Soothing the Achy Joints of the Golden Years: The Benefits of a Dog Bed for Senior Pets

17 June 2019

senior dog beds

Is your pet pooch getting older and needing more care? You should start giving your furry favourite a new and more supportive dog bed that will help him rest better. Yet, with so many kinds to choose from, it can be a little disconcerting. In this article, we discuss the best dog bed for senior dogs. Did you know that Australia has one of the highest household rates of pet ownership in the world? Out of the 9.2 million households, around 5.7 million households own a pet. That’s a whopping 62% of the households in the country. Below, we’ll discuss why and how dog beds will benefit your pet as well as how best to get one for them.

1. Dog Beds Are Good for Your Pet’s Health

Sleeping on the floor or any hard surface can damage your pet’s health. Older dogs have a harder time sleeping on floors because of their joint problems. If your dog has aching joints, orthopaedic dog beds can help a ton in easing the pain. Larger dog breeds have a higher risk of suffering from arthritis when they get older. Long dogs like Dachshunds are also at risk. A bed for your dog can support them better and keep pressure off their joints. Find the best dog beds for dogs with arthritis. Doughnut dog beds and bean bags make great pet beds. You can also choose to get a pillow bed for supreme cushioning and lounging. There are many kinds to pick from that you can match your dog’s personality and preferences.

2. Keep Them Warm

The floor is not only a hard surface but often a cold one too. Your dog needs a warm and safe place to sleep to help with the discomfort of ageing joints. It’s the same with buying cat beds or small dog beds. After all, dogs don’t react well to variations in the temperature. That is why there are some beds that have temperature-controlling properties. In contrast, when good old Bluey needs cooling, a cooling bed would do him good.

3. Provide Cushioning and Prevent Injury

Have you noticed callouses on your dog’s elbows, hips, or other body areas? Have you seen fluid-filled capsules under the skin of your dog? In time, these hygromas can get infected and cause pain to your pet. Lying on hard surfaces is a common reason for callouses and hygromas. Although, these conditions are more often unappealing and not always painful. In time and when they get infected, they can be. Also included in the common health problems for senior pets is osteoarthritis. It causes joint problems like pain and stiffness. Good cushioning will help avoid these conditions.

4. Give Pets Their Own Space

If you’ve got your own private room, your dog needs its own space too. It’s normal for dogs to sleep for 12 hours daily. Thus, they need a comfortable and safe space where they can rest without disturbances. Giving your dog its own private space will let you enjoy your own private space. Large dog beds make a great space for them. They can access it with ease for whenever they want to curl up and nap. If you have a home with more than one floor, get as many dog beds for your pet. This way, they can establish a favourite sleeping spot on each floor. Older dogs won’t have to climb up or down a flight of stairs and risk injury.

5. Your Furniture Lasts Longer

Whether it’s an older dog you adopted or otherwise, a dog bed will save your furniture. It will keep the pet dander and hair off your furniture. Not only that, they don’t get to drool on your couch or bed. If your pet’s bed need washing, at last, it’s easy to wash it. All you need to do is to pull out the liners and throw them in the washing machine. Many dog beds don’t need hand-washing anymore. If you got a bean bag dog bed for your canine friend, it might run out of beans. That’s normal with extended use. There are many solutions to refill bean bags, depending on the type of bean bag filler the pet bed needs. Other than that, finding your chihuahua a small dog bed looks pretty spiffy. Some only want to give their pooches fashionable items and accessories. After all, it’s a pet owner’s guilty pleasure to spoil his or her pets.

6. Dog Beds Are Cleaner Than the Floor

No matter how much you sweep, mop, and vacuum your floor, you won’t take a nap on it. Most especially not if you bring your shoes in the house. Knowing how dirty the floor is, will you let your furry best friend sleep on it? As we stated above, dogs sleep 12 hours a day. When they nap in the day time, where would you often find them? Your pet might like napping on the kitchen floor, the patio, or the garden. Knowing where they’ve been resting in the daytime, will you still allow them into your bed at night? Having a dog bed will lessen the risk of moving dirt and bacteria. It will also help keep your furry companion clean. The great thing about dog beds is they often have removable liners to make cleaning easy.

7. Getting the right Bed

The best dog bed for senior dogs is a great investment for your favourite companion. In fact, the average household could spend $1,475 yearly for an average dog. Some might spend more when spoiling their beloved pooches. There are many types and sizes of dog beds out there and you can’t get one that suits your fancy. As this is an item for your pet, you must consider his needs and sleeping style. To do this, you should watch how your dog sleeps. Does it stretch out or does it tuck in? Does it seem cold or hot when it sleeps? When awake, also consider if your dog prone to chewing.

Measuring Your Dog

Measure your dog while it’s sleeping so you get a sense of how large or small your dog bed needs to be. Take a tape measure and measure it from the tip of the nose to the tail. Next, measure your dog’s widest point from shoulder to shoulder. Also, consider the age of your dog. If it’s yet to grow, you may need a larger dog bed for it. Older dogs with joint issues tend to stretch out when they’re sleeping. After you measure your dog, add half a foot to a foot’s worth of space for added comfort. If you’re getting a bolster pillow, order one in a size larger. When in doubt, always buy a bigger bed.

Choosing the Material

Consider the material depending on odour and allergy issues, incontinence, and how often you have time to wash the dog bed. Also, consider the temperature of the material. Does it help in cooling down or heating up? For older and incontinent pets, waterproof beds are the best choice. If your pet is sensitive, get one with a hypoallergenic cover. Different fillings also work with different dogs. If the issue is the odour, beds filled with cedar will help. They don’t only repel odours but also transfer a pleasing scent to your dog. In the mornings, it will smell better than it did the night before. Memory foam is great for pets with orthopaedic problems. It helps give them extra support where needed and keeps from overheating. Quality beds with memory foam also hold up better over time and with use.

Types of Dog Beds

Your dog may have a preference for how it likes to sleep. Let your dogs sleeping habits influence your decision on buying a type of dog bed. As we stated above, observing how your pet sleeps is the key. A pillow style type is perfect for all dogs. It works with any space and in any shape. It’s a basic open dog bed design that’s great for large dogs. If your dog needs comfort and security, get the best dog bed for senior dogs with a doughnut shape. Small dogs tend to walk in circles and then curl up. These are great for them as well as puppies. A dog bed with a bolster is the perfect choice for learners. They look like mini sofas and provide support for your dog’s head. The raised back adds a sense of security for dogs that startle when approached from behind.

Let Your Dog Get Better Sleep

Don’t let your pet sleep on the floor for the same reason you wouldn’t. Bluey needs a little bit more than a mat on the floor to rest well. The best dog bed for senior dogs are always excellent investments and you’d never go wrong with this guide. Check out our other posts for a wide array of bean bag chairs for your home or office. They come in denim, cotton, polyester, and more. Do you like to chill with your pet at home? Get your own matching bean bag chair for gaming or work. Don’t get left behind by the bean bag culture in offices, homes, and hotels.

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