What Can Kids Do When They Are Bored?

bored kids in lockdownIt seems like the whole globe been in and out of lockdown. Many families are facing the reality of being stuck at home with bored kids to entertain. As parents, we all know that even at the best of times, your kids can spring the ‘I’m BORED’ line on us at any moment. When restricted to the house, it can be a little more tricky to keep them entertained and focused.

While we are enjoying home workouts with the children too, as well as online activities to help keep them learning, and are getting some outdoor exercise, it can be challenging to think of something new.

Luckily, we have put together some fab ideas, lots of it is the good old fashioned fun like growing your beg building pens, or writing to a pen pal.

Let’s have a look at the ultimate list that will undoubtedly keep bored kids entertained:

Creative Activities To Entertain Bored Kids

Make Rainbows

You can’t walk anywhere at the moment without seeing a rainbow in a window or two. Rainbows are everywhere because families are busy getting creative and drawing, painting, glueing them to show a sign of togetherness. Place them in your window once you’re done and show your support for the world at the moment.

Hama Beads

Children can make all sorts of different designs with Hama Beads. Whether it’s an animal, a favourite cartoon character or Harry Potter, there are all kinds of patterns they can copy from the internet. Once they’ve built their design on the plastic pegboard, it’s up to you to iron it and make it bond together. They can easily be turned into magnets or keyrings too.

Following Illustrators

If your children love to draw, there are tonnes of illustrators offering free tutorials online at the moment because of lockdown restrictions. Have a look online and see what illustrators are offering this. Online tutorials are brilliant for bored kids who are interested in drawing and want some help to learn new methods and skills.

Making Play-Doh

Play-Doh is an old favourite, and it can keep your bored kids entertained for hours. Whether they want to cut out shapes, squish it, create a car or castle, or build their dinosaur, the possibilities are endless when it comes to play-doh. Just try not to stress too much about the colours getting mixed. It’s straightforward to make your own:

  • 1 Cup of salt
  • 2 Cups of plain flour
  • One tablespoon of oil
  • Half to one cup of water
  • Two drops of any food colouring

Mix the flour and salt then add the water, oil and food colouring. Knead the mixture well, add a little more flour if the consistency is too wet. If you use food colouring, it will ensure its safe for little ones.

Wallpaper People

If you’ve got old wallpaper rolls lying around; and let’s face it most of us do roll it out, lie your little one down and draw around them. You’ll be surprised by how long they will spend clouring themselves in. They may even want to do a wallpaper mum and dad too. Stick them on the wall after and showcase your wallpaper people skills.

Building Activities To Entertain Bored Kids

Make A Den

Most of you will remember building a den when you were a child, using nothing but a sheet, a table, and some cushions. Allow your children’s imagination to run wild as they imagine going camping, or try to stay warm inside their hidden den. You could even take it outdoors into the garden too, and turn it into a garden camping ground. Why not add in a few bean bag chairs and turn it into the ultimate den where they can chill, and watch a film?

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Crepe Paper Obstacle Course

Crepe paper can be used for a whole bunch of activities when it comes to bored kids. Crisscross it from one wall to the next, leaving small gaps for the kids to climb through. The game aims to make it from one wall to another without breaking the paper.

Garage/ Cars

Use sticky tape to create a track on the floor for hours of entertainment. If you’ve got young car lover doing this, including roundabouts and car parking spaces works excellent. You could even use some old boxes (because deliveries at home are everything at the moment) to make a garage to keep the cars in. Paint it, draw on it, make it as big as you want. Why not make some other building while you’re at it and create a little town for them to drive around?

Table Football

If you are up for a bit of competitiveness, why not build your very own table football? It’s going to be much smaller than your traditional football table, of course, but you can easily create one with the use of a cardboard box, and using a ping pong ball or pom-pom as the football. If you have a look online on sites like Pinterest, you will see some brilliant designs that parents and bored kids have done already for this.

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Yet another excellent use for boxes is building robots. Include some tubes, bottles, and other bits and bobs that are hanging around the home and put them to good use by making a robot. If you use foil or gold paper as a cover once pieced together, it will look like a real-life robot. If not, you could always cover the bits and pieces in white paper before building so; they can draw and doodle on their robot designs.

