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airbnb bean bags

How to Turn Your Instant Hotel into an Instant Resort

When the owner of a five-star rated Tasmanian Airbnb purchased the property in 2017, she never expected what would happen next! Three Beaches is close to Eggs and Bacon Bay…

dog bed

9 Tips for Buying a Top-Notch Dog Bed (Hint: Try a Bean Bag!)

Finding a top-notch dog bed can be challenging when you consider how many breeds and how many unique personalities are wrapped up in each one. After all, no two dogs…

office decor

Complement Bean Bag Chairs: 10 Other Ways to Give Your Office Decor a Startup Feel

For some, workplace anxiety is almost too much to bear. Going to sleep and fearing to return to work the next day is one of the worst feelings to encounter….

big bean bag chairs

Running Low on Beans? How to Refill Big Bean Bag Chairs

You love your bean bag chair so much that you sit in it every day. Big bean bag chairs are fantastic! They provide great seating for lots of situations. If…

denim bean bag chair

Casual Cool: Why You’ll Love a Denim Bean Bag Chair

Are you on the hunt for new seating options for your home or office? Want to find chairs that you can move around with ease? You might be surprised to…

bean bag office chairs

The Bean Bag Office Chair: How To Bring This Trend To Your Workplace

When it comes to succeeding in the corporate game, you are only as strong as your weakest link. But the truth is that around 61 per cent of entry-level employees bun out…

lounge room beanbags

Bean Bag Bliss: How to Craft a Wedding Lounge Area with Bean Bag Chairs

Do you want to give all the guests at your upcoming wedding somewhere to sit and relax when they’re not hitting up the dance floor or gathered around the buffet?…

resort beanbags

Impress Your Guests: 7 Amazing Ways to Use Bean Bag Chairs at Your Hotel or Resort

Bean bag chairs aren’t just for the kid’s rec room. They are more popular than ever before. Your hotel or resort is missing out if you don’t cash in on…

meditation tips

Meditating on Your Bean Bag Cushion: 9 Meditation Tips

Oohummmmmm Did you know the word Om has a different meaning to every person and culture? To some, it means the breath of the universe. Others believe the word and…

lambswool bean bag

Luxury Beans: Why You’ll Love a Lambswool Bean Bag Chair

If you have thousands of dollars worth of furniture sitting in your living room right now, the idea of plopping down a bean bag chair in the middle of all…

ergonomic tips

How to Work From a Bean Bag Chair: 7 Ergonomic Tips

Where were you in 1969? You might have been protesting a war.  You might have been celebrating equal pay for women. Maybe you weren’t even born. Most likely you weren’t…

beanbag safety tips

Safety First: 9 Bean Bag Chair Safety Tips to Follow

Believe it or not, bean bags can be hazardous if misused. Be sure to read these safety tips before using your new bean bag. Today’s bean bag chairs were the…