Teenager Establishes Gaming Bar With Bean Bags

beanbags for gaming
A teenager in Doddington, a city in the U.K. located just east of London, recently announced that he will be opening a business where gamers can play and share ideas with like-minded individuals.

Gaming Bar will offer all of the latest and most popular games in a modern atmosphere that features a selection of comfortable and ergonomic furniture, including bean bag chairs for adults.

Reece Welling is only 19 years of age, and he is a former student of Cromwell Community College, who currently works at a local supermarket, QV Foods. However, he has big plans to open an Internet and gaming cafe that will feature a wide variety of games. The establishment will cater to all gamers regardless of their personal tastes.

“We all love to play games,” Welling said. “Whether it is Candy Crush, Call of Duty, FIFA, Magic: The Gathering, League of Legends, Mega Bomberman or Space Invaders, we all have our niche.”

As of June 2014, there are only two other gaming bars in the United Kingdom. Welling believes this situation has created an excellent opportunity for a knowledgeable entrepreneur to open a business that will appeal to both children and adults. If all goes according to plan, Gaming Bar will open within the next six months.

The business will feature a unique atmosphere conducive to comfort, and it is expected to include designer chairs, children’s bean bags and bean bag chairs for adults. “Gaming Bar will be a modern atmosphere for all generations,” said Welling. “It’s the perfect place for those wanting to be part of the latest, best and all the classics of what technology has to offer for us gamers.”

Speaking about the specifics of the décor, Welling stated, “It will have a spectacular design.  And is a mixture of old wood, rustic styled lamps and unique gaming areas all topped off with modern tweaks such as brightly coloured bean bags, French designer chairs and bespoke gaming tables.”

Gaming Bar is also expected to offer a unique selection of snacks from countries around the world and several exotic beverages.

According to his personal Facebook page, Welling is a management trainee at QV Foods and has been a computer programmer for DA Property Services since 2013. He studied neuroscience at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but he has never before opened a business. He has, however, had a clear picture of what Gaming Bar should be and how it should be operated from the very beginning.

“We sat down with a small community of gamers and concluded monthly memberships where you aren’t obliged to sign a contract, are the best way to go,” Welling said. “They allow the gamer to choose eight slots a week for gaming and then competitions where you can win more hours or even new technology for simply entering.”

This idea was reversed in an early June announcement on the Gaming Bar Facebook page, which stated, “After some important meetings throughout today, we have concluded there will be no monthly memberships and no fees. Simply walk in, buy one of the Gaming Bar’s unique drinks and play games.”

The Gaming Bar company overview on Facebook states that members will have access to the latest games and technologies. Help with tuition for programming, math, science and languages will also be offered to ensure that all customers and employees are on top of the industry and are “fine examples of intelligent human beings.”

Several different consoles will be available for patrons, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, 3DS XL, Nintendo Game Boy and Sega Mega Drive. Although, it is yet unclear as to whether the bar will offer PC desktop computers or gaming laptops. The furniture, however, is unquestionable. Chairs with ergonomic designs are necessary not only for the comfort of customers but also for their health.

Bean bag chairs are one of the best types of furniture for gaming, and they will be part of Gaming Bar’s interior design. Gamers discovered that bean bags are perfect when playing video games for extended sessions and several models made especially for gamers are currently being sold. Some of the most popular gaming bean bags have covers made of comfortable fabrics, such as microfiber, corduroy and faux fur.

Gaming bean bags also come in several designs. The classic bean bag chair can be used while playing video games, but most designs have contoured backrests and slim profiles. That being said, one of the most popular bean bags for gaming is oversized and loosely stuffed so that it can be shaped into the perfect position for each customer.

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