Our new Smiley Emoji Beanbag Poufs are the perfect accent pieces to complement our line of quality beanbags for kids. They add a joyful splash of colour and fun to your children's sleep and play areas. Soft, durable and optimized for safety, these adorable, tossable poufs may quickly become your kids' favourite form of expression long before they learn how to send texts on a smart phone. Our poufs also the perfect size to carry around the house, so your little ones can spread smiles everywhere they go.

Multi-functional Emoji Fun

When designing our beanbags for kids, we place just as much emphasis on function and form as we do on appearance and appeal, and the same focus applies to our accessories. Kids can use our Emoji Poufs as toys, time-out partners or bait for making new friends. Like all of our quality beanbags for kids, they're soft, snuggly and comfortable. Your children can use them as pillows during nap-time at home, school or daycare. Their irresistible squishy feel provides familiarity and security on the first day of school or during a trip away from home. They can even give shy kids a way to share positive emotions without any need for words, which can help aid in the early development of social skills.

Made to Last Through Every Emotion

Although our Emoji Poufs sport a perpetual silly grin, they're designed to withstand temper tantrums and tears. We crafted them with our signature 600D polyester, so they can handle roughhousing and survive pillow fights. They also share the same practicality as our kids' beanbag chairs; they can be cleaned easily when spills and accidents occur.

Multiple Smiles Are Even Better

Even if you only have one child, you'll want to order several Emoji Beanbag Poufs. Choose from three striking colours, or buy one of each to create a vibrant, fun-filled tower of smiles that greets your child every morning and sends them safely to dreamland at night. With so much touchable, huggable cheer in their living space, it will be hard for your kids to frown.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions When Filled: 45cm diameter x 36cm height
  • Filling Required: 50-60 litres.
  • Removable Outer Cover for easy cleaning
  • Filling: Purchase filling at K-Mart, Target or Big-W
  • Fabric: 600D polyester
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Machine Washable

Q & A (1)

Hi, I am teaching a Year 2/3 class next year at a primary school. The children, all girls, will be aged around 7/8 years old. I would like to purchase a few of the Smiley Emoji Poufs for around the classroom. Do you think the girls would be able to sit on them? To read books etc? Also, how do I fill I use normal beans as you do in a bean bag? Is there a liner inside so I can take the outside cover off to wash them? Thanks for your help. I think they would look great in the classroom but just want to make sure they will be functional as well a nice to look at. Thanks, Sonya

( Sonya Vickers, 10/11/2017 )
Hi Sonya, thanks for your question. This product comes with a removable inner liner and it is machine washable. They take normal beans, the same as used in bean bags. Yes, you can sit on them.

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