Turn Your Yard into a Fun Summer Paradise with poolside lounge chairs

12 November 2023

poolside lounge chairs

We all want to be relaxed happy and have fun during the summer months. After all, Summer is the time of year when we can truly enjoy all that life has to offer:

  • Good times with friends relaxing in poolside lounge chairs
  • Spending long days with a book in our hands
  • Living our best lives

There's much to love; there's simply no doubt about it.

It's in your interest to enjoy the summer months as easy as possible. While there's plenty of fun in the outside world, it's more enjoyable if you have good times on your property. If you have a decent-sized yard, that'll be within reach — but you'll need to do the work to make it happen.

In this post, we will run through some tried-and-tested tips for transforming your external space into a fun summer paradise that allows you and your family to experience the best that summer offers. Ready? Let's dive in. 

Lush Scenery

We're trying to make a fun summer paradise here, and there's no such thing as a barren paradise! So, the step will be creating a lush garden that's a joy to behold. Creating a lush garden will be more or less complicated depending on your starting point; some homeowners will need to hire a landscaper to bring their less-than-perfect yard up to scratch, but if you've already got a decent foundation of plants and trees, then it might just require a little bit of work.

The outcome should be the same regardless of the level of work: a beautiful, green, lush garden that makes you feel you've stepped into a magical rainforest wonderland every time you step out your back door. 

Create a Trendy Living Space

Your yard isn't there to view from a distance like a work of art. It's for enjoying up close and personal. You can make the most of the warm spring and summer days by creating a trendy outdoor living space where you and your family can enjoy meals and wait for those evening stars to appear.

A decking area with upscale garden furniture will provide the focal point for socialising with your friends and family. Try to include a mixture of seating types, and if you have the space, make the external living area more significant than you think you'll need — you'll want space for as many of your loved ones as possible.

A Private Oasis

When you think of paradise, you probably don't imagine other people beyond your close friends and family. So keep that in mind when you're putting together your next-level yard. In truth, your neighbours are unlikely to be peering into your yard when you and your family are unwinding on your poolside lounge chairs, but you'll feel more relaxed if you know that you're off-limits to prying eyes.

You can insulate your yard from the external world by adding a tall fence, creating a living wall, installing a gazebo, and keeping any tall trees in their place. That way, the only eyeballs you'll have to worry about are those from passing planes. 

Outdoor Cooking

The winter months are for cooking cosy recipes while we shelter from the less-than-ideal weather. During the summer months, it's all about outdoor cooking. Is there anything more enjoyable than barbecuing in shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops? If there is, we don't know what it is. When putting together your summer paradise, look at buying a top-tier barbecue — some excellent models on the market come jam-packed with features that can take your cooking to the next level.

It doesn't matter if you're a newbie in outdoor cooking. With the help of a great barbecue and a few delicious recipes, you'll become a grillmaster in no time. And trust us when we say that your family will love your new hobby too!

Comfortable Seating

Your yard looks good. The sun is shining. You have nowhere to be and nothing to do. At this point, all your efforts in creating a lovely summer paradise begin to pay off; it's time to sink into a few hours of pure relaxation. 

But there's one crucial thing you'll need to make that happen: comfortable seating. Nothing is worse than settling into a chair and realising it's not up to standard. To get the most from your yard in the spring and summer, you must add plenty of comfortable poolside lounge chairs that are so comfortable you'll never want to get up. It's best to add a few to allow everyone in your family to enjoy your yard to the fullest (and to prevent arguments over who gets to use the chair!). A few outdoor bean bags are also perfect for outdoor cinema nights (more on those later). 

Install a Firepit

The summer months are so warm in Australia that you can spend the night sleeping in your yard if you wish, especially if you have extra comfortable poolside lounge chairs. But what about the periods before and after the peak summer season? Those evenings can get chilly, so it's best to devise a plan that'll allow you to stay outside as late as possible without worrying about the temperature.

And the way to do that is to add a firepit. These handy inventions look great and keep you warm, making the perfect addition to any top-level yard. There are a bunch of different types available, including ones that use propane, wood, and natural gas as the fuel. Selecting the right one for your needs will depend on various factors, but if you have the choice, opt for a wood-burning fire pit; they add another level of intimacy and connection to the outdoors.

