Feeling Exhausted? Why a Giant Bean Bag Chair Is All You Need

giant bean bag chair

Take a moment and imagine this scene: You’ve just walked in your front door after an impossibly long day at work. You’re tired and stressed, and you want this day to be over. You toss your keys on the table. Then you kick off your shoes and flop down in a giant bean bag chair that is waiting to embrace you.

Snuggling into a huge chair made of foam and dreamscapes is the best way to take a load off after a long, exhausting day. Wait, you say you don’t have a bean bag chair?

Read on to learn why these cuddly furniture pieces are everything that is missing from your life.

Beanbags Form to Fit You

One of the best things about flopping down in a giant bean bag chair is feeling it squish around you. Creating your custom indent on a piece of furniture is the best, and bean bag chairs are just for that. But it turns out they can have some legitimate health benefits, too.

Because bean bag chairs flex to fit you, they can help relieve back and neck strain. Sitting down on a couch may not feel like it’s causing stress. But those furniture pieces force your body to conform to their shape. Bean bag chairs form to you, giving you support while allowing your body to be as it is. We also have some cute dorm ideas!

They Can Double as a Bed

After a long day, sometimes all you want to do is sit down and never get up again. We’ve all had days where we walk in the door, flop down on the first horizontal surface we see, and don’t move until morning. What if you could have a furniture piece that would let you do this without having horrific spasms in your neck the next morning?

Bean bag chairs have got your back. The giant ones are big enough to curl up on to sleep if you’re too comfy to walk to your bedroom. Make sure you stash a few blankets nearby, and you will be off to dreamland in no time on your new bean bag bed.

More Flexibility

If you’re someone who likes changing things up and keeping options open, bean bags are a great choice in furniture. With a couch or an armchair, there are only so many spaces you can put it in a house without crowding.

Because giant bean bag chairs only weigh two kilograms or so (as opposed to couches, which weigh about 40 kilograms), they’re very easy to move. You can shift them around to suit your fancy, or to get the best arrangement for houseguests. Even relocate it to a different room if you want.

You Can Change Their Colour

Location isn’t the only thing that’s flexible with bean bag chairs. We’ve all looked at our furniture from time to time and wish we could change its colour with a snap of our fingers. Well, it’s not quite that easy with bean bag chairs, but it’s not far off.

Most bean bag chairs come with removable covers, making them easy to wash, but it also makes it easy to swap out a different colour when you’re feeling bored with the current one. Get a few in seasonal colours or shades that match your decorating scheme. Swap them out when you need new energy.

More Economic

There’s a reason it isn’t uncommon to find bean bag chairs adorning college dorm rooms. Buying furniture is expensive. If you’re in a small or temporary living space, you don’t want to invest in a full furniture set. But, you also don’t want to ask all your guests to sit on the floor until you save up the needed money.

Bean bag chairs are way more affordable than traditional furniture. A low-end couch is going to run you around $700, and that’s just for a loveseat. But you can get hands-on a bean bag chair for less than $100. So for the same price, you could have seven of your coolest friends hanging out in bean bag chairs enjoying the most fantastic pizza party ever.

They’re Great for Having Friends Over

On the subject of having friends over, how many times have you found yourself in this scenario? You’ve invited over some friends, and a few of them want to stay the night. But you only have the one couch, which means someone is going to have to pull up a soft patch of floor to sleep.

Bean bag chairs are here to solve all your problems. Not only do they make for great, versatile seating arrangements, they can also keep everyone comfy after dark.

As we mentioned, they’re great to sleep on, so the days of building your friend a blanket pallet are over.

They Bring Out Your Inner Kid

One of the best ways to find new energy and enthusiasm after a long day is to tap into your inner kid. If you don’t believe us, next time you have a bad day, pull out a colouring book when you get home and let us know how you feel after a little time colouring.

Bean bag chairs are the furniture equivalent of spending a few hours colouring.

Something about sitting in a bean bag chair is guaranteed to bring out your inner kid. You’ll find yourself feeling a lot more carefree sitting in a bean bag chair than in some stuffy armchair. Bonus points if you spend your colouring time in your giant bean bag chair!

Get Your Own Giant Bean Bag Chair

At this point, we’re assuming you’re either reading this article from the depths of a bean bag chair or opening a new tab to figure out how to get one. Giant bean bag chairs are the best cure for a long day, hands (and bums) down.

The best news yet is you don’t even have to open a new tab to order one. Just click over to our giant bean bag chairs for sale section to find the perfect chair for you. Sink into your comfy new dream life today!

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