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marine bean bags

What is the Best Bean Bag for Marine Use?

If you own a party boat or luxury motor yacht or are planning to rent one for a special event, you’ll need to consider seating arrangements. Standard loungers and chairs…

childproof zipper

How To Open a Childproof Zipper

Have you recently purchased a bean bag and noticed that the zipper had no handle? While it may look like this is a product defect, the fact is that the…

giant dog bed

What are the Top Three Uses For A Giant Bean Bag?

One of the best things about giant bean bag furniture is that you can use it in many creative ways that family members will love. This versatility makes it a…

bean bag furniture

Are Bean Bag Couches Right For Your Home?

When people hear the term bean bag, they often think of the brightly coloured chairs commonly found in dorms or kids rooms but did you know they come in many…

designer beanbags

Make Any Room Look Fabulous With Designer Bean Bags!

You don’t need to spend a lot to make a room look stylish and fabulous. All it takes is a little creativity and a few designer pieces, and any space…

how to fill a beanbag

How To Fill A Bean Bag The Easy Way

If you look around any kids room or college dorm, you are bound to find at least one bean bag in them. These comfortable and soft chairs are a must…

Personalised Beanbags

How to Add Colour To Any Corporate Promotion!

Advertising is one of the best ways to promote your brand or company, which is why it is important to choose the best strategy for any upcoming promotion or campaign….

kids bean bags

Make The Next Sleepover More Fun With Childrens Bean Bags

Sleepovers are one of the best parts of being a kid – for most it’s as simple as inviting over a few friends, staying up late, and having a good…

media lounges on deck

How To Transform Your Patio With Bean Bag Furniture

The patio area is the perfect place for families to get together and have fun when the weather is nice. Almost every activity can be moved outdoors, whether it’s checking…