How to Host a Cozy Movie Night at Home

7 February 2023

movie night at home

Are you tired of going out just to see a movie? Visiting your local theater for a date night can add up to $50 (or more). Let's not forget the kids. You have to pack a bag and load the strollers in a car. Maybe it's a rainy day, and you'd just prefer not to go out. Whether you're staying in to cuddle with your significant other, having a night with the kids, or inviting friends over, a movie night at home is always a good option. Keep reading to learn how to host the perfect movie night.

Steps to Hosting a Movie Night at Home

Hosting a movie night at home requires more thought than you may have initially considered. Follow these steps to ensure you have a successful night.

1. Create the Guest List

Who will be attended your movie night? Friends, family, children? The attendees you select will help you with the following steps. You can't really select a movie until you know who's coming. 5-year-olds may not enjoy Rocky Balboa, but your friends from work probably won't enjoy Princess and the Frog. You can create your guest list based on a movie you had in mind. Does your daughter love Disney princesses? Maybe your son loves baseball, or you have friends who enjoy Star Wars. Or you can select the movie once you've selected the guest lists. Maybe you just moved into a new place, and you want to have some college friends over. You will know exactly what movie to select. Once your guests have submitted their RSVP, you can plan accordingly.

2. Select a Movie

After creating your guest list, you have the responsibility of picking the perfect movie! This is why attendance was important. Are you having a family movie night, couples, friends? Are you reliving high school or college days with some old friends? A decade themed party is always a good time. Grease for the 70s, Dirty Dancing for the 80s, House Party for the 90s, and the list goes on. Minions, Toy Story, or basically ANY Disney movie is a great choice for the kids. Having a couples night? Grab some tissues and a copy of The Notebook. Are you a member of any specific organization, like a Young Professionals Network? Maybe the Wolf of Wall Street is a good selection. The movie is the most important part of a successful movie night. You can dust off an old movie from the shelf, use a streaming service, or rent a Redbox, as long as you know your audience.

3. Send a Cool Invitation

After you've selected your guests, send them a creative invitation through Evite or text, using Gifs, memes, or clever puns. "May the Fourth Be With You" is always a winner with Star Wars fans on May 4th. Send a special delivery package to their homes like Harry Potter received in the Sorceror's Stone. If you're really cool, you'll send it by Owl. Your child's princess friends would love to receive a doll with a request for their presence. James Bond would send an invitation via a Top Secret Mission. You could just give them a call the old fashion way, but that's not as fun! Have fun with this step of the movie night. Your attendees will love it and be more inclined to attend.

4. Grab the Snacks

Pizza is the only option for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie! Add in TMNT themed jello cups, veggie trays, or a variety of other snacks for even more fun. Harry Potter totally requires butterbeer and chocolate toads. Dracula doughnuts or Casper Cookies are perfect for any Halloween movie. Don't forget the popcorn. You can even add in the movie-style popcorn boxes. They're always available at your local Dollar Tree. There is truly no limit to how creative you can be with the snacks for your movie night. If you're having an adult movie night, you can also get creative with the drinks. Serve up a vodka Martini for James Bond or anything with Blue Curacao and Grenadine for Spiderman. Watching Jaws? Try a Shark Attack Margarita. If you're having children over, go with smoothies, slushes, or lemonade movie-inspired mocktails. Stay consistent with your movie's theme and have fun!

5. Arrange a Cozy Set-Up

Allow your guests to get comfy! If you're hosting a movie night with the kids, select a camping movie and create an inside fortress. Ensure that there are a sufficient amount of pillows and blankets. You can always skip the couch and let your guests lounge in some large bean bag chairs for some added comfort. Planning an outside movie night with a projector screen? Grab some picnic blankets and lounge chairs, and be sure to bring the bug spray. Outdoor bean bag chairs are great for this occasion. If you're hosting a self-care night with the girls, transform your space into a zen meditation room and watch Eat Pray Love while doing face masks. Kids love games, so add blow-up mattresses to the floor as pretend rafts for Moana. Regardless of your theme, add some comfort items to your set up.

6. Add Creative Decorations

If you selected a theme, get creative and decorate the room. For example, with TMNT you can transform your living room into the Secret Sewer Lair by adding some green lightbulbs and placing an "NYC Sewer" manhole cover on your front door. Give your guests a few party favors like TMNT masks, a candy bag, or play swords - depending on the age. Whether you transform your home into Hogwarts or your yard into a camping ground, ensure that your guests are comfortable. When planing remember that different colors affect your mood, so choose them wisely.

7. Go All Out with the Theme

You selected a great movie, made delicious snacks, and decorated your apartment, why not go all out? Ask your guests to dress up. Hosting a Harry Potter watch night? Grab your cloak and wand and have a great time. You could even sort your guest into houses. Who wouldn't love a Team Gryffindor versus Team Slytherin quidditch match? Your decade themed movie like Grease can be accompanied with big hair, leather jackets, and bright red lipstick. Add extra fun to the theme by hosting a costume competition and offering the winner a cool prize!

8. Select the Tech

Is your TV large enough for several viewers, or are you using a projector screen? Some projectors offer HD quality, great quality speakers and wireless connectivity. Do you have a 3D enabled projector or DVD player? Grab some 3D glasses and watch the Avengers for an interactive movie night. If you don't have a smart TV, you may need an HDMI cord. Some movies just require a high-definition screen and an amazing surround sound. You will also need to dim the lighting. Do you have lamps or any small sources of light so your guest can find their way to the snacks or bathroom? Regardless of how you choose to screen your movie, ensure that you have the necessary tech beforehand to prevent any technical issues.

8. Plan Before and After Activities

Why not play a game of dodgeball after getting fired up by Vince Vaughn's performance in DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story? It will probably be better played after the movie because - sweat. Planning activities to go along with your movie will extend the quality time you have with your family or friends and make for a memorable night. You can play a movie trivia game like Movie Buff or select the TV/Movie category on a game like Heads Up! Hasbro also makes a variety of themed Monopoly boards like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Despicable Me, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and many more. You can get creative and create your own game of Quidditch or have lightsabers and fight for the last slice of pizza. Pull out your Xbox or PlayStation for some one-on-one combat or go old school with a Sega or Atari (if you have one). Take your movie night to the next level with fun activities.

Silence Your Phones, the Movie is Starting

You now have all of the steps required to create a cozy movie night at home. Be as creative as your mind will allow, but great company, great food, a great movie, and a great space are the only ingredients you truly need. Check out our selection of bean bag chairs to ensure that your guests are comfy during your movie night at home.

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