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  • Bring Your Decor Down to Earth With Earthy Tones

    Bring Your Decor Down to Earth With Earthy Tones

    Earth tones are one of 2023's best-known interior trends, and according to Vogue, fantastic designers, including Jake Arnold and Sarah Solis, are currently embracing them. These earthy roots have arisen as a direct follow-on from the minimalist and industrial styles that have punctuated design over recent years, and they provide a great way to refresh any room. Earth tones are also a subtle and sleek way to introduce a pop of colour that will draw the eye while retaining the harmony of your overall interiors.
    August 15 2023
  • apartment decorating

    Apartment Decorating 101

    Did you know that 53% of young families in the United States don't feel at home in their house? One of the biggest factors that make people feel like they aren't at home is that their house is undecorated and not personalized to their wants and needs. If you don't feel a warm and comforting feeling when coming home from work, you may want to consider redecorating your apartment. Co...
    April 6 2023
  • what colour bedroom

    What Colour Bedroom Is the Most Relaxing?

    At the end of a busy day, there’s nothing like sinking into a bean bag bed and looking forward to hitting the hay and enjoying forty winks. Your sleeping environment can have a significant impact on your mood and your ability to sleep soundly. If you have difficulty sleeping, or you’re in the process of planning a bedroom makeover, it’s beneficial to consider ways to create a relaxing, sere...
    April 4 2023
  • different room colors

    How Different Room Colors Can Affect Your Mood

    Did you know that the color spectrum is used in radiation therapy? This is known as chromotherapy and is based on centuries of research with the visible spectrum and its impact on us. Colors have been tied to effects on our emotional and mental states in countless studies. Different room colors are the basis of various psychological designs to affect our mood. While we may have own color...
    January 31 2023
  • office bean bags

    4 Great Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs Office Bean Bags

    While you might not want to admit it, especially if you designed it yourself, there could be a bunch of things your employees don't like about your office. With the wrong furniture, you could be hampering creativity and making your employees feel cramped and stuffed into a box, literally and conceptually. Office bean bags can give your employees some flexibility that will change their attit...
    December 5 2022
  • man cave essentials

    Man Cave Essentials: 10 Things Every Rec Room Must Have

    Are you in the process of building yourself a man cave? There are absolute man cave essentials that you will 100 per cent need to put into it before you start using your man cave regularly. A flat-screen television is the most apparent man cave essential. How else are you going to watch the big game on Sunday afternoon or the latest blockbuster flick on Friday night? But you need more...
    November 14 2022
  • wedding tent decor

    15 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Your Wedding Tent Décor

    The average wedding costs a whopping $30,000! But who has that kind of money laying around, especially when many young couples are trying to pay off student loans or save up for a down payment on a house? Luckily, there are ways to cut costs and still have a beautiful wedding. One of the best ways to save a ton is to forgo a traditional wedding venue and opt for a tented wedding instead. Of...
    November 7 2022
  • bean bag sofa

    5 Ways to Incorporate a Bean Bag Sofa Into Your Decor

    Plush, supportive and infinitely comfortable, a bean bag sofa is a natural addition to any living space. If you're tired of rigid, straight-back couches and sectionals, it's time to upgrade and elevate your interior with this creative and playful design. Whether your personal style is modern and minimalist, bohemian and funky or somewhere in between, you can find a bean bag sofa to me...
    February 2 2021
  • sitting vs standing

    The Fascinating Ergonomics Of Standing VS Sitting

    Until recently, nobody questioned the virtues of working at a desk all day long. So long as you were in a comfortable ergonomic chair as you tapped away on your keyboard, you were fine. However, the standing vs sitting debate changed direction in the last ten years, due to the publication of dozens of studies suggesting that standing might be superior for a range of ergonomic and health ...
    December 14 2020
  • entertainment area ideas

    8 Entertainment Area Ideas

    One of the main perks of owning a home (or renting your place, for that matter) is that you finally have the freedom to entertain guests how you like. But creating spaces, they’ll love can be challenging. We all know the essential ingredients of a good living room or kitchen but have less experience with entertainment area ideas.  The purpose of entertainment spaces is twofold: to provide ev...
    November 29 2020
  • bean bag room ideas

    How to Decorate Living Room With Bean Bags

    When the Italian brand Sacco invented the bean bag chair in the late 1960s, it wanted to make it something that people could place anywhere in their home. It was to be a respectable object to go up against sofas and armchairs popular at the time - a grown-up piece of furniture that would add to any room. Bean bag room ideas were becoming mainstream. You could immediately see what these early p...
    November 22 2020
  • Which colour sofa will look best in my living room?

    Which colour sofa will look best in my living room?

    How do you answer the question: Which colour sofa will look best in my living room? It’s no easy task. Choosing a sofa requires an understanding of the basic principles of shade-matching and knowing how to choose a tone that complements your current interior palette. If you're planning on redecorating your entire living room, you have quite a lot of freedom on this front. You can adjust the n...
    November 8 2020