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Northland Shopping Centre's Quiet Room

Australian Shopping Centres Set Up Quiet Rooms

Bean bags have been found to be especially helpful to people with autism, especially children. Several scientific studies and personal observations have led to these comfortable and ergonomic pieces of…

gamers bar united kingdom

Teenager Establishes Gaming Bar With Bean Bags

A teenager in Doddington, a city in the U.K. located just east of London, recently announced that he will be opening a business where gamers can play and share ideas…

man drowning in popcorn

Where are Australia’s Top Ten Best BeanBag Cinemas?

Bean bags and bean bag furniture are no longer just for home. Businesses around the world are beginning to take advantage of the comfort and ergonomic support of bean bag…

bean bag heat packs

How to Make your own Bean Bag Heating Pads

When your back is throbbing from a long day of work, or cold weather is making your arthritic joints unbearably stiff, a touch of soothing heat can be just what…

snow white luxury fur bean bag

How to Create Cozy, Furry Comfort this Winter

In parts of Australia, winters can get frigid. When it’s freezing outside, nothing compares to snuggling up in front of an open fire. But imagine how much better that would…

nylon vs polyester

What Is the Difference Between Nylon and Polyester?

When choosing which outdoor bean bag chairs are best, one of the most common questions concerns the difference between bean bags made out of nylon and those manufactured from polyester….

rockwell beanbag cyclists helmet

How Can BeanBags Help to Reduce Bicycle Injuries?

Bicycle safety is a serious issue, but a new helmet designed in Germany by Rockwell Headgear for Cyclists can minimize or prevent injuries and reduce fatalities. Standard bicycle helmets have…

chill out lounge bean bags

How to Create the Perfect Chill-Out Lounge

If you travel frequently, you may have noticed a new trend in upscale leisure. Chill-out lounges are popping up everywhere; they’re becoming popular additions to beach bars throughout Asia, and…

Outdoor Bean Bags Perth

How to Keep Your Tenants Happy

When you invest in a rental property, one of the most effective ways to ensure that managing it does not become a laborious and time-consuming task, is to keep the…