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pool bean bags

Does Chlorine-Proof Fabric Actually Exist?

We manufacture bean bags of the highest quality. Our company has models explicitly made for swimming pools. However, these may eventually be affected by prolonged exposure to chlorine. Soaking in…
beanbag filling

What Is the Best Filling for My Bean Bags?

Bean bags and bean bag furniture are not only comfortable and ergonomic but also fun, exciting and affordable. However, there is more to bean bags than the uniquely designed and…
recycle beanbag filling

Is Polystyrene Recyclable? – How to Recycle Bean Bag Filling

One of the perceived drawbacks to bean bags and bean bag furniture that is held by many modern-day consumers is that the polystyrene filling used for them is not recyclable….
bean bag dog beds

Is A Dog Bean Bag Good For My Dog?

Bean bags are fun and exciting when used for games or as furniture. They are comfortable to sit on, and they make excellent beds. What is unique about bean bag…
beanbags for outdoor cinemas

Did you See our BeanBags at the Gold Coast Film Festival Twilight Cinema?

If you are a film buff, you may have had a recent close encounter with one of our magical Merlin outdoor beanbags. The Gold Coast Film Festival recently purchased twenty…
air loungers

Are Air Loungers Modern-Day Death Traps?

They are cute, cheap and fun. Air loungers have become immensely popular Christmas gifts. But when used in water, they can be deadly. Through NSW Fair Trading, the Australian government…
branded beanbags melbourne

How JBL Made Melbourne Music Week More Comfortable

. Melbourne Music Week kicked off its annual week of music-related events on November 11. And this spectacular gala of sound and performance has, so far, not disappointed. This year,…
personalised bean bags

How to Find More Customers Using Corporate Bean Bags

If you own or manage a business, it’s impossible to underestimate the value of advertising; this is especially true if you have just started out or have only limited access…

What is Solution Dyed Acrylic & Why is it So Good?

The elements can take a considerable toll on outdoor fabrics. High temperatures, ultraviolet light exposure and moisture, can cause many materials to fade or even disintegrate. Upholstered patio furniture, awnings…

Where Can I Buy Bean Bag Filling in Australia?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is ‘Where can I purchase the bean bag filling?’ There are many options available to consumers in Australia. For the majority…
kids beanbags recalled

Mini Beanz Baby Bean Bags Recalled by ACCC

The most recent bean bag recall is particularly concerning as it involves a product designed specifically for newborn infants.
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Bean Bags R Us Launches Luxury Wool Collection

At Bean Bags R Us, we understand how quality products can enhance your life. Our line of top-quality polyester bean bags is superior to all of its peers on the…