What Colour Bedroom is the Most Relaxing?

What colour bedroom is the most relaxing?Comfort is, without a doubt, the leading priority for any bedroom space. Whether you’re decorating a bedroom for your tween, yourself, or anyone else, you’ll, therefore, look to add peace and tranquillity in any way you can. Most often, we do this with comfortable additions like a bean bag bed, or a fluffy blanket to finish everything off. But, you can take those furniture features even further by also thinking about colour along the way.

The colours we use in our bedrooms do, after all, impact our moods more than many of us realise. Hence why we often steer clear of garish greens and oranges in place of more muted, calming options. It would, after all, be hard to get the sleep and relaxation you need in a room with bright walls that never provide any let-up!

To some extent, of course, this is obvious, and it’s the reason why most of us take care of every aspect of our bedroom colour schemes. But, it’s still possible that you’re missing out on the best and most relaxing options. If this is the case, even your dream bean bag bed isn’t going to help you get the peace you need when you head here.

Fear not, though, because we’ve put a few colours to the test to determine which would prove the most relaxing for you.

Why does bedroom colour scheme matter so much?

Before you can start to understand the most relaxing colours on offer, it’s vital to consider why exactly bedroom colour schemes matter quite as much as they do.

To understand this point, you need only consider that every room in your house is a sum of its parts. Everything, from your layout to accessories like your bean bag bed and beyond dictates the vibes and sensations you can create within a room. And, where does all that start? With your colour schemes, of course.

As well as being the first thing you see when you walk into your bedroom, the colours of your choice will impact the accessories you choose and how you display them. As such, creating a relaxing bedroom without getting colour just right is an impossible goal. Hence why your efforts should start, and ultimately end, with the paint pots you bring home when you decide it’s time to freshen things up.

The colour contenders

The race for the most relaxing bedroom colour has to begin with the colours themselves. After all, there’s an entire rainbow of paint choices, and knowing where to start with creating your oasis of calm is vital. 

The good news is that there are a fair few famously ”relaxing” options out there. While they can’t all win your top spot, then, a few contenders that you’re sure to want to at least consider along the way include – 

# 1 – Lavender

We all know that lavender scents can work wonders for lulling us to sleep or chilling us out after a long day. But, did you know that lush lavender tones can also give your bedroom a relaxing edge? Yes, really! Perhaps it is the association or the fact that this subtle flower provides the perfect chill purple tones, but you can bet you’ll feel better with these fabulous shades all around you. Pastel lavender hues are especially useful for getting you in that relaxed zone the moment you enter your sacred bedroom space. 

# 2 – Light blues

Light blues have long been a bedroom go-to, and that doesn’t look set to change anytime soon. From sky blue through to duck egg options, this is a shade that definitely won’t let you down. Even sea blue has been climbing up the paint shade ranks and could suit your bedroom vibes. But, we know what you’re thinking; why blue? In reality, the reasons are ten-fold. Like lavender, pale blue paints are fantastic for muted yet fascinating bedroom setups. What’s more, sky and sea blues, in particular, provide a natural lull that will remind you of a sunny day, or perhaps some time spent sunning it up by that holiday beach. Either way, both of these options will see you chill, happy, and even nodding off in no time at all. 

# 3 – Blush

Bright pinks have long been off the bedroom cards if we want any chance at a good night of sleep, but there’s no denying that blush alternatives are booming right now. This slightly dustier, more muted pink tone has been linked with feelings of security, making it a definite contender for a relaxing bedroom set up. Better, unlike many of the more subtle bedroom tones on offer in this list, blush offers a slightly more exuberant colour splash that you can pair perfectly with accent pieces around the room. All this, and you still get the chance to enjoy the benefits of a pastel colour scheme that, in case you hadn’t realised by now, is pretty much at the heart of relaxing bedroom setups. 

# 4 – Tranquil whites

A step away from pastels now, it’s also worth noting that recent years and a minimalist focus have seen white walls climbing up the popularity ranks, especially in the bedroom. Bear in mind that we aren’t talking about garish ceiling-white shades here, but rather tranquil white tones that can help to clear the brain, and ultimately lead to much-needed relaxation. As well as helping you to approach with a clear mind, white walls famously help to make even small bedroom spaces seem much more significant. If you’re struggling with clutter, then, white may well be the best way forward.

