Bean Bags

  • unique housewarming gifts

    12 Unique Housewarming Gifts Everyone Will Love

    Did you know that new homeowners spend more on services and products in the first six months after moving into a home than established homeowners do in a full two years? There's no doubt about it. Purchasing a house comes with a wide variety of unanticipated expenses. No wonder the tradition of housewarming gifts started. How do you impress new homeowners with good housewarming gifts ...
    April 7 2023
  • gaming bean bag

    What to Look For in the Perfect Gaming Bean Bag

    There are many reasons why you might want to invest in a gaming bean bag. It's a popular alternative to other seating options open to gamers. Perhaps you’ve decided the extra comfort offered by a bean bag chair is appealing to you. We’re going to talk through all of the things take into account when looking for the ideal gaming bean bag. It’s important not to rush into a purchase. Becaus...
    April 3 2023
  • large adult bean bags

    Five Tips to finding the best Adult Bean Bags Online

    So many people are now turning to bean bags as the most comfortable and appealing form of seating for the home, and who can blame them? If you’re also interested in purchasing a new bean bag for your home, there are some things you’ll need to consider. Large adult bean bags come in many shapes and sizes and there are some key factors that’ll impact on your final choice. We’re going to co...
    April 1 2023
  • bean bag bed

    5 Reasons Why You Need a Bean Bag Bed

    Ever since the 1960s, bean bags have been an important piece of furniture for communal spaces. But now the technology has advanced to the point where they are also a standard feature in the bedroom. The bean bag bed has come of age. The idea of a bean bag bed sounds kind of crazy when you first encounter it. But manufacturers are getting much better at creating comfortable materials. And thi...
    March 29 2023
  • 1970s furniture styles

    Groovy 1970s Furniture Styles to Love

    Retro patterns and chunky shapes. Earthy tones of desert beige and avocado green. Carpeted flooring and floral patterns galore.  What do these things have in common? They're all worth mentioning when discussing the funky, nostalgic vibes of 1970s furniture styles - and the seventies. The tail swings the dog - some things never go out of style. That's why the masses loved watching the ...
    March 27 2023
  • cool birthday gifts for teens

    20 Cool Birthday Gifts for Teens That Are Budget-Friendly

    The average parent spends a whopping $500 on gifts and a party for their child’s birthday. As your kids get older, it seems as though that price doesn’t want to go down. While teenagers may not want a big birthday party, they suddenly start asking for more expensive gifts, like brand-name clothes or gaming consoles. Luckily, you don’t have to spend $500 to ensure your teen is happy on th...
    March 26 2023
  • teen bean bags

    Your Guide to the Best Teen Bean Bags

    According to the most recent census results, there are about 42 million teenagers in the US. Despite the large number, each kid that falls under this statistic is growing into a unique, interesting, and productive individual that can achieve things no one else can. Read on to learn more about the best teen bean bags on the market. So you can choose the perfect one for your child! Because...
    March 24 2023
  • are beanbags dangerous

    Are Bean Bags Dangerous?

    After reports of two deaths and a massive recall, some people are beginning to question the safety of beanbags. The circumstances that led to two children losing their lives in 2011 were unfortunate and tragic, and we express our sincere condolences to the families involved. However, like most tragedies, the hysteria fueled by the mass media has blown the true dangers out of proportion. ...
    March 7 2023
  • durable bean bags

    Durable Bean Bags, Do They Exist?

    There are so many types of bean bags on the market it can sometimes be confusing to choose the best material and style for you. It all depends on practicality and where and how you want to use it. There are many kinds of durable bean bags available, both indoor and outdoor. If you’re looking for an outdoor bean bag you have certain factors to consider, for example, if it’s waterproof. Indoo...
    January 10 2023
  • can polystyrene be recycled

    Can Polystyrene Be Recycled?

    Polystyrene is a type of plastic used in numerous applications, including toys, gardening equipment, electronics, appliances, and, incidentally, bean bag filling. But can polystyrene be recycled? Let’s find out. Can Superworms Eat Styrofoam? Common knowledge says that plastic is something that remains in the ground forever and doesn’t break down. That’s because, we’re told, nature has no ...
    June 1 2021
  • White Balls in Potting Soil

    What are the Little White Balls in Potting Soil?

    Picture this. Imagine you’re excited about growing plants in your garden. You head off to the garden centre to pick up some potting soil. When you get home, you open the bag. You pour the soil into your pots and start getting ready to plant your cuttings and seedlings. However, when you do, you notice polystyrene like little white balls in the potting soil. That’s not right. Potting soil is...
    April 1 2021
  • buying furniture online

    21 Tips for Buying Furniture Online

    According to Ken Research, the Australian furniture market will be worth AUD 14 billion by 2022. And thanks to both the pandemic and industry trends, more and more consumers are buying furniture online. For many, though, purchasing large bulky items, such as tables, chairs, and beds online is a new experience. There’s a big difference between ordering a book from an online store and purc...
    January 12 2021