Are You Ready to Make a Splash? Discover the Best Pool Floats

14 March 2013

Portsea Premium Pool Bean Bag

Warm weather makes almost everyone want to grab some poolside chairs and relax! But have you ever floated on a pool bean bag chair? Many people ask the question, can you put a bean bag in the pool? The fresh water and warm sun are perfect for a relaxing and enjoyable day with friends and family. A day poolside means bringing the essentials - food, drinks, and pool floats for relaxing in the water. If the rafts are inflatable, that means dragging along a pump and spending extra time setting them up.

Say goodbye to inflatable furniture!

Anyone who has ever used inflatable pool accessories or furniture knows how long they can take to blow up! All that extra time you spend blowing up a float or raft is valuable time you could spend in the water instead! 

Another disadvantage of inflatable options is they need to be deflated after use and can be difficult to store without damaging them. 

For many, this means even more wasted time after a day at the beach or pool. If you want to spend more time in the water and less time fussing with floats, try one of our bean bag pool floats! These incredible pool floats only need to be filled once; they are always ready for use! Some people ask us, 'Do bean bags float'? 

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A size and shape for everyone

After many years of successful sales with our full-size Portsea pool bean bag, we introduced several other products to meet different individuals' requirements. Available in eighteen different colours, our range of bean bag pool floats is the biggest in the world.

We understand that only some have a resort-sized pool in their backyard. So we developed the Cabo Pool Float. It's ideal for kids and teenagers but also large enough for small adults. It's the perfect choice for smaller swimming pools. The pillow shape measures 135 x 105 x 25 centimetres when filled. The Cabo requires 200 litres of standard polystyrene bean bag filling. 

Next in the range is the Amalfi floating pool lounger. Suitable for those who prefer to sit upright, the headrest provides additional head and neck support. The Amalfi is ideal whether you're reading a book magazine or checking emails on your iPad. The Amalfi requires 400 litres of beanbag filling. When filled, it measures 120 x 90 x 60 centimetres. Loved by the ladies, it makes a tremendous poolside lounger out of the water. 

The Costa Pool lounger is twice the size of the Amalfi. Suitable for two people or more significant adults, the Costa Pool features a supportive backrest. The largest of our pool float range, the Costa Pool, measures 120 x 120 x 60 centimetres when filled. Requiring 600 litres of filling, the Costa Pool provides the highest level of buoyancy. It's the perfect choice for the most prominent member of the family. 

The Portsea Premium is the flagship of our pool bean bag range. Seen in the world's leading resorts, the Portsea is perfect for embroidering your company name or logo. The Portsea Premium features a removable inner liner for easy cleaning and filling. There is also a stainless steel eyelet to hang the product when not in use. We recommend 350 litres of filling; however, you can add or subtract filling to create the right comfort level. 

fun for the entire family

Our outdoor pool loungers are fun for the entire family. They are large enough for kids, pets, and even mum or dad to use them. Our most substantial bean bag pool float, the Portsea Pool Float, is wildly popular because of its enormous size. Its impressive span can hold most pets and even larger adults without tipping or sinking! The best way to use a bean bag in water like the Portsea Premium is to inspect it and ensure it has enough filling. The beanbags need enough filler to float correctly, so this step is essential! Once everything is in order, you only need to place the Portsea in the water. Putting it in the water first is crucial, then getting on to prevent any issues with sudden sinking or tipping over. It is easy to get on the Portsea by bringing it near the pool's edge and climbing on it from there. You can also use it in the pool - pull it closer and climb on! If you allow pets to use any flotation device or toy, carefully guide them onto it so they do not become tangled or trapped. It would be best if you always supervise your pets. 

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Take Care Of Your Furniture!

Our water-friendly bean bags are easy to take care of thanks to their water-resistant fabric. This fabric can also withstand being out in the sun without fading. So yours will stay looking new for many summers to come! Pull your Portsea out and let the water drain out when you finish in the water. Thanks to the mesh bottom, draining the excess water takes almost no time! Once it's drained and thoroughly dried, store it outside, undercover in a garage or inside your home. Because it's just as comfortable on land as in water, you may also want to use your swimming pool bean bags indoors!

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