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When it comes to fabrics there are virtually endless choices. There are man made fibres such as Acrylic, Nylon and Polyester. And there are natural fibres like cotton that is used in canvas, denim and suede. Our blog features articles that discuss various aspects of fabrics, including how to care for them and which fabrics are more suitable for indoor and outdoor bean bag furniture.

cotton vs polyester

What’s the Difference Between Cotton and Polyester for My Bean Bag Chair?

There are so many decisions to make when looking for your new bean bag chair, and the most important one is which material to choose. Cotton and polyester are two…
learning about fabrics

Everything You Need to Know About Fabric Specifications

Whether you’re choosing fabric for a new sofa or you’re producing a stunning cushion, understanding more about fabric specifications will help your creations last longer. From the way your patterns…
pool bean bags

How Does Chlorine Affect Fabric?

Bean Bags R Us is dedicated to manufacturing only bean bags of the highest quality, but while the company has models explicitly made for swimming pools, they will eventually be…
how to clean microsuede

Everything you need to know about Cleaning Microsuede Furniture

Although nylon and polyester bean bags are the most popular types, many people are now saying that the comfort and feel of a Microsuede bean bag chair make it incomparable…
nylon vs polyester

What Is the Difference Between Nylon and Polyester?

When choosing which outdoor bean bag chairs are best, one of the most common questions concerns the difference between bean bags made out of nylon and those manufactured from polyester….