How to Find Perfect Gifts for Lake House Owners

15 March 2023

gifts for lake house owners Summer is just around the corner, and your favorite lake house owners will be getting ready to enjoy the sun with their friends and families. Living in a lake house represents the ultimate in luxury, and it can be difficult to find unique gifts that suit the waterfront lifestyle. Bean bag chairs, lounges, and floats are perfect gifts for lake house owners who have everything. Here are a few great product recommendations that can help lakefront families enjoy the warmer weather in style.

Malibu Day Bed

The Malibu Day Bed is ideal for soaking up the sun beside the pool or on the deck. With its gentle curves and bold color, it adds character and finesse to any environment. Even the largest and tallest family members can lie back and relax, read or take a nap while enjoying full body support and cloud-like comfort of this bean bag bed. The lightweight lounge is easy to move and store, and it's available in a variety of colors to suit any decor. When summer is over, the lounge can be used indoors for watching television, studying or taking much-needed power naps. For a personal touch, have the lounge printed with the recipient's name, family coat of arms or company logo? If your gift is for a large family, be sure to buy more than one; people are likely to fight over who gets to use the Malibu Day Bed.

Portsea Striped Floating Bean Bags

Nothing is more relaxing than floating in a pool on a lazy summer day. If you have floating furniture, it's even better. Our huge Portsea Pool Bean Bags are must-have summer accessories. Made from tough marine canvas, the Portsea Striped is large but lightweight. It can be used in private or public pools, at the beach or anywhere that floating comfort is required. It can even be tied to a boat, making it the perfect bean bag for your boat. To keep the King Kong in top condition just set it upright or on its side after use so that it can drain thoroughly.

Costa Canvas Day Bed

When versatility is a priority, the Costa Day Bed is an ideal solution. The large bean bag can be used indoors or outdoors as a comfortable bed or chair. Its size can accommodate two adults or several children at once. Use it in the living room for reading or watching movies, or use it as a guest bed at slumber parties. Take it to sporting events, or bring it along to use as extra seating during hospital visits.

Snow White Faux Fur

For the indoor enthusiast, our Snow White Faux Fur bean bag offers thick, soft faux fur in a carefree, shaggy style to provide comfort and warmth after long days spent in the great outdoors. It's perfect for year-round use. In winter, its 4-inch fleecy pile provides cuddly warmth by the fireplace, but it's also cool and airy enough to provide pampering comfort in summer. The neutral white color is perfect for virtually any type of decor.

Cappuccino Faux Fur

Like our White Faux Fur chair, the elegant Cappuccino Faux Fur chair is a glamorous, indulgent experience in softness with a realistic look and feel. Perfect for warmer color palettes, the rich brown fur is an excellent choice for living rooms, dens, game rooms, offices and bedrooms. Although they look authentic, no animals were harmed in making our faux fur chairs.

Quality Beyond Compare

Our outdoor bean bag chairs and lounges are made to exacting standards with the highest quality fade- and water-resistant materials. With proper care, they provide years of reliable performance and consistent comfort. If they're accidentally left out in the rain or sun from time to time, no harm is done. Tough and resilient, our products can stand up to the elements, heavy use and even boisterous children and pets. If you spill food on our bean bags or they get dirty, cleanup is a breeze. Our indoor faux fur luxury bean bag chairs require only spot cleaning and gentle detangling if necessary.

Convenient Shipping and Filling

To keep prices low, all of our bean bag products are flat-packed when shipped. Filling our bean bags is easy and fast. The affordable filling is available in craft stores, online and in most major department stores such as Walmart, K-Mart, and Target. Bean bag furniture is one of the best gifts for lake house owners who take their comfort and leisure seriously. Order today, and help your friends get the most out of summer this year.  

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