What is the Best Bean Bag Chair for Teenagers?

5 July 2020

bean bag chair for teenagers

Are you looking to buy a bean bag chair for your teenage son or daughter? Perhaps they have asked you for teen bedroom furniture, or maybe it’s a surprise present. Either way, they are fantastic gifts that can really add some character to any room of the house. They’re comfortable, fun to sit on, and perfect for any age. You’re never too old for a bean bag chair. If you’re in the market for a bean bag chair for your teenager, you’ve come to the right place. As seating options go, they are one of the best choices out there, with a vast array of different options to choose from. You may remember bean bag chairs as a kooky novelty item from your youth, but they are making a comeback and are an increasingly popular accessory for any teenager’s bedroom. A bean bag chair can be a fantastic hangout spot for friends to sit and chat, play video games, or watch TV. And when their friends go home, it also provides a comfortable place to sit alone and read or study.  With so many choices available, it can be difficult to pick just one. Which bean bag you choose for your teenage son or daughter will depend on several things, including the layout and design of their bedroom, what they will use it for, and their personal style preferences. To help you make the right choice, let’s take a look at some of the factors you need to consider when purchasing a bean bag chair.

The most important factors to help you choose a bean bag chair for teenagers


The fabric of your bean bag chair is probably the most important factor as it will completely determine the level of comfort it provides and what you can do with it. Cotton is a simple yet effective choice as it is comfortable and breathable, although you will have more trouble removing heavy stains. Find out the difference between cotton and polyester. Denim and faux suede look more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing and will look great in any room. Polyester is one of the most practical fabrics as it is easy to clean and durable so it can be used outside, although it doesn’t provide the attractiveness or comfort of other options. Faux-fur is the optimum choice if you’re after extreme comfort, although it is the most difficult to clean and should not be taken outside. Another option is lambswool.

Size and shape:

The size and shape of the beanbag you choose will depend on the dimensions of your teenager. If they are particularly tall, you will need a larger model to accommodate them, while smaller teenagers could make do with a less sizable option. Remember that younger teenagers can be prone to growth spurts so it may pay to be more generous with the size so they don’t outgrow it. Do you have enough room in your home to keep a giant beanbag? We offer chairs in a range of sizes, so whether your home is small or large, there will be a chair to sit you. The shape is also important, depending on what the chair will be used for. If your teenager likes to sit up and read or study, they will want a chair with more back support, whereas if they are just interested in napping and lounging in the sun, then a softer, more comforting option might be best.


DIfferent teenagers have different senses of style. Some like things that are pink and fluffy, while others have a darker, edgier fashion sense. Our bean bag chairs come in a huge range of colours, shapes and materials to suit any preference.


When choosing a bean bag chair, it is essential you pay attention to the filling that you buy. Our bean bag chairs do not come ready-packed, so you’ll need to purchase it separately. Polyester beads are the most common and provide the best value for money, while natural materials such as soft pine shavings can add a pleasant aroma and comforting feel.


We have bean bag chairs to suit any price range, from the simple Rio design to the more luxurious Lambswool chair, made from authentic, pure Australian lambswool. Decide how much you are willing to spend before making your choice.


Where are you planning to keep your teenager’s new bean bag chair? The right model for you may depend on the room in which it is used most frequently. More comfortable fur and suede chairs would be best suited to an indoor room such as a bedroom or lounge, while if it is for outdoor use, you will need a more durable polyester chair. Many of our chairs are lightweight and portable, allowing users to transport them between rooms, while others are larger and better suited to a fixed position.

The 15 best bean bag chairs for teenagers

Now that you know what to look for in a bean bag chair, here are the 15 best bean bag chairs perfectly suited to a teenager’s bedroom. The chair you choose will depend on precisely what you want from it, but our range offers a huge variety of prices, styles, materials and uses.

Coco 80cm

Perfect for fun-loving youngsters, the very name Coco suggests a carnival-like vibe. Available in either Hot Pink or Red, the Rio bean bag chair will be an ideal fit for a glamorous, colourful bedroom. It comes at an extremely affordable price, and it’s size and shape make it suitable for all ages. If you want a bean bag chair for a smaller bedroom, Coco can’t be beaten in terms of convenience. Move it around as much as you wish, and if it’s getting in the way, simply hang it up with the built-in carry handle.

Coco Cotton 96cm

Sometimes simple is best. The Coco Cotton 96cm is one of our more recent additions, and its straightforward design means it will perfectly complement any teenager’s bedroom, regardless of gender and style. Its compact size allows it to fit unobtrusively into any space, making it an ideal choice for apartments and smaller rooms. An upgrade to the Rio, it boasts the addition of an inner liner for easy cleaning and filling. At 96cm in diameter, it will best suit teenagers between 130cm and 160cm in height.

Coco Cotton 104cm

For slightly taller teenagers with the same sense of style, this version of the Coco Cotton is larger in diameter. It is more appropriate for people between 150cm and 170cm in height.

