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Portsea Premium

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Since 2011 we have led the way with floating bean bag technology. We manufacture the best quality products and sell them at affordable prices to ultimately give you the best value for money. Our products are frequently copied but never duplicated. These are the best pool bean bags available on the planet. That's why the world's leading resorts choose them.

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The Leader of the Pack

The flagship of our floating bean bag range is the Portsea Premium Pool Float. The materials utilised in the construction of this product are the best available. The cover utilises our custom-made 300GSM olefin fabric. The material is thirty per cent heavier than the stock fabric used in other brands. Unlike cheaper alternatives, our fabric won't fade in the sun. And it won't fade in chlorinated water or salt water. The premium range is designed for commercial use in resorts and is also perfect for the home.

The seams are triple stitched using polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) thread. Sailmakers use PTFE thread in the production of racing sails. PTFE thread costs up to four times more than traditional nylon thread.

All our pool bean bags use YKK Size 10 wetsuit zippers, the best in the world. We remove the zipper handles intentionally to activate the locking mechanism. So toddlers and children can not access the beans.

The labels use fade-resistant thread. And each Portsea Premium Pool Float comes with a removable inner liner.

The Portsea Premium pool float is a large and comfortable bean bag pool float that's big enough for anyone. This high-quality product is a fun solution for people who want to spend more time relaxing in the water.

As one of our most popular pool floats, this product is a hit in backyard pools, hotels and resorts across the globe, including One & Only resorts, Kudadoo Private Island, Coral Sea resort and many more.

Simply put, it is impossible to create a better quality product.

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Style and colour options

This fresh and funky design is available in a range of eighteen attractive colours and will easily match your outdoor setting and complement your poolside lifestyle. Whether you want basic shades or vibrant colours, this pool float is a stylish modern lifestyle solution.

The colours used for this pool float work together, so you can easily mix and match multiple pool floats when relaxing with friends and family. While this fantastic product is more than capable of standing alone, it also works well with our Copacabana, Costa and Malibu products.

As a fresh take on the pool float concept, the Portsea Premium will help you spend more time in the water where you want to be.

Quality materials and innovative design

Pool floats can be challenging to clean and maintain when left wet, which is why these features are so important. The Portsea Premium Pool Float features a separate inner liner to transfer beans quickly.

We recommend 350 litres of standard bean bag filling to fill the float. A 316 Marine Grade stainless steel eyelet allows the beanbag to be rafted together or hung up to dry.

The float also features a unique polyester mesh fabric that allows water to drain and air to flow through for rapid drying and extended durability.

The Portsea Premium bean bag pool float is 170cm x 140cm, which is large enough to accommodate most people. This design conforms to both Australian and USA safety standards and comes with a standard one-year warranty.

We provide same-day-dispatch, worldwide shipping, and express delivery options on all bean bag products. If you're looking for a new way to enjoy your pool this summer, pool floats are a fun and friendly addition to any home.

Ensure the Chlorine Levels In Your Pool are within Normal Levels

Remove from Pool when Not In Use

Hose off any Salt Water or Chlorinated Water After Use

To avoid mildew keep your beanbag clean and dry completely before storing

DO NOT Store When Wet. Ensure beans are dry prior to storing

Store out of the weather when not in use

DO NOT leave exposed to the weather when not in use

If mould appears, remove using Exit Mould immediately

DRY In Direct Sunlight

SPOT CLEAN with a damp cloth mild detergent 

DO NOT soak, tumble dry, bleach or dry clean

DO NOT Leave Your Pool Bean Bag Soaking In Chlorinated Water Continuously

Requires 350 Litres Standard EPS bean bag filling. Available from K-Mart, Target or Big -W

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Suitable for use in salt water & chlorinated water

Material: Olefin

Drain Fabric: Texlin Mesh

Antimicrobial Treated: Yes

UVPF (Ultra Violet Protection Factor): 80

Filled dimensions: 140 x 170 x 25 cm

Shipping weight: 2 kg

Warranty: One Year

Mould and Mildew: excluded by warranty, as these are a result of misuse 

Colour Fastness

To Light: Grade 7-8

To Salt Water: Grade 5

To Chlorinated Water: Grade 5

Inner Liner

Separate inner liner provided for easy filling and cleaning.


Outer cover fitted with color coded YKK Vison Nylon locking safety zipper - #10 invisibly sewn with no handle 

Inner lIner fitted with YKK locking safety zipper


Non-Flammable - Conforms to AS3744.1-1998. AATCC Test Method 22-2005 – max 100