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Even dogs love our bean bags. Our range of dog beds are suitable for indoors and outdoors and will ensure your pet has a good night’s sleep.

best dog beds for extra large dogs

The 10 Best Dog Beds for Extra Large Dogs 

If you’re a dog owner, you want nothing but the best for your pooch. And what better way to provide it than to get them a bean bag dog bed…

raised dog beds benefits

What are the Benefits of Raised Dog Beds?

You may think raised dog beds are just for older dogs, or those that are injured or sick. However, the elevated design of raised dog beds makes them an ideal…

waterproof dog bed

8 Benefits of a Waterproof Dog Bed

When shopping for the best bed for your pup, every pet parent will only want the best products on the market. But, many aspects to consider can make a choice…

how to stop dogs chewing their beds

How to Stop Dogs Chewing Their Beds

When you have spent money on a plush bed for your dog, it can be very frustrating to see that he has chewed it to pieces! Rather than getting mad…

is styrofoam bad for dogs

What Happens If A Dog Eats Styrofoam?

Styrofoam is a trademarked brand name for a type of polystyrene foam. It has a variety of uses thanks to its lightweight construction and excellent insulation properties. Is Styrofoam bad…

dog bed for arthritis

What are the Best Dog Beds for Arthritis?

If your dog has been having health problems and your vet has provided a diagnosis of arthritis, you might be wondering what needs to change for your dog and how…

dog proof fabric

What is Dog Proof Fabric?

You’ve spotted a brand new, velvety soft sofa in the window of the furniture store. You ogle the smooth fabric and the plush, comfortable cushions, and you drool over the…

luxury dog beds

Top 10 Luxury Dog Beds for Your Dog’s Comfort

You wouldn’t let a beloved family member sleep on an uncomfortable, rigid bed, would you? So, why would the same suffice for your furriest and most loyal companion? When it…

senior dog beds

Soothing the Achy Joints of the Golden Years: The Benefits of a Dog Bed for Senior Pets

Is your pet pooch getting older and needing more care? You should start giving your furry favourite a new and more supportive dog bed that will help him rest better….

dog bed

9 Tips for Buying a Top-Notch Dog Bed (Hint: Try a Bean Bag!)

Finding a top-notch dog bed can be challenging when you consider how many breeds and how many unique personalities are wrapped up in each one. After all, no two dogs…

choosing a dog bed

10 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Dog Bed

Do you want to give your dog a place other than your floor or your furniture to sleep? Consider investing in a dog bed. It’ll provide your precious pooch with the…

bean bag dog beds

Bean Bag Dog Beds: Why You Need One

Most dogs spend about 14 hours a day sleeping or napping. The exact amount of sleeping time depends on the dog’s breed, personality, and age. For example, large breeds might…