Bean Bags for Schools

"Bean Bags R Us has been a leading supplier of beanbags to schools throughout Australia since 2011."

Benefits of Bean Bags

Education departments in all states and territories were quick to realise the benefits of beanbags in classrooms. Beanbags have proven popular in schools because when kids are comfortable, they tend to focus more on the task at hand. Fewer distractions mean more attention is paid to the teacher and therefore a child's ability to learn increases. Only a beanbag will provide a consistent level of support to the majority of a child's body, meaning students remain more comfortable than when using traditional chairs. The uniform pressure on the majority of the body provides a calming sense of security, and the beanbag will adapt to the child's body as he or she moves. Bean Bags are one of the most ergonomic and supportive forms of modern furniture available.

Our outdoor range of beanbags has proven most famous, due to their bright, happy colours, trendy shapes and ease of cleaning. Made from the finest quality Oxford woven Polyester, the seams of each bag are double stitched and over-locked and fitted with childproof, locking YKK safety zippers. The 1680D Polyester is PU coated, allowing it to be water repellent, yet soft on the skin, and unlike cheap nylon, the fabric breathes. All products feature carry handles making them easy to relocate from inside to outdoor areas.

Putting Fun Back in the Classroom

Bean Bags R Us is considered a leading authority on beanbag furniture, having published numerous articles on the benefits of beanbags in the classroom. The benefits of Bean Bags have long been recognised for high needs students as well as children with Autism. It has been predicted that classrooms of the future will all use beanbags instead of traditional chairs and desks. We have also researched how beanbags can assist with early childhood development. Many schools and council libraries throughout Australia understand that beanbags make reading more fun. It's important for children who are seated for many hours each day to be relaxed and comfortable, and not to be sitting upright without adequate support. Teachers in the United States and the United Kingdom have discovered that when their students are happy, not only are their jobs made easier, but the child's academic results improve dramatically. You may like to read our article on how to improve academic results with kids beanbags.

Choosing the Right Bean Bag for your School

Not all beanbags are created equally! Before purchasing a beanbag for your school, be sure that you do not purchase vinyl beanbags, as these are already banned from sale in the state of California due to their link with cancer. Many cheaper beanbags may not be fire rated; all of our Outdoor Bean Bags are Non-Flammable and Conform to AS3744.1-1998. Our fabric is made just for us, it is anti-microbial treated, meaning that germs, mould and mildew are less likely to grow in or on it. It is also treated with Sun Protection and has the highest possible UltraViolet Protection Factor (UVPF) of 50 plus. This means it will not fade as quickly as cheaper alternatives, hence it is rated with a Colour Fastness to Light of Grade Six. All our beanbags are fitted with mandatory locking zippers; we use only the best quality YKK zippers. And most importantly, if there's a problem with our product we replace it immediately. 

Below is a guide to help you select the most suitable product by age group.

Pre-School: Billy the Kid

Junior School: Freaky Cousin

Senior School: Big Boppa or Merlin

All of our products are shipped flat-packed to reduce transportation costs. However, we can provide filling services in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. There are ten colours to choose from, and all products carry a one year warranty.

Bean Bags R Us are proud suppliers to education departments in all states and territories. We have been supplying schools, child-minding centres, kindergartens, libraries, councils and universities since 2011. We are not just an online store; we are an established business, our showroom and warehouse is located on the Gold Coast. Feel free to visit us or call us anytime to discuss your school's requirements.