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What causes mould

What is Mould?

On the face of it, mould looks like a kind of furry, colourful, chalky substance. But it’s actually a living organism – and, interestingly – one of the first species…

White Balls in Potting Soil

What are the Little White Balls in Potting Soil?

Picture this. Imagine you’re excited about growing plants in your garden. You head off to the garden centre to pick up some potting soil. When you get home, you open…

bean bag loungers

The Ultimate Guide to Bean Bag Loungers

According to market reports, the world can’t seem to get enough bean bags right now. Given how comfortable and stylish bean bags are, we totally get this. What’s more, there are now…

bean bag sofa

5 Ways to Incorporate a Bean Bag Sofa Into Your Decor

Plush, supportive and infinitely comfortable, a bean bag sofa is a natural addition to any living space. If you’re tired of rigid, straight-back couches and sectionals, it’s time to upgrade…

back health

5 Ways Bean Bag Chairs Support Better Back Health

Are you concerned about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle? Did you know that almost half of Australians have preventable medical conditions? The Institute of Health and Welfare studied Australian’s back health….

buying furniture online

21 Tips for Buying Furniture Online

According to Ken Research, the Australian furniture market will be worth AUD 14 billion by 2022. And thanks to both the pandemic and industry trends, more and more consumers are…

sitting vs standing

The Fascinating Ergonomics Of Standing VS Sitting

Until recently, nobody questioned the virtues of working at a desk all day long. So long as you were in a comfortable ergonomic chair as you tapped away on your…

best dog beds for extra large dogs

The 10 Best Dog Beds for Extra Large Dogs 

If you’re a dog owner, you want nothing but the best for your pooch. And what better way to provide it than to get them a bean bag dog bed…

entertainment area ideas

8 Entertainment Area Ideas

One of the main perks of owning a home (or renting your own place for that matter) is that you finally have the freedom to entertain guests how you like….

bean bag room ideas

How to Decorate Living Room With Bean Bags

When the Italian brand Sacco invented the bean bag chair in the late 1960s, it wanted to make it something that people could place anywhere in their home. It was…

What is the most comfortable bean bag chair?

What is the most comfortable bean bag chair?

When it comes to seating, everything is secondary to comfort. It doesn’t matter how stylish a chair looks: if it isn’t pleasant to sit on it, it has reneged on…

Which colour sofa will look best in my living room?

Which colour sofa will look best in my living room?

How do you answer the question: Which colour sofa will look best in my living room? It’s no easy task. Choosing a sofa requires an understanding of the basic principles…