Garden Activities To Entertain Bored Kids

Treasure / Nature hunt

There are loads that you can do to create an indoor or outdoor treasure hunt for bored kids. Give each child a bag or basket with a list of items that need to find. Whether it’s a simple thing like a leaf, a stick, a stone, a flower, or it’s items you have hidden like coins, toys, or sweets.

If you’re collected nature-related items, you could always turn the collected things into a piece of artwork afterwards by sticking them to paper or card, two activities in one and another time they won’t be bored.

An excellent hunt is for them to hunt for each letter of their name or a specific word.


Chalk is used by many families during lockdown to brighten up their driveways, walkways and walls. They’re colouring in the pavements to make people smile and give them something to play while on their daily walk like hopscotch.


Hopscotch is a very traditional game. If you don’t know what it is, simply type it into google and you’ll soon see how popular it is. You can even create hopscotch inside your home f you don’t have chalk or the weather isn’t great.

Painting Pebbles

Something that has become popular with children is to paint pebbles and create different design. The aim is to decorate them and place them in your local park or walk so that other people can find them. People aren’t picking them up at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create some fabulous designs and leave them around to brighten up someone day.

Bug Hunt

Do you have a bug lover in tour family, then they are bound to love getting out in the garden and hunting down some bugs. Look for snails, slugs, and any other creatures that may be hiding around. There are some great sets that you can get online for catching bugs safely so you can set free once you saw them with the magnifying glass. You could even build a bug hotel or build a house forhedgehog to go even further with looking after the little critters in your garden.

Grow Vegetables

Not only will choosing and planting your veg keep the kid’s boredom at bay for a while, but it may also prevent some unneeded trips to the store too. You can get plenty of hints, tips, and kits to help get you started with growing your veg in your garden, including the best veg to grow with kids. Gardening could also encourage your children to get involved with cooking and perhaps eating their vegetables more often. Being involved in the growing, prepping, and cooking process is something that often leads to them eating more of the good stuff.


Something that can brighten up your home and garden is a suncatcher. They can be relatively cheap to pick up and create some beautiful patterns for you and the kids to enjoy in the garden. However, it’s even better if you make your own. Pick some unicorns, fish, rockets, initials, jewels etc. from an online craft store and start building a sun catcher to dangle outside.


Watching birds can be both exciting and relaxing, especially when there’s not a lot aisle you can do at the moment.

Lots of families have been busy making their bird feeders and bird boxes. Birdwatching provides hours of entertainment. They can also watch the birds in their new homes or during feeding, and they are helping the natural environment.

Writing Activities To Keep Bored Kids Entertained

Penpals And Postcards

Letter writing is undoubtedly making a comeback, and more people are now forming traditional penpal groups so that their children can write to each other. If you want to keep it local you will be able to ensure it’s coming from a trusted group, there have been lots of Facebook groups sharing some in their area. If not, try suggesting it to the chill and see if any parents would like their children to get involved.

Although emails are now ‘all that’ for children of nowaday, writing should never go out of fashion. It can help to combat the feeling of separation through social distancing, even writing a postcard could be an excellent way to get letters started.

To help combat feelings of separation during social distancing, the toy brand has released several free postcard templates to download from its website. Have them design their own to send. If you have any children in the family, you could start your penpal group through this.

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Write Stories

Are you running out of good stories for bedtime? Or can’t get to the library at the moment because it’s closed? Get your children to think of some stories themselves. Get them to write them down; they could even get creative and turn it into a book, including pictures. Then read it as a family or at bedtime.

Make Some Magazines

Something that you may remember doing as a child is cutting up your favourite magazines and creating your own. Whether it was sticking the articles in your order, designing your word puzzles, or drawing your models or cars crating a magazine can create hours of fun.

Alphabet Game

This one couldn’t be easier, and it will also keep them practising their spelling without them realising it. Think of any subject, such as animal, chocolate bars, or boys/girls names and see if they can write down one that begins with each letter. You could even get them to see who can do it the fastest (if you know they won’t fall out that is).

As you can see, there are a lot of activities that you can get involved in to keep your bored kids entertained while being stuck at home. Are there any activities that you have been doing to keep your kids from boredom?


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