10 Reasons Why A Bean Bag Is The Ultimate Pool Float

18 August 2023

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Are you in the market for swimming pools and accessories? If so, a pool float should be at the top of your agenda. The thought of lazing around in the sun on a large pool float is what you envisioned when you first decided to install a backyard swimming pool. While several fantastic pool loungers can bring that vision to life, a pool bean bag could be the perfect solution for your family. Since launching in 2011, Bean Bags R Us has helped thousands of swimming pool owners unlock the full potential of their pools with Australia's best bean bag pool floats. Dive into this guide, and you'll soon see why they've made such a splash.

Firstly, What are Bean Bag Pool Floats?

Bean bag floats are very similar to standard bean bag cushions. The main difference is that the durable products feature materials suitable for use in water. Bean Bags R Us will help you find premium products at affordable prices. The oversized cushions filled with polystyrene beads offer a comfortable yet firm feel. Bean bag pool floats are available as loungers or seats. The bean bag floats are giant but relatively light for easy manoeuvrability.

10 Reasons to Choose a Bean Bag Pool Float

Over 13% of Australian households now have a home pool, and pool floats have become a popular accessory. Here's why opting for a bean bag is a decision that will keep you smiling for years to come.

They're Safe for All the Family

Safety has to be the priority when buying any swimming pool accessory. After all, thousands of injuries occur in swimming pools each year. Worse still, over 30 people drown in home swimming pools annually. In short, you cannot afford to take risks, especially when choosing an aquatic floatation device. Inflatable pool devices can pose several risks. For example, rings and other products where you are locked in could capsize and leave you upside down in the water. Meanwhile, it is common for inflatables to deflate throughout the afternoon. Likewise, users may attempt dangerous tricks like jumping onto the inflatable. If you have young children, maintaining visibility is vital. Nevertheless, parents will feel at ease when their kids are on a bean bag pool lounge. Likewise, large users or people with mobility issues will find that bean bags designed for pools are superior.

portsea premium pool bean bag taupe stripes

Pool Bean Bags Look Amazing

There's little point in denying that you want a visually impressive pool float. Pool bean bags instantly stand out from the crowd as they are distinctly different from the array of inflatable pool loungers that have dominated the markets for decades. And, frankly, the superior designs and quality cannot go unnoticed. At Bean Bags R Us, we are proud to specialise in pool floats available in multiple colours and designs. We understand how important the visual attributes are to you. Each product has individual design options rather than using the same set as every other product in the catalogue. For example, the Costa Pool float is available in 18 colours ranging from solid colours like Coral and Vanilla Ice or striped variants including Pink Stripe, Orange Stripe, or Lime Stripe. When looking for a product that looks incredible by the pool or on the water, bean bag floats will go a long way to making your pool the envy of neighbours.

They're Easier to Set Up than Standard Pool Floats

Traditional swimming pool floats do offer a lot of enjoyment. However, spending 20 minutes inflating them by mouth is far less enjoyable. While electric air pumps make the process quicker and more convenient, it still needs improvement - especially when you have inpatient kids wanting to get in the pool. Bean bag floats offer a far more practical solution. Once filled with bean bag beans, they are ready to be used repeatedly. You will no longer face the hassle of locating the pump or becoming light-headed from too much blowing. Instead, you can commence the fun within seconds. Even the one-time process of adding beans is pretty straightforward. Accessible filling chutes allow for the easy transfer of beans. Better still, once in the pool, you won't have to worry about reinflating the device every half an hour. You can leave this stressful situation to people who persist with outdated traditional lilos.

A Bean Bag Pool Float is Very Comfortable

There are times when you'll want to swim and play pool games. However, it's often nice to laze around on your pool float for several hours while catching the sun. With this in mind, you need a suitable product that can deliver hours of comfort. In truth, it is the best incentive for upgrading to bean bag floats. Unlike an inflatable that may capsize as soon as you move your weight, a bean bag float provides a solid base. So, you could easily get lost in your latest book without fear of getting the pages wet. Likewise, you can rest a drink bottle on the float. More importantly, the material is far more comfortable on the skin. If you've ever used a standard inflatable lounger, you've almost certainly experienced the burn or your wet skin sliding over the PVC or touching the hot surface. The olefin fabric used in our pool bean bags is far more comfortable for those long days spent on the water and will take your summer fun to the next level.

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Bean Bag Floats Give You More Options

Swimming pool bean bags don't only provide exceptional comfort due to their material. The range also includes products like the Amalfi pool lounger, which allows you to enjoy a seated position with a solid headrest. While many inflatable brands offer similar ideas, the truth is that inflatable seats cannot match a bean bag's comfort. The durable materials and versatile designs make bean bag floats a good choice for other water-based activities. You can use them on beaches, rivers, lakes or as poolside lounges. There is also the option to attach them to boats. So, if you are a family that loves water-based adventures, they are truly ideal. They are immensely comfortable as a sun lounger to leave by the side of your swimming pool or on the deck of a boat. Kids and adults could sleep comfortably on their float too. Once again, the fact that they avoid the risk of deflating ensures that they will give your back ample support. It is the least that you deserve.

