Bean Bag Lounges

  • Turn Your Yard into a Fun Summer Paradise with poolside lounge chairs

    Turn Your Yard into a Fun Summer Paradise with poolside lounge chairs

    In this post, we will run through some tried-and-tested tips for transforming your external space into a fun summer paradise

    November 12 2023
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    How to Add Seating to Any Room With Bean Bag Loungers

    For most people, the words "bean bag chair" bring to mind images of brightly coloured (mostly deflated) sweaty pleather sacks shoved into the corner of a dingy and chaotic room. Since the debut of bean bags in the 1970s, the furniture industry has changed. The bean bag lounger has moved from a teenage-bedroom accessory to a stylish addition to any room in your home. Are you wondering how to...
    March 25 2023
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    The Ultimate Guide to Bean Bag Loungers

    According to market reports, the world can't seem to get enough bean bags right now. Given how comfortable and stylish bean bags are, we totally get this. What's more, there are now numerous bean bag styles to choose from. One of the comfiest and versatile is the bean bag lounger. Bean bag loungers are a popular choice, as they can be used inside or outside and give you a true lounging e...
    February 16 2021
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    5 Ways to Incorporate a Bean Bag Sofa Into Your Decor

    Plush, supportive and infinitely comfortable, a bean bag sofa is a natural addition to any living space. If you're tired of rigid, straight-back couches and sectionals, it's time to upgrade and elevate your interior with this creative and playful design. Whether your personal style is modern and minimalist, bohemian and funky or somewhere in between, you can find a bean bag sofa to me...
    February 2 2021
  • Media Room Bean Bags - Which Bean Bag is Best For My Media Room?

    Media Room Bean Bags - Which Bean Bag is Best For My Media Room?

    A good media room deserves a great place for you to sit and relax in comfort. If you’re not able to sit down and relax in comfort, you won’t enjoy the media you’re viewing or playing; it really is as simple as that. That’s why it’s such a good idea for you to invest in a media room bean bag for your space. They offer everything you need from this kind of chair in this kind of setting and they d...
    March 15 2020
  • Bean Bag Couch Versus Sofa: Which One Should I Get?

    Bean Bag Couch Versus Sofa: Which One Should I Get?

    Thirty years ago, good-quality couches were expected to last around 15 years. That number went down to twelve years in 1996 and is now about seven years. Good-Quality furniture is now built to last less time than it was decades ago. However, the prices continue to climb for many of these items! Maybe instead of spending thousands on a sofa that won't last the test of time, it's better...
    October 30 2018
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    How to Create the Perfect Chill Out Lounge

    If you travel frequently, you may have noticed a new trend in upscale leisure. Chill out lounges are popping up everywhere; they're becoming ideal additions to beach bars throughout Asia, and they're making appearances at luxury resorts in places like Mexico and The Bahamas. The concept is simple; attached to the establishment's primary structure is an area designed for rest. This area is ...
    April 13 2014
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    Are Bean Bag Couches Right For Your Home?

    When people hear the term bean bag, they often think of the brightly coloured chairs commonly found in dorms or kids rooms but did you know they come in many different sizes and styles? The hottest styles include oversize and couch-like designs. These types of products are quickly growing in popularity around the world. Especially as more people replace their large and old sofas with them. But ...
    December 15 2013
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    How To Relax In Style - With Bean Bag Lounges!

    At Bean Bags R Us, we take relaxation seriously!  That's why we offer stylish bean bag seating you can use to get comfortable at home, in your yard, or even at the beach. No matter where you plan to unwind, we have the perfect bean bag lounge for you and your family. These chairs are generously sized so that they can accommodate children and adults with ease! What Makes Our Bean Bag Lounges...
    March 23 2013