyone pumped and ready to go.

You can also use these chalkboards to write essential dates for meetings.

7. Allow Downtime

A huge cause of poor work quality is burnout. By cramming people at desks and forcing them to work 8 hours straight, you’re encouraging people to grow weary. Stop this by creating unique spaces for downtime.

Set up several tables in the corner of a room with bins on them. In these bins, you can include puzzles, clay, building blocks, or other small toys. Employees can take short breaks to express their creativity.

You can even set up pool tables, table tennis, or space for people to play basketball. With this, you’ll have to monitor time people spend with these activities, but they do bring plenty of benefits to your employees!

8. Let’s Party

There’s no denying the fact people love Fridays. People love an excuse to let go a little bit and savour their accomplishments from the week. Create a Friday party space for your office and start printing the invitations.

In a side room, place a bar with materials for cocktails. An hour before everything shuts down for the weekend, host a cocktail hour and order some pizzas. Encourage everyone to mingle with each other.

Happy Hours boost overall happiness, encourage relaxation, and build community. A business doesn’t always have to be pure business. It’s okay to party together sometimes.

Are you worried about supplies and drinks? Take turns with people bringing in their favourite beverages or allow each person to keep a personal bottle in the fridge. You can even take turns bartending the celebrations.

9. Encourage Collaboration

A great way to improve office decor is letting your employees help you enhance office decor. Set up a meeting to introduce the office makeover and ask for some ideas. You could be surprised at what people are desiring.

To make it a little more fun, create teams and have them come up with plans on how to decorate specified areas of the office. Ask them to incorporate things like sofas, tables, play areas, and eating areas.

Once everyone has come up with a game plan, have every team present their ideas. You can discuss their ideas or even vote on who had the best intentions.

If your employees have personal areas in the office, host a decorating contest. Give them a week or so to give their space a makeover. Give extra points for things like artwork, plants, and organisational units.

On Friday, have everyone tour each other’s spaces and vote. Maybe they’ll even get some fun ideas for their areas as well.

10. Open It Up

A sure way to spice up office design is to open up space. Open spaces allow people to build community and helps with easy-breathing. No one likes feeling suffocated as they work.

Sometimes opening up the office can be as extreme as knocking down a few walls. By getting rid of some walls, you’re creating a better overall flow to the room.

If you can’t knock any walls down, try creating spaces with communal tables while leaving large pathways. Squeezing through a workplace can be uncomfortable and create tension during busy days.

A quick way to make the room seem bigger is lightening things up a bit. Buy more white tables and brighter chairs. Let the sunshine pour in and allow the place to fill with energy.

You can even take out the gross carpet and replace it with hardwood. The sleek flooring will make the room seem all the grander.

Step Up the Office Decor Game

There are so many things you can do to improve office decor and design. It doesn’t have to be expensive or an individual effort. Sit down with your team and discuss what everyone would like to see in the office.

It can be as simple as buying large, comfy bean bag chairs or adding a few plants around the room. If you want to take a more extreme approach, knock down a few walls and replace the flooring.

If you want to kickstart your new office decor plan, look into buying a bean bag, and check out the rest of our site. Your office will be working in relaxation and style.

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