Ultimate Fabric Guide: How to Create a Comfortable Bean Bag Chair

15 August 2018

choosing the most comfortable bean bag chair

Since their creation, bean bag chairs have been a favourite among kids, teens, college students, and others looking for a comfy, yet an unconventional, place to take a seat. Originally introduced as the Sacco Chair by an Italian design company in the 1960s, the first bean bag chairs were leather. However, as the trendy home furnishing spread, others began to develop what they believed to be more comfortable bean bag chair covers. Leather reinvented, after all, can feel cold and sticky at times. And, it was determined that it carried a substantial risk of being easily damaged. Today's options include fabrics of every kind. But, if you want the most comfortable fabric bean bag covers, you should know that it largely depends on the particular material that you choose to cover your chair. Read on to find out how to pick the perfect fabric for your bean bag chair!

Your Guide to Choosing a Just-Right Fabric for the Most Comfortable Bean Bag Chair

If you've ever sunk into a squishy, comfortable bean bag chair, you probably already know that these make a pretty comfortable place to plop. But, when you sit in a bean bag chair in a 'just-right' fabric, it takes the experience to a whole new level of comfort. Of course, since the chair tends to come in many different fabrics, patterns and designs, colours, and sizes choosing the most comfortable chair can present a challenge. That's why we're here to help you choose the very best fabric for your chair. For a closer, detailed look at your options and tips to help you decide on your pick, check out your choices below.

1. Cotton

Ahh, the soft feel of cotton has made it a go-to fabric throughout history, especially for the clothing we wear. One of the reasons we choose cloth most often as the fabric we wear close to our skin is that it's soft, stretchable, and it's easily cleaned. There's around 29.5 million tons of cotton spun annually worldwide. But, it's no wonder that everyone is so crazy for cotton when you consider just how comfortable this super-soft fabric is. If you love the way your favourite cotton tee feels, then you'll be smitten with our cotton bean bags. Choose your favourite colour and size for a fully customised chair all your own.

2. Denim

If your beloved blue jeans spring to mind when you contemplate the most comfortable cotton fabric ever created, then the denim bean bag chair might be your best bet. In a fabric that's familiar as your favourite cut-offs, sinking into a denim bean bag chair is as comfortable as it sounds.

3. Suede

Softer than soft, yet not as sticky as the traditional leather bean bag chair, this sturdy fabric makes for a great place to take a load off. Suede is a perfect pick for all ages. Because it carries a little more sophistication than the often used faux suede bean bags, and it tends to be a bit fancier than plain cotton, it can easily mingle with the regular home decor in practically any setting. So what's the difference between micro-suede and microfiber?

4. Linen

For a bean bag chair that shares style and comfort, linen is a super-trending pick among college-aged crowds and students. It has a touch of class and a traditional look of vintage linens commonly used throughout the home. Plus, it's available in a slew of colours that can match any room, no matter your style or taste.

5. Twill

Twill is a sturdy stand-up fabric that resists stains and is easy to clean, without compromising comfort. It's a tough pick for kids and toddlers rooms. And, it makes an excellent fabric to intermingle with other areas, such as your living area or sunroom. Twill is a mainstay for favourite fabrics due to its' traditional, yet versatile, reputation.

6. Super Luxurious Lambswool

For an unparalleled level of comfort and luxe, the lambswool bean bag is the number one choice. Lambswool makes a dreamy place to rest and relax and provides the ultimate in elegance and style. When you choose lambswool, you're bound to evoke endless oohs and ahhs from guests who won't only love the look of this savvy seat but will be taken entirely by the feel. The luxurious sheepskin bean bag chair is an obvious pick for comfort and class, but it doesn't come without a price. It's one of the most expensive picks available. Still, we think you'll agree, after trying out this beanbag favourite, the amount you might pay is money well spent. Of course, you might expect that the very best, most luxurious fabric wouldn't come at the same price as the other run of the mill options. And after you try the lambswool beanbag chair out for yourself, you'll see why it's a first-class experience set apart from any other fabric. You may also like our faux fur bean bags.

Order Your Favourite Fabric Bean Bag Chair Today!

Are you ready to sit in the lap of luxurious lambswool? Or, have you decided you want to try the cotton bean bag chair? Or do you just want to know everything there is to know about fabric specifications? If you want to find your most comfortable bean bag chair ever, we can help. We carry bean bag chairs in custom colours, sizes, and fabrics. You can bet that you'll find something for everyone when you visit our site. We even have a range of outdoor bean bags that will not be affected by chlorine. Whether you want a great gift for a college student or a most-comfy chair to call your own, we've got the perfect fabric for you. Check out our excellent collection of comfy, cozy bean bag chairs and place your order today!

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