12 Unique Housewarming Gifts Everyone Will Love

7 April 2023

unique housewarming gifts

Did you know that new homeowners spend more on services and products in the first six months after moving into a home than established homeowners do in a full two years? There's no doubt about it. Purchasing a house comes with a wide variety of unanticipated expenses. No wonder the tradition of housewarming gifts started. How do you impress new homeowners with good housewarming gifts while still giving them something useful? Unfortunately, there's no black and white answer to this question. It depends on what you know about your hosts as well as their stage of life. But having a list of good ideas won't hurt anything. Read on for unique housewarming gift ideas that your friends will really want.

1. Return Address Stamp

Here's a fun, quirky gift that'll always come in handy. Get the new homeowners a customized return address stamp. You can find stamp makers, such as Very Stamp at Etsy, who specialize in custom-crafted, pre-inked rubber calligraphy stamps. As you explore the possibilities, choose from a wide variety of designs and fonts to ensure your gift has a personalized feel. From contemporary to country, you can design the ideal stamp for your friends. And one they'll use for years to come. This gift is unique and affordable, which means you can pair it with other items for their home or a gift certificate for purchases they have yet to anticipate.

2. Kitchen Towels with Personality

You can never have too many towels, and this holds especially true when it comes to kitchen towels. Because big messes happen, they make a great housewarming gift that your host will not only appreciate but also use. But why opt for boring towels when you can get bold with funky ones like those made by Do Take It Personally on Etsy? They include funny plays on words featuring cute visuals, and they've got a contemporary flavor. Examples include "Don't go bacon my heart" with a pig image and "Chop it like it's hot" with a knife picture.

3. Hand-Painted Christmas Ornament

Did you know you can order personalized Christmas ornaments to commemorate your friends' move-in date and new home? The folks at Magic Markings Art on Etsy have you covered with hand-painted glass, globe-shaped ornaments. Or, if you're looking for something a little different, explore the amazing designs at Little Miss Dress Up on Etsy. If your friends celebrate Christmas, then one of these custom-designed ornaments represents the ultimate when it comes to meaningful, personalized housewarming gifts. You can also personalize it with their name and a date that's special to them such as their anniversary or move-in date. It'll make for a beautiful keepsake that your friends will cherish for a lifetime.

4. Personalized Wooden Coasters

Everybody needs coasters. They come in handy throughout a home, and you can never have too many of them since they often have a way of disappearing. So, why not give your friends a set or two of personalized wooden coasters? Choose from a variety of designs and fonts to create a memorable house decor element that's super handy. What's more, you can break these out before the housewarming party even begins to make sure that no unsightly watermarks get left on your friends' favorite coffee table. They're so handy, they won't stay wrapped for very long. Check the options available through WoodBeMine on Etsy to get inspired. Then, let the coaster-designing fun begin!

5. Cozy Bean Bags

While these might not be the first housewarming gifts that come to mind, that's part of their unique charm. bean bag chairs are cozier and cuter than ever before, and your host probably needs them. After a move to a new location, many homeowners lack essentials, especially if they've decided to size up or are getting their first home. Finding enough seats can be a real problem. Especially when throwing a party like a housewarming. In fact, like the coasters, your hosts may need to unwrap and start using the bean bag you give them during the party! What's more, the right bean bag chairs come with unmatched quality and style and include elegant variations such as poufs and ottomans.

6. Marble Wine Cooler

What do you get new homeowners that pretty much have everything? If they're fans of the fruit off the vine, then look no further than a marble wine cooler. Available through Crate and Barrel, this wine cooler comes in a clean, classic marble design. It pairs well with everything from contemporary to vintage home decor. And if your friends aren't as big into chilled wine as you anticipated? No fears! This gift can multi-task like none other. It doubles as a planter and triples as a stunning vase. So, your friends can instantly green up their home or add a pop of color while still enjoying your cool offering.

7. United States Cheese Boards

Whether you're looking for a way to commemorate the state that your friends have moved from or the state they've just moved to, get them a state-shaped wooden cheese board. Made by Uncommon Goods, they pack plenty of whimsy and charm. They're a great conversation starter, and who can't use a delightful, dedicated cheese cutting board around the house?

8. Home "First Aid" Kit

Another great gift with serious long-term potential around the house is a basic tool kit. After all, emergencies DO happen, and this can prove particularly true when first moving into a new place. There are a variety of affordable, compact tool kits out there that can help with everything from hanging pictures to fixing minor repairs. Stanley makes a sleek looking one for under $50 that's available on Amazon and in most home stores. It includes:

  • A torpedo level
  • An 18mm snap-off knife
  • A 16' tape measure
  • Long-nose pliers
  • A Phillips screwdriver
  • A standard screwdriver
  • Slip-joint pliers
  • And all of the essential bits they'll need

Its sleek case will keep the new homeowners happy and organized while providing the tools they need in a pinch.

9. Electric Corkscrew

While this one sounds like a trendy dance from the early '90's club scene, it's actually way cooler. An electric corkscrew makes opening every bottle of wine a cinch. It can open up to 30 wine bottles on a single charge and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. So, your friends will no longer have to worry about strong-arming bottles of vino in their new home.

10. An Exceptional Cookbook

This gift can be a little tricky. That said, if your friends have ever complimented you on a recipe or two from your favorite cookbook, then why not return the favor by giving them a copy? That way, they'll be prepared to break in the new kitchen. You could also go with a cookbook that they've mentioned wanting in the past or a new one featuring their favorite type of cuisine or chef. It's an affordable gift that feels personalized. And, if you play your cards right? You may soon be enjoying the dividends of having friends with said cookbook.

11. The Perfect Throw

UGG is known for its luxurious shoes. But did you know that they also make one of the comfiest throws on the market? You can purchase it through Nordstrom. While it's among the most expensive things on this list, it still comes in under $100. If the UGG version falls outside of your price range, that doesn't mean you have to give up on the throw concept. Just head on over to your favorite home store and start feeling blankets until you find the softest, most affordable one in the bunch.

12. A Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher represents a necessity in a new home. And you need them in a variety of locations from your kitchen to your laundry room. But why go with a standard fire extinguisher that your friends will want to hide when you can go one better and get a gorgeous one? Safe T makes a fun line of fire extinguishers in colors you'll love. From vintage-inspired numbers that look great in everything from traditional to contemporary pads to ones painted like wine bottles, you've got a huge selection to choose from. What's more, this epic housewarming gift is mic drop-worthy. Why? Because nobody else is going to one-up you when it comes to handy and hella cute all at once.

Housewarming Gifts Your Friends Will Adore AND Use

Why settle for the same old housewarming gifts when you can step outside the box and get something extraordinary for your favorite new homeowners? From funny kitchen towels to designer-made fire extinguishers, you've got tons of options. There are also personalized gifts such as wooden coasters, hand-painted Christmas ornaments, or customized return address stamps. And don't forget about items that make a house feel like a home such as bean bag chairs to match your friends' decor or the perfect throw to snuggle under. Each of the housewarming gift ideas above are both imaginative and handy. Your friends will cherish them for years to come. Even better, they'll use these items over and over again as they settle into their new home. Looking for more great gift ideas? Or, maybe you're not sure what to do after the housewarming party? Read on to learn about the perfect end to a great night out, hosting a cozy movie night at home.

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