How to Turn Your Instant Hotel into an Instant Resort

Instant Hotel bean bagsWhen the owner of a five-star rated Tasmanian Airbnb purchased the property in 2017, she never expected what would happen next! Three Beaches is close to Eggs and Bacon Bay Beach, Randalls Bay Beach and Mickeys Beach in Tasmania’s Huon Valley. Its proximity to these three beaches is how the owner came up with the name. What started as an unloved shack was transformed into an inspiring Airbnb. Now, this Tasmania retreat is receiving rave reviews from guests.

Property owner Cherie Stewart has already become one of Airbnb’s Super Hosts. And she’s a preferred partner on Three Beaches is the first Airbnb property in Tasmania invited into the Airbnb Plus program. The program is designed to recognise the best curated and designed homes.

Tasmanian birdsong is hard to beat!

In October 2018 the holiday home host decided to invest in good quality outdoor bean bags for the backyard. She now enjoys generous and glowing feedback from guests. “Our guests are loving the bean bags and have said they make the home feel like a resort”, she said. “Kids love having fun on them too. And I must admit, chillaxing in the sunshine on the beanbags with my favourite magazine and beverage, listening to Tasmanian birdsong is hard to beat!”

Many guests love the back yard and especially the bean bags. The bean bags are an essential element that gives the space a point of difference. Guests specifically mention the bean bags, which have been a massive hit with kids. Guests from all over the world have stayed at the property. Including visitors from Finland, China, USA, Taiwan, Singapore, England, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada and even locals from nearby Kingston. In less than five months the property has hosted over two-hundred guests.

The home was seven years old when the current owner purchased it. Since buying the property in 2017, she has doubled its value with a cosmetic renovation. She recently had the opportunity to participate in Airbnb Tasmania’s Open Homes program. The program allows Hosts the chance to offer their homes to the local community displaced by disasters such as the recent Tasmanian bushfires.

Stunning Scenery

Surrounded by stunning scenery, you will find the chic residence a moment from the beach in Tasmanian Foodies Paradise. The Huon Valley is situated south of state capital Hobart. The home is on a quiet street. Guests enjoy the tranquillity and privacy of the sun-drenched landscaped outdoor living area. Features of the fully enclosed outdoor space include a sandpit for the kids, fire pit, outdoor shower and a barbecue.

Inside the home, there’s a gourmet kitchen, study-nook, and all the creature comforts to ensure guests feel like they are at home. The kitchen features stainless steel appliances, and an espresso coffee maker. There’s also a selection of local Tasmanian tea plus unique spice ingredients like native Pepperberry and Kunzea salt.

The bathroom helps guests absorb the Tasmanian experience. Included are shampoo and body products made with pure Tasmanian essential oils. “We wanted our guests to soak up Tasmania with every sense”  Pure Oils of Tasmania body products made on the Tasman Peninsula just outside of Hobart. These oils give people Tasmanian Kunzea, Manuka and Lavender Tea Tree oil scent experiences you can’t find anywhere else”. Guests receive complimentary Wi-Fi, USB charging points throughout the home. And outside there are Bluetooth speakers and Google Home.

Owning an Instant Hotel

Owning the Instant Hotel has allowed Cherie to meet exciting people from around the world. Ownership also gives her the rewarding feeling of being able to create a unique experience for guests. Some more memorable moments include celebrating a couple’s first anniversary, providing a surprise birthday gift weekend away and special family gatherings. “Quite a few people are bringing their parents to spend quality time together and explore the beauty of the local area. This seems to be a relatively new Airbnb Tasmania travel trend”, says Cherie.

Revenue has been both consistent and healthy for this first time Airbnb owner. Owners of these types of properties can enjoy income four times that of permanent tenants. And still, have some time in the home themselves or have family and friends to stay.

Three Beaches Owner

Three Beaches’ owner is passionate about ensuring her guests have a memorable stay. Part of this process is to provide a range of locally sourced welcome gifts. “Our guests often say they feel at home the moment they step into space,” said Cherie. “We leave people fresh local orchard apples and Tasmanian chocolates. We also add a hand-written welcome note and lots of thoughtful touches. If kids are staying, we leave some cute toys and change the bedroom décor with the addition of cuddly animal shape pillows”.

She also styled the décor to evoke the home’s country industrial heritage. “We are in one of the world’s most fertile food-producing regions in some of the cleanest air on the planet. So I took my design cues from the local agricultural industry. And used old drink crates, wine barrels, vintage twine reels for decoration. Also, the home features vintage apple crate label artwork. A big feature is the wall and cushion artwork by local Cradoc artist Chris Cobern. This artwork features photographs of the local beach and country industrial scenery. These include rustic pear packing sheds and abstract Hobart city building images.”

Ten Tips to Turn Your Instant Hotel into an Instant Resort

1. Use outdoor bean bags for extra comfortable outdoor seating. Giant outdoor bean bags are great for grassed areas and large patios or decks and will weather all outdoor conditions. Guests will enjoy the support and relaxation benefits only beanbags can provide. And they can be used flexibly inside the home. Choose a colour scheme that complements the surrounding terrain and the finishes of the house. See what’s trending in beach house decor.

