How to Create the Perfect Chill Out Lounge

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If you travel frequently, you may have noticed a new trend in upscale leisure. Chill out lounges are popping up everywhere; they’re becoming ideal additions to beach bars throughout Asia, and they’re making appearances at luxury resorts in places like Mexico and The Bahamas.

The concept is simple; attached to the establishment’s primary structure is an area designed for rest. This area is where guests can sit, talk and enjoy an escape from the high energy of crowded bars and dance floors.

Chill-out lounges are ideal for nightclubs, restaurants, symposiums, concerts and dance parties. They’re also great for outdoor festivals and sports events.

Chill-out areas can be indoors or outdoors. They can reflect a variety of themes, but the one thing they all have in common is their comfort.

Instead of offering traditional tables and chairs, which are not particularly comfortable when your body and mind are exhausted, the chill-out lounge contains soft, luxurious furniture like our bean bag lounge chairs.

Their airy, adaptable filling helps tired dancers, overwhelmed introverts, and worn-out spectators recuperate.

Besides seating, a chill-out area needs other elements to help it deliver its peaceful message. If your business or organisation is planning an event where participants would benefit from a relaxing reprieve, here are some tips to help you design the perfect chill-out space.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Indoor Chill-Out Lounge

  • Your chill-out lounge should be situated away from the main attraction; guests seeking rest will want to escape the noise and activity. If you can’t separate the chill-out space from other parts of the environment, create a partition with screens or curtains.
  • Choose a paint colour that represents the mood you’re trying to create. For a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere, try soft blues and greens or monochrome tones.
  • Decorate with mysterious objects to encourage conversation.
  • Add a small fountain or install decorative mood lighting to create a calming atmosphere.
  • Be sure to include a few tables where guests can place their refreshments and belongings. If the area is quiet enough and provides adequate light, you can offer reading materials such as magazines, promotional flyers or guide books.
  • If possible, install a separate speaker system, and play relaxing music. Clubs and high-energy venues may want to stick to mid-tempo electronic music, while restaurants and quieter spaces prefer to play classical or soft jazz.
  • If your guests are spending more than an hour in the space, make electrical outlets accessible so that they can charge or use their laptops, tablets, and phones.
  • Most importantly, provide comfortable seating.

Great Outdoor Chill-Out Lounge Tips

  • Outdoor lounges need to include protection from the elements. Tents, canopies, gazebos, umbrellas or awnings provide shade and keep guests dry.
  • Events held during warmer months need a chill-out area where guests can cool off. Overhead fans, oscillating pedestal fans or misting systems can help.
  • It is especially important to provide access to water at outdoor events, so guests don’t become dehydrated. The chill-out lounge is a perfect place to store bottled water or other beverages.
  • Be sure that your furniture is both comfortable and water-resistant. With proper care, our outdoor bean bag products will endure moisture exposure.

Choose the Right Bean Bag Chairs

Quality bean bag lounges, such as our Big Boppa and Freaky Cousin, are ideal for chill-out areas. They have no solid arms or edges to irritate, and by merely adjusting the filling, users can enjoy personalised comfort.

Our lounges, such as the Malibu Day Bed and Costa Day Bed, let tired guests rest their feet or lie back with a great book. If your event encourages cuddling, or your guests have kids, our large bean bags can provide room for two or more. Think about creating an exclusive kids club area.

Choosing the right size is essential. Giant bean bags add colour and character to brighten up spacious areas. A smaller bean bag lounge is better suited to tents, marquis or rooms. The wide variety of available materials, styles and colours allow you to tailor the lounge area to your decorating tastes or event themes.

If you want to promote your brand, we can customise your lounge chairs with the logo, text or image of your choice. Bean bags offer the ultimate in comfort. They’re not expensive, and they’re made to endure heavy use with little maintenance. Because they are lightweight, you can relocate them quickly and easily. With a bit of help from our fur┬ábean bags, you can create a comfy and convenient chill-out space just about anywhere.

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