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best bean bag gaming chair

Nintendo Switch This: 2019’s Best Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming

If you are serious about your gaming then you need to get serious about your posture. Whether you are going trophy and achievement hunting, streaming the hottest new games on…
giant bean bag cover

Comfy Sack Certified: 13 of the Best Bean Bag Covers

Architecture Art Design once said that bean bags were “iconic furnishings.”  Of course, they are What’s not to love about these diverse pieces of furniture? They look great in pretty…
best pool floats

Lounge and Float: The Bean Bag as One of the Top 10 Best Pool Floats

One of the best ways to relax is lounging on a pool float under the warm sun with a cool drink in your hand. The key to all of this,…
bean bag chairs for adults

Economics and Leisure: Top 10 Best Bean Bag Chairs for Adults

Once upon a time, most people thought that bean bag chairs were only for kids. They were most often found in kids’ bedrooms to provide them with a place to…
bean bags australia

Paying Homage to the Iconic Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs are practically everywhere. You see them in living rooms and bedrooms. You also find them in offices in different shapes and sizes. In Australia, they are not…
video gaming bean bag chairs

Video Gaming 101: Ditch the Couch for a Bean Bag Chair

72% of the American population plays video games. Surprisingly, 42% of the gaming audience is female. With women 18 and older making more of the gaming audience than boys 17…
home office ergonomics

Home Office Ergonomics: Creating a Comfortable Healthy Work Space

Working from home can be a wonderful thing. Not only can you stay at home with the family, but you don’t have to endure that ugly commute either. But it’s…
dog beds

Soothing the Achy Joints of the Golden Years: The Benefits of a Dog Bed for Senior Pets

Is your pet pooch getting older and needing more care? You should start giving your furry favourite a new and more supportive dog bed that will help him rest better….
best bean bag chairs

The Best Bean Bag Chairs That Kids Are Raving About

If you have kids, you know they are powerful. So much so that advertisers worldwide will spend 4.2 billion dollars on advertising to them in 2019. Whether its clothes, toys…
buying cheap bean bag chairs

Where You Can Find Cheap Bean Bag Chairs For Adults In Minutes

If you went to college in the past several decades, there’s a good chance you’ve spent a good amount of that time nestled into a bean bag chair. And let’s…
biggest bean bag chair

Why You Need the Biggest Bean Bag Chair on the Shelves Now

Do you feel stressed out more often than not? Stress is, unfortunately, something that is becoming far too common in Australia. According to a recent study, about 5 million people—or…
buy bean bags

6 Surprising Reasons Why More Students Are Starting to Buy Bean Bags

The beanbag was the result of Italian design. In 1968 the design company Zanotta backed this triumph of ergonomic design. The beanbag was a brave departure from traditional furniture design…