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charcoal beanbag pool float

How To Relax In The Pool Without Getting Wet

Spending a day at the pool can be a fun and relaxing experience. But it typically means having to spend all day in the water, which can be rough on…

cool bean bag chairs outdoors

How to Counter the Harmful Effects of Long-Term Sitting

Bean bags are experiencing a worldwide renaissance. And they are more popular than ever before in the United States. But many people still believe this is simply due to nostalgia…

top 10 bean bag cinemas

Where Are The Top Ten Bean Bag Cinemas in the World?

Bean bag furniture is finally gaining a reputation for comfort and support that it deserves. The short-lived trend of the 1960s has returned, and this time, bean bags are here…

cleaning bean bags

How To Keep Your Outdoor Bean Bags Looking New

Once you discover the amazing comfort and aesthetic value of our stylish outdoor bean bags, you’ll want to keep them looking their best for life. Fortunately, because they are made…

bean bag chair inner liner

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Inner Liners?

When considering which type of beanbag to buy, you may be confronted with the option of purchasing a bean bag chair with an inner liner. An inner liner is usually…

Top uses for beanbags

The 10 Most Popular Uses for Bean Bags

When most people think of bean bags, they envision chairs for larger ones and tossing games. For smaller ones, but these items of simple design are incredibly versatile and have…

bean bag filling tips

How to Fill a Bean Bag in less than 5 Minutes

Filling your bean bag does not have to take hours, here we discuss how to fill a bean bag with a minimum amount of fuss and mess.  Filling a beanbag can…

make beanbag chair

How to Make Your Own Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs aren’t just for kids. They’re comfortable, lightweight and versatile furniture options. They can add character and style to any room, and they’re making a big comeback. If…

pool bean bags

Does Chlorine-Proof Fabric Actually Exist?

We manufacture bean bags of the highest quality. Our company has models explicitly made for swimming pools. However, these may eventually be affected by prolonged exposure to chlorine. Soaking in…

beanbag filling

What Is the Best Filling for My Bean Bags?

Bean bags and bean bag furniture are not only comfortable and ergonomic but also fun, exciting and affordable. However, there is more to bean bags than the uniquely designed and…

recycle beanbag filling

Is Polystyrene Recyclable? – How to Recycle Bean Bag Filling

One of the perceived drawbacks to bean bags and bean bag furniture that is held by many modern-day consumers is that the polystyrene filling used for them is not recyclable….

bean bag dog beds

Is A Dog Bean Bag Good For My Dog?

Bean bags are fun and exciting when used for games or as furniture. They are comfortable to sit on, and they make excellent beds. What is unique about bean bag…