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Why Beanbags in Schools?

The New South Wales government unveiled ‘the Classroom of the Future’ project in 2015. The NSW Department of Education’s Futures Learning Unit is at Australian Technology Park in Sydney. The project established a prototype classroom which to create learning environments which embrace the latest technology. The prototype classroom includes study-related materials and features comfortable seating, including bean bag chairs and Lego furniture.

Schoolchildren of all ages from primary schoolers to high schoolers were allowed into the prototype classrooms to observe and interact with the new technology and flexible furnishings. Bean bag chairs were chosen because of their flexibility and light weight meant that they could be easily relocated to alter the functionality of classrooms from the individual to team environments.

Minister Piccoli also spoke about the benefits of flexible, fun furniture “If a little boy is reading on a bean bag, that is great for the child – the fact that they are reading – irrespective of where they might be reading.”

Beanbags Nurture the Mind and the Body

Sitting down is not always fun but despite this beanbag chairs make this unremarkable task extremely enjoyable! Beanbags are ergonomic by design; they assist your students in maintaining good posture while making them receptive to learning.

Teachers in classrooms throughout the world including primary, secondary and tertiary have begun implementing bean bag chairs in many ways. Educators, school administrators, and psychologists have discovered that bean bags help kids feel comfortable and welcome at school. In some instances, bean bags have proven to improve academic results. Bean bags may also strengthen the coordination in children and help to teach them the skill of teamwork when achieving their goals.

Schools & Universities are Using Desk-Free Classrooms

Around the world, many primary schools are removing desks and chairs from traditional classrooms and trialling bean bags, open booths and collaborative tables and floor space. This alternate system was the brainchild of Professor Stephen Heppell, a renowned expert in educational classroom design. Professor Heppell states that students are more receptive to learning and display more positive behaviour patterns when they are in “borderless environments”.

Borderless environments including bean bags which can be moved to create small pods or larger group spaces allowing students the freedom to collaborate in small groups, and then easily revert to larger clusters.

Professor Heppell recently visited Sydney to hold a lecture that was attended by representatives from more than 30 schools, and the focus of the lecture concerned how to advance the learning process through 21st-century technology. “I have never seen a kid on holiday reading while sitting upright on a chair like those they had in schools,” said Professor Heppell. “The biggest thing in these new classroom spaces is that sound control is better with better surfaces, nooks, zones and quiet areas.”

putting fun back in the classroom

The benefits of Bean Bags have long been recognised for high needs students as well as children with Autism. It has been predicted that classrooms of the future will all use beanbags instead of traditional chairs and desks. We have also researched how beanbags can assist with early childhood development.

Many schools and council libraries throughout Australia understand that beanbags make reading more fun. It’s important for children who are seated for many hours each day to be relaxed and comfortable, and not to be sitting upright without adequate support. Teachers in the United States and the United Kingdom have discovered that when their students are happy, not only are their jobs made easier, but the child’s academic results improve dramatically.

Benefits of beanbags in education

Beanbags have proven popular in schools because when kids are comfortable, they tend to focus more on the task at hand. Fewer distractions mean more attention is paid to the teacher and therefore a child’s ability to learn increases.

Ergonomic & Supportive

Beanbags provide a consistent level of support to the majority of a child’s body, meaning students remain more comfortable than when using traditional chairs. The uniform pressure on the majority of the body provides a calming sense of security, and the beanbag will adapt to the child’s body as he or she moves.

Superior Quality

Made from the finest quality Oxford woven Polyester, the seams of each bag are double stitched and over-locked.

Water repellent

The 1680D Polyester is PU coated, allowing it to be water repellent, yet soft on the skin, and unlike cheap nylon, the fabric breathes.

Antimicrobial Protection

Our material is treated with antimicrobial protection to repel bacteria and mould

Child Safety Zippers

Fitted with childproof, locking YKK safety zippers.

Light & Easy to Move

All products feature carry handles making them easy to relocate from inside to outdoor areas.

Extensive Range

We stock an extensive range of colours, and we maintain large quantities of stock.

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The fabric is protected with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UVPF) of fifty plus.

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The woven polyester fabric is soft and comfortable, yet super tough.

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Our range of beanbags has proven most famous, due to their bright, happy colours and trendy shapes.

Fade Resistant

Our beanbags are rated with a Colour Fastness to Light of Grade Six.

Easy Clean

Our products have inner liners for easy filling and cleaning. Most of our products can be easily spot cleaned with antibacterial wipes or a damp sponge and mild detergent, or we can clean them for you.


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We ship worldwide. Our factory can manufacture large quantities of custom beanbags very quickly.

a few things to consider

Not all beanbags are created equal – Here are some things to consider when choosing the right Bean Bag for your school. Be sure that you do not purchase vinyl beanbags, as these have potential links with cancer. Many cheaper beanbags may not be fire rated. All of our Outdoor Bean Bags are Non-Flammable and Conform to AS3744.1-1998.

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Our products are shipped flat-packed to reduce transportation costs and environmental impact. However, if local filling services are required, please discuss this when ordering. Bean Bags R Us are proud suppliers to education departments in all states and territories. We have been supplying schools, child-minding centres, kindergartens, libraries, councils and universities since 2011.

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