How to Create Comfort This Winter With A Furry Bean Bag Chair

18 May 2014

snow white luxury fur bean bag In parts of Australia, winters can get frigid. When it's freezing outside, nothing compares to snuggling up in front of an open fire. But imagine how much better that would feel if the star of your living room furniture was a big, furry bean bag chair covered with a rich layer of warm, whisper-soft fur. If you've never experienced such indulgence, one of our faux fur bean bag chairs should be on your list of must-have home improvements for the coming winter. As luxury furniture ideas go, you can't buy anything more comfortable.

Perfect for a Ski Lodge Environment

Our bean bags are great for any home or business, but the faux fur selections are ideal for ski lodges. Nothing can better pamper tired, sore muscles like a bean bag. After a long, hard day on the slopes, the weightless comfort of bean bag filling cradles you in softness. Fur bean bags have no hard edges or arms to get in your way, and the filling can be adjusted so that you are positioned and supported exactly as you wish. Being able to congregate around the open fire at night is an important part of the ski lodge experience, and our plush faux fur bean bag chairs let everyone enjoy the winter bonding in perfect comfort. Measuring 120 centimetres in diameter, the chairs have plenty of room to allow you to immerse yourself totally in their blissful, fuzzy charm for hours.

Experience Winter Bliss in Our Snow White Furry Bean Bag Chair

Our white faux fur bean bag chair may seem like a giant, fluffy snowball from a distance, but the long, 80mm fur delivers serious warmth. It looks great with cooler colour schemes and blends in seamlessly with almost any type of interior decor. Place our comfy, casual chairs in random spots, or line them up around your lodge's fireplace to encourage social interaction. Kids and adults alike will love their adorable looks and laid-back style. There's no need to store them at the end of the season. Even though they keep you warm in winter, they're cool and airy enough to use year-round.

Indulge Your Senses with Our Cappuccino Faux Furry Bean Bag Chair

Our elegant cappuccino faux fur bean bag chair is ideal for spaces with warmer colours and natural themes. The gorgeous, rich brown fur looks and feels so real, you'll wonder if it is. But we promise that we will not harm any real or faux animals in the making of our products. Once you sit in our sumptuous cappuccino bean bag, you'll never look at a standard chair the same way again. You may even hand over your favourite recliner to your very baffled cat or dog.

Easy Maintenance and Care

Taking care of our faux fur chairs is easy. Keep them indoors, and brush or work through the pile gently if it becomes tangled or knotted. If they become soiled, the fur covers can be professionally dry-cleaned. Because they are lightweight, our chairs are easy to move and store when not in use. We ship our grey fur bean bags without filling to reduce your cost. You can buy the polyester bean bag filling at most craft stores and department stores such as K-Mart, Big W, and Target. You will need approximately 400 litres of filling for each chair. A separate mesh liner is included, so filling your bean bag is easy. You can open the childproof safety zipper with a paper clip as needed.

Our Furry Bean Bag Chair Quality Can't Be Beaten

At BeanBags R Us, we produce the highest quality bean bag furniture on the market. Our products are made from exceptionally durable materials designed to weather heavy use while maintaining consistent performance and comfort. Our intelligent design and attention to detail ensure that your bean bag chair will give you years of pleasure. Take a look at our new pink fur bean bags. The pink Marshmallow bean bags are part of our luxury fur range. All of which are available in three sizes, 104cm, 112cm and 120cm.

Don't Wait; Dive Into Softness Before Winter Hits

The ultimate in luxurious comfort seating is both practical and affordable. Bean bags are making a comeback, and ours are paving the way. We challenge you to find a better looking or better-feeling chair. When it comes to unique, cutting-edge furniture ideas, our fuzzy faux fur bean bag chairs deliver the goods. Order one or more for your living room, office, man-cave or ski lodge today. They make perfect gifts for families and individuals of all ages, and you'll receive free shipping when you order through our secure online store.

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