Designer Bean Bags

Our extensive range of designer and promotional beanbags are the perfect solution for commercial applications, with their durable design and branding capacity able to make your event stand out and be remembered. From corporate product launches and festivals through to industry showcases and conferences, our designer bean bags are ideal for promoting your brand and adding a sense of fun and personality to your commercial event.

Personality and Fun

In the modern business world, making a lasting impression can be very hard. Marketing managers and human resources teams are always looking for a way to stand out and create unique branding opportunities. Here at Bean Bags R Us, we design novel and fun-filled commercial solutions for special events all over the world. Our bean bags are colourful, trendy, comfortable, and perfect for promoting your brand or special event.

Whether you're looking for an exciting way to impress your clients, a memorable experience for your customers, or a way to reward your staff, our designer and promotional bean bags always bring fun to the table. They have already been used to promote some of the biggest brands and the most amazing events in the world, including music festivals, media organisations, and educational institutions.

Customisation and Innovation

Our range of promotional bean bags is ideal for personalization. You can easily add your business name, company logo, or slogan to the beanbags, creating an association between your brand and the valuable experience that you've created. From corporate showcases and product displays through to concerts, food festivals, and industry conferences, our bean bags can be personalised to meet the needs of your organisation and event.

Here at Bean Bags R Us, we provide a range of colour and printing options on all of our products, so it's easier than ever to create something that's unique to your specific brand. By directly associating a memorable event with a product name or brand, you can add value, promote brand loyalty, and engage your customer base in a way that will be remembered and appreciated.

Our promotional bean bags are made from high-quality polyester, a material that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Not only does this provide a comfortable seating solution for your event, but our bean bags are also easy to clean and move around to suit your needs. The unique polyurethane coating that we use is fade-resistant, durable, and ideal for indoor or outdoor events.

Customisation options include a range of colours, messages, printing options, and design choices. With our brand new range of promotional bean bags, you can even print full-size photographs on the bean bag. Even though there is a minimum order requirement when choosing photographs, we always try to accommodate your needs. There are twelve colours available to choose from, with customers able to mix and match colours for a fun and vibrant solution.

We offer a large variety of designer bean bag products for special events and commercial applications. Whether you're hosting ten people or 1,000, we allow a wide range of order sizes and customisation options. Whether you're a small media organisation, a marketing manager, or an events management company, our designer bean bags are a unique and fun solution that provides a wealth of benefits for your customers or audience.

Advantages of Promotional Beanbags

Our exclusive range of promotional bean bags provides a number of benefits when used in a commercial environment. Our bean bags are highly functional, attractive, and bursting with promotional potential. Not only will they give your customers and clients somewhere safe and comfortable to sit and relax, but they also provide a novel marketing solution that will add a sense of fun and personality to your event.

Comfortable Seating

Bean bags are a practical and very comfortable seating solution. While most people associate bean bags with domestic use, they really come into their own when used for special events and other commercial applications. People who have been standing up or walking around all day long are practically begging for a comfortable seating solution. Our promotional bean bags are more than happy to oblige.

Branding Potential

Our designer bean bags provide unlimited branding potential. Whether you're running a small niche event, a large corporate showcase, or a music festival for tens of thousands of people, being able to highlight your company name or brand directly to your target market is worth its weight in gold. Here at Bean Bags R US, our promotional bean bags will help to spread your message in a fun and interesting way.

Flexibility in all Environments

Beanbags are a versatile indoor or outdoor seating solution. Rather than waste money, time, and space designing a rigid seating plan, you can get bean bags to do the same job in a more affordable and flexible package. Our bean bags are lightweight and durable, which means you can move them around easily and spot clean them when needed.

Fun and Novelty

Despite all of their practical and promotional benefits, perhaps the biggest advantage of our bean bags is the sense of fun and excitement that they'll add to your special event. While our promotional bean bags are becoming more popular all the time, they are still a unique and novel sight that will create an impact and be remembered long after the event is over.

Designer Bean Bag Options

At Bean Bags R Us, we offer an extensive range of indoor and outdoor beanbag solutions for commercial applications. All of our products are made with high-quality polyester so that you can ensure longevity and easy cleaning day after day, year after year. Our bean bags are available as either pre-filled or flat-packed solutions, so you can get something that is perfect for your commercial needs. All products are UV tested with a 50+ rating, resistant to mould and mildew, and designed to avoid fading when placed outdoors.

If you need a practical and creative way to add value to your event, our promotional bean bag range has been designed to engage your market and provide a functional seating solution. Our flexible order options allow you to choose bean bags in a variety of colours and sizes, with our nation-wide delivery system making it easy to pick up your beanbags at any location.

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