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Even dogs love our bean bags. Our range of dog beds are suitable for indoors and outdoors and will ensure your pet has a good night’s sleep.

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Are Bean Bags Good for Dogs?

Bean bags are fun and exciting when used for games or as furniture. They are comfortable to sit on, and they make superb beds. What is great about bean bag…

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How Do I Get My Dog to Sleep in His Own Bed?

Dogs are social animals, and there is no doubt that yours wants to spend as much time with you as possible. Being with your dog is often nice, but it…

bean bag dog beds

Is it Normal for My Dogs to Scratch Their Beds?

Your new puppy has captured your heart. You’ve invested time and money into your new pet, and that includes spending hours shopping for the best dog beds on the market….

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What Dog Beds Are Best for My Dog?

While it may seem that dogs can simply lie down and sleep wherever and whenever they feel like it, the truth of the matter is that most dogs are very…

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What are the Top Three Uses For A Giant Bean Bag?

One of the best things about giant bean bag furniture is that you can use it in many creative ways that family members will love. This versatility makes it a…

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How To Pamper Your Pooch With Dog Bean Bags!

Every dog deserves a great place to sleep, which is why we offer a special line of bean bags just for your pet! Our pet beds are perfect for any…