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luxury dog beds

How Do I Get My Dog to Sleep in His Own Bed?

Dogs are social animals, and there is no doubt that yours wants to spend as much time with you as possible. Being with your dog is often nice, but it…

bean bag safety hazards

Are BeanBags Safe or Are they a Fire Hazard?

A recent incident in the United Kingdom has brought attention to the fact that you can never be too careful when it comes to fire safety standards. Fires may start…

beanbag filling eco friendly

Is Bean Bag Filling Really Environmentally Friendly?

A question often asked about bean bags, is whether the filling is safe and eco-friendly. More and more people are concerned about how their purchases are affecting the environment, and…

Alexander Wang Sits on Bean Bag Chairs

Did you see Alexander Wang’s designer BeanBags?

Alexander Wang, the popular American fashion designer, has recently released his very first collection of furniture. And it includes an $8,800 black bean bag chair that looks sleek, stylish and…

furnishing small apartment

How to Furnish a Small Apartment On a Budget

Furnishing and decorating a small apartment presents several challenges. Let’s face it, the majority of furniture is for full-size homes. Locating attractive items that will fit within your apartment’s dimensions…

baby on a beanbag

So Why Did Comfort Research Recall 125,000 BeanBags?

Beanbags are fun, durable, comfortable and ergonomic. You can purchase a bean bag chair in a variety of colours, and it can use water-resistant materials for use near pools or…

bean bag safety

How and Why the ACCC Improves BeanBags Safety Standards?

After more than one year of deliberation, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has announced that a new mandatory safety standard for bean bags has been approved. The new…

giving safe gifts

Make Sure Your Christmas Gifts Are Safe!

The summer¬†holiday season is one of the most joyous times of the year. For most of us, it is filled with laughter, cheer, friends and family, and some of the…

bean bag dog beds

Is it Normal for My Dogs to Scratch Their Beds?

Your new puppy has captured your heart. You’ve invested time and money into your new pet, and that includes spending hours shopping for the best dog beds on the market….