2. Create separate seating areas for adults and children so each group can have a break from the other. Kids will enjoy having their area and parents will appreciate some downtime.

3. Make sure there are plenty of shrubs and plants to add greenery to your outdoor spaces. Palm trees create a tropical resort feel in any climate. Screening shrubs like Pittosporums along a fence line are fast-growing, can hide the fence and provide added privacy to your yard.

4. Make sure your outdoor space is clean and inviting. Regularly mowing the lawns, removing leaves, weeds and debris will improve your guests’ experience. An outdoor rubbish bin or covered ashtray if you allow smoking, will encourage guests to keep the area tidy.

5. Provide hard and soft seating areas. Some adults may require the support of a chair, especially around the outdoor dining table. Bench seats are a great way to encourage guests to mingle. A mix of outdoor lounges, bean bags, sun lounges, hanging chairs, benches and ottomans will give people plenty of relaxation choices.

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6. If it’s safe to do so, consider using a fire-pit. There’s nothing quite like an open fire at night, especially in cold climates. Remember to keep some firewood, kindling, gas lighter and fire starters handy.

7. Water features not only look good; the flowing water creates a soothing ambience, and many have inbuilt lights to bring the space to life at night. Water features are easy to find and install these days and are prevalent in short term rental properties throughout Australia and Asia.

8. Make sure your garden is well watered. Lush green lawns and plants are inviting, but dead lawns and unhealthy plants are not going to attract the guests you want.

9. Include luxury touches – well-stocked ice cube trays, champagne flutes, cold water infusion tea bags next to a glass water pitcher. Consider some plush towels, botanical essence bathroom products, cheese knives. Rustic serving paddles do not cost a lot of money but make the guests feel pampered and special.

10. Include some technology that people would not usually get to try at home. Three Beaches guests love experimenting with Virtual Assistant Google Home which lets people use voice commands to ask her to play their favourite music, tell them jokes, find recipes, give them the latest weather, news and sports results, play games, play videos on TV and even give them compliments whenever needed!

About the Huon Valley

The Huon Valley is famous for its agriculture. Eighty-three per cent of Tasmania’s apples grown here. It is also a significant producer of pears, cherries, seafood and timber including the famous Huon Pine. Home to Australia’s most southern town, the Huon Valley was first settled in the 1820s. Early settlers included Hobart based British colonists looking for timber.

There are many tourist attractions in the area. These include wineries and boutique cider houses. Visitors can also enjoy limestone caves, unique marsupial wildlife, stunning bushwalks, hiking, boating and fishing. Other attractions include Aurora Australis or Southern Lights sightings, restaurants and gourmet food experiences. There are also galleries, museums, natural therapies, handcrafts, homewares and gift shops.

About The Three Beaches

The three beaches that help make the Huon Valley famous are Eggs and Bacon Bay Beach, Mickeys Beach and Ninepin Point Beach. Each of these has a fascinating history. Eggs and Bacon Bay Beach is just four hundred metres long and three hundred metres deep. The beach gained its name from the yellow and red streaky egg and bacon flowers. These flowers grace the shoreline and are home to Kookaburras and the blue-headed Superb Fairy Wren. This beach is a favourite place for a picnic lunch.

Mickey’s Beach is secluded and accessible by a fifteen-minute cliff-top walk from Randall’s Bay Beach. It is also accessible by car, and there is parking available. Just a one-hour drive from Hobart, Mickey’s beach offers a romantic setting for couples.

Ninepin Point Beach at Verona Sands is perhaps the most picturesque. It features beautiful white sand and some incredible views across the D’Entrecasteaux Channel. You can also view the three islands; Bruny Island, Huon Island and Satellite Island. As well as the Hartz Mountains which are snow-capped in winter. A regular dolphin spotting site, Ninepin Point Beach is popular with Kayakers. And there is a launch point at the western end of the beach. Families enjoy using the picnic tables, BBQ area and available public toilets.

About Airbnb

Founded in 2008, Airbnb Inc. based in San Francisco. Airbnb changed the way travellers book accommodation. It did this by making private homeowners instant hoteliers through their app and website. Unlike traditional hotels, Airbnb does not own any property. It merely facilitates the booking and receives a commission for each transaction. In 2012 Airbnb established itself in Australia, building an office in Sydney. In 2016 Airbnb’s Sydney location is considered one of the coolest offices in Australia.

About Instant Hotel

Instant Hotel is an Australian based television reality show produced by the Seven Network. the show first aired in November 2017. The program features teams of Australian property owners who rent their homes on Airbnb. Each group stays at each others’ homes and rates their experience. The winner receives $100,000 in prize money. The first two seasons of Instant Hotel proved popular. They provided some great tips for anyone who owns an Airbnb property or is thinking about starting their own Instant Hotel.

About Bean Bags R Us

Founded in 2011, Bean Bags R Us specialises in the manufacture of outdoor beanbags. The range of products now exceeds two-hundred different items. Bean Bags R Us is the preferred choice of beanbag furniture for many of the world’s leading resorts. At Three Beaches, guests enjoy the Bermuda Triangle and Hayman outdoor beanbags in charcoal grey. You can click here to discover our exclusive range of outdoor beanbags.

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