Where You Can Find Cheap Bean Bag Chairs For Adults In Minutes

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If you went to college in the past several decades, there’s a good chance you’ve spent a good amount of that time nestled into a bean bag chair. And let’s be honest: you probably loved every minute of it. You probably have even found yourself wishing it was acceptable to adults to have bean bags in their living room.

Well, the good news is comfy bean bags do exist! Bean bag chairs are no longer banished to dark, smelly dorm rooms. They can be stylish, chic adult furniture too!

In fact, bean bag chairs are making a come-back for several reasons among adults, and there are tons of styles available to suit your home or outdoor space!

Now that we’re justifying the bean bag to have its’ rightful place in our adult homes, where does one shop for a bean bag that won’t break the bank? There are some seriously expensive bean bags out there that will put you out hundreds of dollars, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Bean bag chairs should be fun, cheap, and easily enjoyed by everyone!

Here are some great cheap bean bag chairs for adults and ideas on how/where to use them.

How To Utilize Cheap Bean Bag Chairs For Adults

Bean bags have long held a reputation for kid’s accessories or popular teenage veg-out spots. Every adult has secretly wished they could own one at some point. I  mean, who doesn’t want a giant fluffy pillow to land in after a long day?

Bean bag chairs are unique in their ability to provide support and comfort to any body shape, in any position.

Not only are bean bags fun and novel, but they can also even help improve your posture and stave off back pain! Your furry friends can get in on the fun too, with customised pet bean bag chairs.

Bean bags are so popular that they date back to the 1960s during the Italian Modernism movement.

Many historians assert, however, that bean bags are even older than that, with some forms of the bean bag chair dating back to ancient Egypt, 4000 years ago.  These prototype bean bag chairs were likely made of leather and filled with beans or other grains. Humans have been infatuated with these giant stuffed pillows for thousands of years.

Today, bean bags have been modernised to be made of durable, washable material and filled with polystyrene plastic beads. The covers are removable for easy washing and have inner and outer barriers for ease of use.

One of the significant reasons bean bags have enjoyed unabated success and resurgence over the years is their affordability and approachability. There’s nothing elitist about a bean bag chair, and they cost a fraction of what most furniture costs.

They are highly moveable and great for younger renters and homeowners that enjoy a frequent re-arranging. So what are your options?

Giant, Oversized Bean Bag Chairs

When it comes to bean bag chairs, the bigger, the better. Not only does this feel more like you can jump into a pile of comfort, but you can also have multiple people snuggle up at the same time.

These are great for social gatherings or communal households where the whole family can partake. These are the bean bag equivalents to couches, and they’re seriously comfortable.

Becoming a favourite item in homes is the bean bag day bed! This huge bean bag is rectangular and acts as a highly versatile day bed for guest rooms or outdoor lounge areas. You’ll never want to look at a blow-up air mattress again!

Bean Bag Chairs With Extra Support

If you’re a fan of the texture of a bean bag chair but not into the shapeless blob aspect, go for a bean bag chair with a little more shape to it.

These types of bean bag chairs are great for those needing a little extra support, as well as for eating or typing on the computer. These are especially excellent bean bag chairs for adults, as they are a semi-hybrid between a bean bag and a traditional upholstered chair.

These bean bags won’t cause you to have to strain your neck while doing activities like reading or watching TV. You won’t fall out of this chair or struggle to find a comfy position.

Want even more versatility? Head outside!

Luxury Outdoor Bean Bags

Outdoor beanbags provide you with the option of lounging in style by the pool! They are made with extra durable and stain-resistant fabric to hold up to the elements and are highly transportable.

Outdoor beanbags often come with convenient handles to move and store your bean bag when it’s not in use.

With water-proof 1680D PU-coated polyester fabric and an inner and outer liner, outdoor bean bags will hold up to the great outdoors. You can feel confident that you can wash the outer liner whenever needed.

So, break out that sunblock and feel like your on vacation in your own backyard!

Faux Fur and Wool Bean Bags

If you want to go for something a bit more stylish and sophisticated, go with a faux fur or wool bean bag. These are also perfect for your cabin in the woods on a snowy night by the fire!

These bean bags not only add style, but they’re warmer and cosier for winter settings. A lambswool bean bag is an unbelievable soft and comfortable addition to your living space and will last decades.

If you’re on a budget, there are tons of faux fur options for a fraction of the price that still provide a sophisticated look and added warmth. It’s like you’re sitting on a cloud!

Break out the hot chocolate and a good book, because you aren’t going to want to leave your bean bag for quite a while.

Bean Bag Chairs For Your Pets

If your pet is commandeering your bean bag and feeling jealous of your new-found comfort, let them in on the fun!

Bean bag chairs are not just for people – there are tons of options for your furry friends too. From small to gigantic, every dog and cat has a bean bag made for them.

Made of premium cotton canvas lining, the pet bean bag bed is durable and stain-resistant. The high quality of 100% cotton canvas fabric used is UV-treated, antimicrobial treated, water-repellent, and stain-resistant.

Totally machine washable, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They’re lightweight enough that you can throw it into the car when you’re on the go!

Throw out that conventional dog bed and treat your canine or feline companion to a luxurious pet bean bag!

Take Your Bean bag in the pool!

Just when you thought you’ve reached the end of your bean bag possibilities, there’s the pool bean bag!

It’s like a blow-up pool float, only way better. Made of premium quality solution-dyed acrylic fabric, it’s completely water-tight and UV-protected. To add to that, it’s antimicrobial so you never have to worry about storing it away damp.

It’s fast-drying and easy to hang up after use. You’ll never want to look at a blow-up pool lounge ever again!

Why You Need A Bean Bag Chair

Bean bags are becoming highly versatile and stylish, and the notion that bean bags are only for kids and teens is changing. There are now tons of options for cheap bean bag chairs for adults.

They’re eco-friendly and transportable, meaning you can use one bean bag chair for multiple rooms in your home and for a variety of purposes. They’re a cost-effective and chic way to add style to your space on a budget. They don’t utilize wood that will be thrown out later.

They’re also great for your health! There’s evidence that bean bag chairs are good for your posture and easy on your joints. Being able to conform to your body, the bean bag chair provides a natural and relaxing place to lounge. Plus, the whole family will love it (in fact, you might want to plan on buying one for each person to prevent fighting over it!) and they can look natural in any space of any style.

With hundreds of style and shape options, there’s no reason that you won’t be able to find the perfect cheap bean bag for you, your home, or your pet.

Have more questions? Need help determining the right bean bag chair for you? Need more convincing? Contact us or visit our store and we’d be happy to help!

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