Consider a Pool

A swimming pool is a luxurious touch to add to a yard that often is less expensive or easier to install than you might think. Once you have it, you can cool off whenever you want; you can start your day with a morning swim. Your kids will love it, and it can complement your yard aesthetic. Plus, it's great for socialising.

You can add more than one type of swimming pool to your yard. The most popular — albeit most expensive — is an inground pool. Throw in a few poolside lounge chairs and a sun umbrella, and you'll feel like you're on holiday every day. 

Or a Hot Tub

We mentioned earlier how adding a firepit will allow you to stay warm during those slightly cooler spring and summer days. But there's another way, too: adding a hot tub. A hot tub is the most luxurious yard addition, but as with a swimming pool, they're not nearly as expensive as you might think. Plus, though this article focuses on how to enjoy the summer months to the max, it's true that a hot tub can take your winter experience of your yard to the next level, too. Also, you'll comfortably become the most famous person in your friend group — everyone loves spending time in a hot tub!

Other Water Touches

A swimming pool and hot tub will take care of the fun aspect of your yard — now, let's focus on those calming water features you can add. A water fountain can turn a good yard into a great one, elevating the zen aspect of your exterior space. You don't necessarily need to add anything overly extravagant to get all the benefits of a water feature; even a simple one can help provide a relaxing atmosphere.

If you have the option, consider adding fish and water plants to the installation. It'll help to increase your yard's natural credentials. But don't worry if that's a step too far — you'll love sitting outside on warm summer mornings listening to the running water of your water feature regardless of whether it's a wildlife haven. 

Create an Outdoor Cinema

There's only so much time you can spend reading. If you're looking to be outside in your yard as much as possible, you'll have to find other fun additions that'll keep you having fun well into the night. 

One option is to create an outdoor cinema, which is much easier than you may realise. While it sounds like a grand addition to your yard, the essential outdoor cinema involves little more than a projector and a primary screen, which can be as simple as a white sheet. Though there are options for all budgets, if you have cash to splash, consider adding a more professional setup. Once you've got the basic screening infrastructure, you'll need to add some poolside lounge chairs, speakers, and plenty of delicious snacks, and you'll be ready to go. 

Are you looking for some inspiration on what to watch? You can't go wrong with classic family movies like Jurassic Park or Indiana Jones. 

Outdoor Games

Your outdoor cinema will take care of the nighttime fun you have in your yard. Now, what about during the daytime? Consider adding some fun outdoor games that the whole family will enjoy. They're perfect for those moments when you're looking to add a bit of excitement into your day, and you'll get plenty of use from them when you invite your extended family and friends around, too.

There's plenty of yard games on the market. Some of the most popular options include cornhole, bat and ball sets, spikeball, tug of war, and giant jenga. If you have all those in your garage, you'll never be too far from having a great day!

Atmospheric Outdoor Lighting

Are you looking to make your yard as inviting as possible? Sure you are. You can increase the likelihood that you spend the evenings outside by adding some atmospheric outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting can be as simple as adding fairy lights to your external living space or as complex as adding landscape lighting all over the yard (which, in truth, still isn't that complicated!). With lighting and a firepit, you'll have a cosy, intimate space you never want to leave. 

Sun Protection 

Summer is a lot of fun, but boy, oh boy, the heat can sometimes be a little too much. It can be so hot that there will be days when you'd rather be sitting inside in your air-conditioned home. Adding sun protection to your yard can make being outside more comfortable. Consider adding a rug to your living space (to prevent burning your feet) and buying a few umbrellas so you can enjoy your poolside lounge chairs in the shade. 

Add a Sound System

Finally, remember the sound system! Plenty of fun summer tunes can help bring a fun atmosphere to your yard, but you'll need to have a more advanced way to listen to them than simply using your phone. You can use a portable Bluetooth speaker, but consider installing a sound system if you're serious about upscaling your yard. 

Final Thoughts

Having high standards for all corners of your property is worthwhile, yet many people need to pay attention to their yard area. While it takes some work to transform your yard into a fun summer paradise, it's not something you'll regret; after all, what's not to love about a beautiful yard, poolside lounge chairs, evening BBQs, and all-out summer fun with your friends and family?

If you're looking for comfortable seating for your new-and-improved yard area, then be sure to check out the collection of bean bags we offer here at Bean Bags R-Us. We offer a range of outdoor and pool bean bags that will provide the comfort and style you need to enjoy the summer months.