How To Fill A Bean Bag The Easy Way

If you look around any kids room or college dorm, you are bound to find at least one bean bag in them. These comfortable and soft chairs are a must have because they are portable and come in a variety of sizes and fun colors.

These chairs are typically low maintenance, but they do require a little basic set up before they can be used. This set-up is very simple but needs to be done carefully to make sure that the chair is filled correctly.

Determine The Amount Of Filling Necessary

The amount of filling is one of the most important things to consider when filling bean bags. Too much filling and the chair will be rigid, or may even pop from the pressure. Too little filling and it will be too soft or uncomfortable.

In most cases, the bag size will come with a label or documentation listing exactly how much filling is needed. This documentation may display a weight, or a volume, depending on who made it.

Once you determine the amount, you will need, plan to order at least that amount, if not a little extra. The additional amount can be used as a backup in case some spills, or if more is needed for better comfort.

Start Filling The Chair

Those who are curious about how to fill a bean bag often wonder what the best fill method is. The amount of filling required varies for many people, but there are a few simple tricks that can be used on any size chair.

The first trick is to get a friend to help. Have the friend or family member hold the bag so that the opening is easy to access and only start pouring the filling in until it reaches the right capacity.

how to fill a beanbagHaving someone hold the bean bag cover can also make it easier to distribute the filler material around so that it does not stick near the opening. Having an extra person can sometimes make it much faster to fill.

Another option is to position the opening between two chairs or against a stable surface so that it does not tip over while being filled. One tip with this is to shake the bean bag so that the filling is distributed evenly.

Some may find that a funnel can also make it a little less messy to fill. A funnel can be a big time saver because the filling can sometimes end up spilling onto the floor as it misses the opening.

If a funnel is not available, one can quickly be made by rolling up a sheet of paper and inserting it into the opening. One thing to keep in mind with using paper is it is not as sturdy, so be careful when pouring the filling!

As you pour the filler into the bean bag, continue to shake the fill so that it spreads around; this will make it easier to know if it needs more added to it. If it does, continue adding beans until the capacity is nearly reached.

Test It Out To Determine If It Is Ready

When the bean bag is nearly full, carefully close it according to the directions and place it on the floor, giving it a good shake to settle the material inside of it.

Start putting a small amount of weight on it, such as resting the leg or arm on it to make sure that no beans fall out. If it appears secure, continue adding more weight until it is supporting the entire body.

The reason it is so important to do this slowly is because a sudden shift may cause the beans to spill out onto the floor and across the room if it was not sealed properly.

Once you are sitting on the chair, test it out by moving around to determine if it has been filled enough. If it has any weak spots where it sinks through too much, consider adding a small amount of filling.

If the seat is too firm and has no give to it, try removing some of the fillings until the perfect level of comfort is reached.  Achieving the desired filling level often involves a bit of trial and error as everyone has a different comfort level.

After following this guide on how to fill a bean bag you will be able to find the perfect comfort level for your new furniture and start relaxing in style in no time!

Posted by Debra DeBoer  - CEO of Bean Bags R Us Australia.

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