Top Tips For Cleaning Baby Bean Bags

baby bean bags
If it’s one thing that small children do well, it makes a big mess. Every parent is familiar with those sudden messes that seem to occur in the blink of an eye, or when their back is turned. Unless they are cleaned right away, the mess can leave a stain. Which is why it is always important to try to clean your baby bean bags immediately. Or at least put a spot treatment on them.

Spot Clean Small Messes

Small messes are the easiest to clean up since they can often be picked up using just paper towels or a damp cloth. However, they still have the potential to stain the fabric of baby bean bags if not cleaned right away.

When the mess occurs, the first defence should be to blot up any excess liquid gently. It is imperative to blot rather than rub, as rubbing may press it further into the fabric.

After blotting up the mess, it may be necessary to lightly pat the area with a damp cloth to help loosen any residue. Doing this is often enough, but if it is not, then a spot treatment can be used.

Wash Your Baby Bean Bags Gently In A Tub Or Sink

If the baby bean bags have more than just a few dirty spots, then it may be best to wash it. The best way to do this is to hand clean it unless it is machine washable.

Hand washing is often the best in either case since it can help prevent damage to the fabric or the lining. It can also make it easier to work out tough stains without having to wash it several times.

The first step is to remove the outer fabric or shell of the baby bean bag chair if possible. Depending on the style, this may not be possible. If this is the case, then additional steps will be needed.

If the outer shell can be removed, gently hand-wash it in the sink in the same way that a sweater or blouse would be hand washed. After washing, lay it flat to dry.

If the outer shell cannot be removed, then the next best option is to wash the entire thing in the bathtub or outdoors with a garden hose. One word of caution with this is that it will need to dry thoroughly to avoid mildew.

When washing, always try using plain water first to see if that removes the mess. If it does not, then try using a gentle liquid soap or detergent that is meant for delicate materials.

Change The Stuffing

Unfortunately, there does come a time when children’s bean bags become so messy they cannot be cleaned; which¬†sometimes happens if the child became sick on it, or a spill occurred.

What happens in situations like this is that the stuffing becomes soiled, and may stain or begin to smell. If this happens, then the best way to resolve it is to remove the old filling and replace it.

Some parents may find that occasionally replacing the stuffing in baby bean bags also makes it both softer and more supportive which can help breathe new life into an older chair.

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