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What colour bedroom is the most relaxing?

What Colour Bedroom is the Most Relaxing?

Comfort is, without a doubt, the leading priority for any bedroom space. Whether you’re decorating a bedroom for your tween, yourself, or anyone else, you’ll, therefore, look to add peace…

Is Polyester Fabric Waterproof?

Is Polyester Fabric Waterproof?

What kind of material do you want to see in your furniture? Of course, you want something to be cozy if you’re going to sit or lie down on it….

How to remove beans from a bean bag

How To Remove Beans From a Bean Bag

Since the 60s and 70s, bean bags with beans have made their way into our homes one way or another. Most commonly, these have been a must-have addition to our…

What's the difference between microsuede and microfibre?

What is the Difference Between Microsuede and Microfiber?

Bean bags are a fun, comfortable alternative to spare chairs, whether in the living room, kid’s bedrooms, or the media room. Bean bags are often covered in materials like Microsuede…

why do cats pee on bean bag chairs

Why Do Cats Pee On Bean Bag Chairs?

Have you ever wondered why your cat keeps on peeing on your bean bag? Maybe your cat is choosing to pee on your bed or even your couch. Either way,…

outdoor furniture cushions

How To Keep Cats Off Outdoor Furniture Cushions

The whole joy of outdoor furniture is to be able to sit down and relax while enjoying the warm sun. Can there be anything more enjoyable than going out with…

mildew vs mould

Mildew Vs Mould: What is the difference?

Bean bag chairs have been a staple piece of furniture in homes all over the world since the 1960s. Today they are more popular than ever before. You can find…

media room bean bags

Media Room Bean Bags – Which Bean Bag is Best For My Media Room?

A good media room deserves a great place for you to sit and relax in comfort. If you’re not able to sit down and relax in comfort, you won’t enjoy…

best bean bag chair for tweens

What is The Best Bean Bag Chair for Tweens

When you’re looking for a new chair for your tween son or daughter, you should definitely consider a bean bag chair. There’s a reason why they’re rising in popularity and…

are bean bags good for your back

Are Bean Bags Good For Your Back?

Everybody likes to sit in the most comfortable way possible. Very often, our posture will differ depending on where we sit and what we are doing. We instinctively move our…

kid playing with clothes dryer

Can You Put Bean Bags in the Dryer?

Bean bag chairs emerged from a niche item found in untidy student digs to one of the most popular and quirky additions to mainstream living room furniture. There are so…

how to dispose of a bean bag chair

How to Dispose of a Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs came into style during the 1960s and 1970s, but today, they are more popular than ever. These trendy pieces of furniture are available in stores and online….