The Bean Bag Pool Floats Improve Your Pool Time

Many pool accessories sound great in theory but will leave you feeling underwhelmed in reality. However, bean bag floats deliver an unmistakable sense of luxury and style. Other noteworthy benefits include unrivalled practicality, function, and reliability. Aside from the direct benefits, it allows you to relax confidently. There are many reasons to have a garden swimming pool. But enjoyment and entertainment - either alone or hosting friends - are the main incentives. Bean bag floating devices are the most effective pool accessory for achieving the goal of fun and comfort. As such, it will improve your time in the water. Better still, this will encourage you to use the pool more frequently. In turn, you will reap a host of rewards. The benefits include health improvements and the chance to spend more time enjoying the garden with your loved ones. Better still, it will unite families across all generations for guaranteed fun in the sun.

Pool Bean Bags are Easy to Maintain

A pool accessory that looks and functions well is one thing. However, true success comes from choosing a product that will provide years of enjoyment. Ideally, you want one that is easy to maintain too. Beanbag pool loungers make a great choice, particularly when you choose high-quality goods like those we sell at Bean Bags R Us. Our experts provide instructions to care for all products in our range. Maintenance usually consists of hosing off chlorinated or salt water after use, hanging it up to dry with the metal eyelet, spot cleaning, and only putting the product in storage once it is 100% dry. Complete these steps to keep the bean bag in good condition for many years. The durable premium olefin material naturally makes maintenance easy, especially as the products feature seams made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) thread, fade-resistant labels, removable inner linings, and handleless YKK Size 10 wetsuit zippers. The only other maintenance is refilling the beans as required - don't worry, it's an infrequent task. How to remove beans from a bean bag

Pool Float Bean Bags Offer Great Value for Money

When purchasing pool items, it's only natural that you crave a financially suitable solution. While you should not confuse 'cheap' with 'value', affordability is vital. The Bean Bags R-Us range of pool floats starts at under AU$150, thus offering great value for money. You will not regret the purchase. After all, you won't need to keep replacing the product after a handful of uses. The low-maintenance attributes and versatility also enhance the value for money. It will transform your recreational time in the water with stunning results, which makes it very easy to vindicate the purchase price. Aside from delivering premium quality products at affordable prices, we offer flexible payments courtesy of after-pay instalments or ZipMoney weekly payments. So, you can maximise your enjoyment of the residential swimming pool today without making an upfront outlay. Perfect.

You Can Get Two People on Them

Your residential swimming pool should be a source of family fun, and you are far more likely to experience this when those magical moments are shared. Unfortunately, even when an inflatable pool lounger has space for two people, it is unlikely to handle the uneven weight distribution. In turn, inflatables often sink in the middle. Alternatively, as soon as one of you moves, you'll both end up in the water. Thankfully, a solid and durable bean bag pool float is far more capable. For example, the Portsea Premium bean bag pool float measures 170 cm x 140 cm. So, a giant bean bag pool float is roughly the same size as a double mattress. Two average-sized adults can comfortably use it when sunbathing on the water. Likewise, a parent and child could use it. Two children, including teenagers, could share a single bean bag float, thus preventing unnecessary arguments. So, this is a practical choice for any modern family that continues to facilitate fun as the kids grow older.

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Pool Bean Bags Don't Suddenly Pop

You may be visiting this website as a new swimming pool owner. In reality, it's equally likely that you're shopping for a pool float because your old one suddenly popped. Sadly, that's an ongoing threat with inflatable pool floats. Frankly, there's very little you can do about it. With a bean bag pool float, you can say goodbye to the threat of the float suddenly popping underneath you or getting ripped as you take it from the shed to the pool. Better still, this can save non-swimmers from suddenly finding themselves in the water without a floatation device and all users from sustaining injuries. A popped inflatable will instantly ruin your fun in the sun. You will also face the stress and expense of buying a replacement. Bean bags are the most practical choice when looking for a single purchase that can provide years of reliable comfort in the pool.

Make the Winning Choice for Your Swimming Pool with Bean Bags R Us

Bean bag pool floats make the ultimate swimming accessory for all the family and guarantee hours of fun in the sun. However, you will only see those benefits if you purchase a high-quality product. Here at Bean Bags R Us, we are Australia's #1 selling bean bag brand, supplying high-quality products to customers around the globe for over a decade. For a swimmingly smooth purchase, check out our full range of bean bag pool floats or contact our friendly advisors to find the perfect product today!