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The bean bag as we know it today is a style icon of the 60’s & 70’s when hippies were embracing flower power, beatniks were discussing philosophy in dark cafes, folk music was top of the charts, and ‘free love’ was there for the taking.

Bean Bags R Us For CampingThis flexible piece of soft furniture is arguably one of the most recognisable symbols of those revolutionary times, when culture and society was changed forever.

Some historians, however, believe that bean bag roots go much further back to Ancient Egypt. According to one, bean bags were first invented by the ancient Egyptians sometime around 2000 BC, and for thousands of years they were used to play games and for other recreational diversions. The first bean bags were small, round and made of leather. They were most likely filled with dried beans or pebbles, and they were used by some of the world’s first jugglers.

Others trace their origins back to Native Americans, who used pig bladders full of dried beans in a game, and as training tools in ancient China by students of Tai Chi. Read more.

The use of bags filled with styrofoam beans as furniture, however, can be firmly established at 1969. Designed by Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro and produced by the Italian company Zanotta in 1969, beanbags became a globally recognised piece of furniture, symbolic of that era. It is said that they noticed the staff would sit on bags filled with styrofoam during their coffee and cigarette breaks. The original beanbag chair was called ‘Sacco’, which was a pear-shaped leather bag filled with styrofoam beans - it is still in production today.

One thing is certain. Today, beanbags are back on trend with a vengeance and are a go-to favourite for creating chic and stylish environments with the added benefit of supreme comfort. Plus modern fabrics mean that Bean bags come in an amazing array of shapes, sizes and materials including leather, suede, corduroy, lambswool, faux fur, and cotton canvas or weather-proof polyester for outdoors.Bean Bags for Interior Designers

Interior Designers from around the world call us when they need beanbags for special projects.

We have a dedicated commercial team working with architects and interior designers on commercial projects such as:

  • Pre-Schools
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Mega-Yachts
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Bars & Nightclubs
  • Resorts & Hotels
  • Child Care Centres
  • Shopping Centres
  • Office Building
  • Hospitals

We can design and manufacture custom beanbags to just about any size or specification.*

We are proud to work with the interior designers who fit out the Mater Prize Homes. We have also worked with the interior designers who fit out Ronald McDonald House and supplied designer bean bags to P&O Cruise Ships for their kids’ area.

Designer Bean Bags OnlineOur designer outdoor beanbags are used by numerous resorts in the Maldives including Velassaru, Kudadoo, Huawalhi Resort, Amilla Fushi.

Have a vision? Then the Bean Bags R Us design team are your perfect match. If you can conceive it, we can make it for you. One of our recent projects included a collection of designer leather beanbags using a variety of sustainably harvested natural hides, for a very special cinema room.

But as a measure of exactly how much respect the humble bean bag is attracting from designers, we can’t go past the case of popular US designer, Alexander Wang whose premiere furniture collection included a black leather beanbag resting on a brass base for a cool $8,800 US dollars!

Apart from their fashionable looks, beanbags are comfortable and supportive pieces of furniture which can be used to help you relax, work, sleep, and have a good time. Being able to mould the shape of the bag to fit your body exactly is just heaven. In fact, there are a number of health benefits associated with bean bags.

Being able to move them around quickly and easily is another huge advantage, especially in smaller rooms, or when you have a house full and need temporary extra seating. Giant bean bags are also used as a low-cost alternative to buying a sofa or couch – something that many young people setting up their first home fully appreciate.

Bean Bags also shine in the outdoors. Our range of water-proof products can be used to create a resort-style outdoor area that would be the envy of any five-star resort. A range of shapes, sizes and colours can be mixed and matched on the patio and in the pool.

While we are 100% confident you’ll love the look, it’s the comfort that we think will make you a bean bag fan forever.Capri Designer Bean Bags

It should also be noted that we use only the highest-grade and thickness of fabrics, which are UV 50+ protected, antimicrobial treated to avoid mould and mildew, water-resistant and vented for thorough drying – all the while being silky soft to your skin and refreshingly breathable.

Styles of Bean Bag Chairs

The fact of the matter is that there are all types of bean bag chairs available these days. However, most bean bags chairs fit into one of the five categories reviewed below.

Round Chairs

Round (or Teardrop) bean chairs are exactly what they sound like: circular bags ending in a teardrop shape at the top, and which look like a ball. By far the most common type round chairs are used just about everywhere — from living rooms to bedrooms, to entertainment rooms, and more. These chairs don’t provide a great deal of support for the back or arms, but they are more than capable of getting the job done. They are still exceedingly comfortable.

Square Chairs

Aptly named, square bean bag chairs possess a look similar to a living room recliner, complete with backrests and armrests. They provide a greater level of back and neck support than a Round Chair, and because they look like a miniature version of grown-up chairs, they are a firm favourite with kids who have their own special range.

Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are high-end bean bag chairs which are most typically used by avid video gamers. These chairs are structured a lot like computer chairs, offering top-notch comfort and support for the back, neck, and arms. In some cases, a gaming bean bag chair will be equipped with speakers. These speakers can sync up with your TV or computer, allowing you to obtain high-definition sound from where you’re sitting.Bean Bag Interior Design

Body Chairs

In addition to the chairs reviewed above, there are also novelty chairs available to you. These chairs are primarily designed for kids in a way that they take the shape of an existing item. For instance, you may see a bean bag chair that’s shaped like an aeroplane, or a turtle, or a football. These chairs can be just as comfortable as other types of chairs but are treasured more for their aesthetic properties than for their comfort capabilities.

Bean bag chairs come in a range of different sizes. Regardless of what size you are, there is a beanbag out there that will accommodate you.

Designer Bean Bags for KidsKids

Many bean bags are designed to meet the needs of children. Generally, these chairs measure between 110 inches and 120 inches in circumference and are too small for anyone above four and a half feet tall.

Young Teen

There are also bean bags designed specifically for young teens. These bean bags generally measure in between 130 inches and 140 inches in circumference. For the most part, they won’t accommodate anyone taller than about 5’2″ or 5’3″.


For older teens and adults, you should buy a bean bag between 140 inches and 150 inches in circumference. Bags of this size are meant to accommodate individuals up to 6 feet in height. If you’re a bit taller than this, you might still be able to get away with using an adult bean bag chair.

Costa Outdoor Designer Bean BagsOversized

If you’re a large individual, or if you’re just a fan of massive bean bags, there are oversized models available to you. These bean bags start at 180 inches in circumference and go about as large as you could ever hope to go. They are perfect for taller individuals or groups of people who all want to sit on one bag.

Everyone loves bean bags. They love looking at them, sitting on them, and feeling how comfortable they can be. After reading all the benefits of designer bean bags, you might think they would cost a fortune. But that’s not the case at all.

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