Coco Cotton - 112cm

If your teenager is adult-sized, the 112cm Coco Cotton will be your best choice. With the same range of colours and easy-clean design, this premium quality model will make a bold statement in any room. 

Cuba Denim - 104cm

For teenagers with a sense of style, the Cuba Denim bean bag chair is one of the coolest options out there. As well as being much more exciting than cotton, denim is highly versatile and extremely comfortable. At 104cm, the chair is big enough to accommodate teenagers of any size, with plenty of space to move around. All our bean bag chairs are built to last, and denim is one of the most durable fabrics there is. You won’t need to worry about replacing a battered old bean bag chair any time soon. Your beanbag will provide years of comfort, well after your teenager has moved out!

Cuba Denim - 112cm 

The big brother of our 104cm model, the Cuba Denim 112cm is large enough to accommodate anyone. Sink into the comfortable teardrop design and feel all the worries of school and exams fade away. Choose from a classic Indigo or a stylish Charcoal Denim for a cool, understated look.


A bean bag chair like no other, the Uluwatu is the focal point of any room it sits in. Its distinctive teardrop shape provides ultimate comfort, while the textured pattern which comes in two colours make it a beautiful adornment to a teenager’s bedroom or living room. Perfect for hanging out with friends, reading, or watching TV. The denim fabric provides optimum comfort, while the tapered bag and long base offer ultimate support for the back, neck and legs.


For a luxurious experience, faux suede provides extreme comfort. The Cocoon suede bean bag chair feels wonderful on your skin, just like sinking into a warm bath. Perfect for warming up with a hot drink and a good book on those cold winter nights. It comes in a range of colours to suit any style, from and grey to eye-popping orange and blue.

Snow White

What teenager in their right mind doesn’t want to be hugged by a polar bear? The Snow White faux fur bean bag chair may be the closest they will ever get. Available in three different sizes, it is the fluffiest, shaggiest model in our range and looks impressive in any setting. This beautiful furry bean bag can add a sense of cosiness to a teenager’s bedroom or look sophisticated and stylish in a living room. Once your child settles into their lush, furry bean bag, they will never want to sit in an ordinary chair again.


If your teenager loves anything pink, the Marshmallow bean bag chair is their dream come true. With a gorgeous, high-quality faux fur coating, it really does feel like sinking into a fluffy marshmallow. The chair provides extreme comfort for napping, reading and watching TV, while also offering support for using laptops or studying. It is available in three sizes, making it perfect for teenagers of all shapes and sizes. 

The Cloud - 104cm

Most daydreaming teenagers have their heads in the clouds but rarely do they get to sit on one. This fuzzy faux-fur bean bag is one of the most luxurious chairs we offer. The Cloud moulds to the shape of your body, so when your child sits down they will sink right in and never want to escape their warm, furry nest. With its sleek grey colour, it will fit seamlessly right into any room of the house.

The Cloud - 112cm

If your teenager prefers a larger chair, they really will feel like they are drifting on a cloud with the expansive 112cm option. It will complement any bedroom and fit a teenager of any size.

Big Boppa

For a bean bag chair that offers an outdoor seating experience as well as indoor comfort, look no further than the Big Boppa. As large as its name suggests, it can accommodate a person of any size. Its ultra-durable polyester fabric makes it ideally suited to either indoor or outdoor conditions. Bring it in to the garden for barbecues and garden parties or just sit and enjoy the sunshine. When the sun goes down, just take it back indoors to relax in comfort with a good book. Boppa is a perfect option for anyone who wants a black bean bag chair.


With a name like Merlin, you’ll no doubt be expecting a magical experience, and this bean bag chair does not disappoint. For a piece of furniture that really makes an impact in any room, Merlin is a top choice. With its unique design, it not only looks sleek and stylish, but it is tailor-made for optimum support and comfort. Merlin provides strong back, neck and head support while still being soft enough to sink right in. It is made of durable polyester fabric and is light and convenient to carry. Merlin is a perfect model to keep outdoors or indoors depending on the weather. It comes in a range of ten different colours to match any setting and suit any style.


Sitting in the Copacabana feels like a holiday. If your teenager loves lounging in the sun or chilling by the pool, the Copacabana will transport them to sandy beaches and sunny resorts. Sink into the most comfortable bean bag chair around, put your feet up and sip a cold drink. It is perfect for poolside areas, patios or gardens of any size. And when the weather isn’t great, it’s just as comfortable when you bring it indoors. All our bean bag chairs come with a removable inner liner, allowing you to wash it without fuss. Perfect for cleaning up spillages and grass stains. Selecting a bean bag chair is a difficult decision, with so many options from which to choose. But every teenager is unique, with their own distinctive fashion sense, so there is always the perfect bean bag chair for them out there. Take a look at their bedroom and their unique sense of style. Is it pink and glamorous, edgy and fashionable, or minimalist and straightforward? Whatever they like, we have the perfect chair. Take a look at some of our bean bag chairs for teenagers here.

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