# 5 – Grey tones

While they haven’t been popular in home design for long, there’s also a lot to say for grey tones. Whether applied in light or dark hues, options like these are certainly proving their bedroom worth right now, creating as they do a feeling of balance and calm. Even better, grey is a fantastic colour solution to pair with a whole host of other colours, meaning that sticking with this on your walls could see you bringing splashes of everything from orange to pink into your room without once risking an overwhelm of your senses. 

# 6 – Soft greens

Along roughly the same lines, soft greens are another tempting option right now. Like some shades of blue, this nature-led colour choice can inspire high levels of relaxation, all while striking the perfect balance between cold and warm tones. What’s more, there is all manner of green hues to choose. Any of which could serve your purposes here. Whether you opt for a light sage green or a darker, mossy option, you can bet you’ll automatically want to spend more time in your calming bedroom moving forward. 

# 7 – Natural beige

Beige has slowly slipped from our decor repertoires as white has come to the fore, but there’s still a lot to be said for this more earthy, calming colour. Without risking the excessive brightness that can come from some white shades, beige and even cream colours can provide a warm, clean-slate vibe that’s guaranteed to go down well. That makes these the ideal option if you don’t quite want to plunge into the world of white just yet, but still like the idea of keeping your bedroom as crisp and clean as you can get it. 

# 8 – Muted reds

For the most part, bright and loud red shades should go nowhere near your bedroom set up. But, muted and rust reds are fast coming into fashion thanks to recent industrial decor leanings. And, again, this option could prove relaxing in a bedroom setting. Do note that this is still a bright choice, so using muted reds on a feature wall or even just within the fabric of your fixtures could be best. Either way, those earthy terracotta tones can again bring a soft, relaxing warmth that calms the mind and brings a real sense of tranquillity to any space. 

# 9 – Light yellows

Nothing beats the gentle yellow tone of the sun streaming into your bedroom each morning. No matter how you’ve decorated, this is sure to offer tranquillity. So, why not take that further by introducing light yellow tones to your bedroom for good? By recreating that dusky dawn light, you should be able to achieve a space that leaves you grounded and refreshed in one. All you need to do is look out for yellow shades with plenty of heat and depth behind them. 

# 10 – Paint it black

Black is most definitely not a colour we associate with standard relaxation, but it’s’s come to the decor for this year with some surprising results. Admittedly, you’ll again want to steer clear of painting your whole room in this colour, but introducing black tones through in alternative ways could bring a fantastic depth of colour and a uniform finish that’s sure to see you sleeping soundly. 

How to choose the most relaxing colour for you?

So, those are some of the most relaxing tones for bedroom use. The question now is how exactly you choose the most relaxing option for your needs. After all, these are each pretty varied, and they all bring a little something different to every bedroom imaginable. Ultimately, then, finding the most relaxing colour comes down to a few personal-taste issues, such as – 

The accessories you already own

While paint colours do largely dictate bedroom accessories, it’s fair to say that this relationship can also work the other way around. For instance, it wouldn’t be unheard of for you to consider the colour of your preferred bean bag bed or bedding before leaping here. After all, starting everything from scratch is a whole lot of work. And, as everyone knows, a harmonious colour scheme often comes down to how well everything in your room works on the whole. 

With that in mind, take note of your room as it stands. Think about the accessories that you’re least willing to part with, and consider long and hard which of the above relaxing bedroom tones would most complement them overall. 

Your bedroom itself

Accessories aside for a moment, you would also benefit from considering your bedroom itself. By this, we mean everything from layout to natural light, and so on. For instance, as mentioned, white can be a fantastic option for creating space in small bedrooms, while it may create a hollow, and not altogether relaxing, feel in a larger room. Equally, dark grey shades won’t seem half as relaxing in a place that gets little light. By thinking honestly about what would work in your unique space, you stand the best chance at settling on a relaxing colour scheme that genuinely works for you. 

Your tastes

And, of course, last but not least, settling on the most relaxing bedroom colour comes mostly down to personal tastes. Think about it; if you don’t like a shade such as moss green, then it’s’s never going to chill you out. You’ll probably do everything you can to get away from your bedroom in this instance! Equally, if you love rust reds, you might be happy to utilise the colour in more than just your accessories of choice. 

That is to say, your best chance at finding the most relaxing bedroom colour possible comes in the form of testers that can give you an accurate idea of how each tone would work. Even once you think you’ve found your colour, it might be worth investing in a bean bag or other such accessory that can bring that shade to life and show you, once and for all, whether it would be right for your room. 

Whatever you do, it’s’s vital not to rush into a decision like this. Your bedroom, and ultimate relaxation, depend on you taking your time, and genuinely working out what would help you to create the most tranquil space you can imagine.

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