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How Many Bags of Beans Do I Need to Fill a Bean Bag

How Many Bags of Beans Do I Need to Fill a Bean Bag?

Have you recently purchased a bean bag chair, only to discover there are no instructions? Or did you receive a flat-packed bean bag lounge as a birthday present? Many manufacturers…
cheap gaming chairs

Buyer’s Guide on Finding Cheap Gaming Chairs You’ll Love

Do you spend hours playing video games, whether for fun or as a career? If you do, then you may already understand the pain of sitting on an uncomfortable chair….
large bean bag chairs

Large Bean Bag Chairs Every Hardworking Adult Needs for Total Relaxation

A lot of people view Aussies as laid-back, chilled out people who pass their time on knocking back beers on the beach. But recent surveys show this couldn’t be further…
living room seating ideas

Living Room Seating Ideas: Brilliant Hacks to Add Extra Seating in a Small Space

So, you want to host your book club, but who wants to sit on the floor? Little can cause more embarrassment than realizing as people pour in that you have…
pool party ideas

16 Awesome Pool Party Ideas

Summer is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to get ready for some awesome backyard pool parties. With careful planning, some pool party ideas and the right…
sunniest place on earth

Where Is the Sunniest Place on Earth?

Billions of dollars of solar power investments could be driven by research into the world’s sunniest places. So, says a report on NASA’s analysis of satellite data. Wondering where the…
cleaning olefin fabric

Everything You Need to Know about Cleaning Olefin Fabric

Did you know that olefin fabric is resistant to stains, abrasions, and weathering? It gets better: olefin material is wholly protected against chemical, mildew, and sunlight exposure too. How can you…
what is olefin fabric

What is Olefin Fabric?

If you’re serious about your outdoor furniture, then you’ll be hot on the trail of this relatively new fabric. Today we ask the question, what is olefin fabric? When it…
is polystyrene safe

Is Polystyrene Safe and Environmentally Friendly?

Did you know that almost 120 million pounds of polystyrene were recycled in 2016 alone? Commonly known as Styrofoam, polystyrene is more sustainable than previously thought. Although it might be…
luxury dog beds

Top 10 Luxury Dog Beds for Your Dog’s Comfort

You wouldn’t let a beloved family member sleep on an uncomfortable, rigid bed, would you? So, why would the same suffice for your furriest and most loyal companion? When it…
what is an ottoman

Considering a New Ottoman? Try the Bean Bag Version

Households in Australia are growing from 8,196.6 thousand in 2017 to 9,160.3 thousand by the year 2020. And it’s the residential sector generating most of the demand for furniture products…
swimming pool loungers

Top 10 Best Swimming Pool Loungers. One’s a Bean Bag!

Are you thinking about investing in some fun summer toys for the pool? Swimming pool loungers provide the ultimate in fun and reclining comfort for the entire family. Whether you…